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  1. Talk about spooky. One can only imagine what Bobby must have been thinking during that ride. Great photos, Vince.
  2. Hi Pamela. The handling of the evidence in this case was stunningly negligent, even criminal in some instances. I know you've done a lot of work on the limo and I apologize if you've already addressed this, but what's your take on this bullet hole business? To my knowledge, George Whitaker's account has neither been corroborated nor disproved. That's quite a story to accept without some kind of proof. You could make the case that Taylor just used imprecise language when he called it a "hole." I believe you made a similar point in a prior post somewhere (going from memory though, whic
  3. Hey, Jim. I don't have a strong opinion on the windshield. Whether or not there was a bullet hole in it doesn't impact my understanding of the assassination in any meaningful way. But it's certainly an interesting question. I don't know if there was a bullet hole in the windshield. I do know that government lies to the people constantly. I do know the Warren Commission was complete fiction, designed to assign the blame to Oswald and Oswald alone (your photo is CE351). I do know the FBI manipulated evidence, falsified statements and intimidated witnesses. You'll have to forgive me if I don
  4. Stevie Nicks just dropped a new single. Dave Grohl on the drums. Show Them The Way
  5. Hi David. I have a few. While I sourced some of the images myself, many came from James Richards. Jessica Shores also contributed a few good ones, especially some of the Buchanan pics. Rip Robertson Herminio Diaz Garcia Frank Sturgis and Remigio Arce
  6. Hey Steve. Nice work, as usual. Jerry was also hooked up with Ed Arthur, which led to Ed getting involved with Commandos L (Tony Cuesta, Ramon Font, Herminio Diaz, etc). Ed touches on his relationship with Jerry in his 1975 book, Glory No More. Although covering the early 60's, the book barely mentions the assassination. One sentence, in passing, if I recall correctly. Which is curious, given his activities and associates at the time. To my knowledge, Ed didn't know Oswald. But he did know OF him, prior to the assassination. It would be interesting to know if that knowledge of Oswald came via
  7. Hey, Greg. Gayle Nix Jackson established the Odio visit as having occurred on Friday, September 27th. She was able to pinpoint the date via a 2016 interview with Silvia's priest, Father Machann, and a 9/24/63 Corpus-Christi Caller Times newspaper article. See pages 252-3 of her book Pieces of the Puzzle for details.
  8. Hi Jim. Do you know any more about this statement, such and when, where and to whom Ruby made this statement? Thanks!
  9. Hi Jim. You and I discussed this a while back, but I thought it was worth adding here. Roy Truly was married to Mildred Wynne Chenault, daughter of William Robert Chenault (General Claire Chenault’s cousin). Fernando Faura and John Fahey believe the girl in the polka dot dress met Anna Chenault in New York prior to the RFK assassination. It's certainly not proof of anything, but it does make me want to know more about Truly and his connections. Jessica Shores dug up this fact and posted it in one of the Facebook groups a few months ago. I believe she also posted supporting
  10. Although the extant video record does not contain a clear depiction of the turn onto Elm, several witnesses stated that Greer took the turn wide and almost headed down the service road in front of the TSBD and had to correct at the last second by making a very sharp left. I agree with Jim's point above... maybe put the key at the beginning of the video or perhaps make a few critical vehicle identifications visible throughout. Very cool animation, Mark. Nice job!
  11. When I began posting here in 2004, I thought I knew a few things about the assassination. But I quickly realized that I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. Which only served to deepen my interest in the case. There were some really great people on here (and there still are, of course) who helped me find my way and even became friends. For all its warts, I have a great affection for this place and I’d hate to see it go. I visit almost daily to see what’s new and I search for material on old threads now and then. As Stephanie and Michael pointed out, so much excellent work has been shar
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