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  1. That's a fair point, Jamey. They had the means to paper up patsy evidence on the fly and after the fact, but the Oswald legend was deeper and more well established than anything they could have put together in that fashion. Perhaps that suggests that Oswald was indeed Plan A. I do think there were redundant backups in place to pop Kennedy later in the Dallas route if something went wrong with the Dealey Plaza op. The idea of having backup options in terms of a patsy makes sense to me, even if they were inferior to the Oswald frame. As far as what, where and who, all we have is speculation
  2. As the talking heads on TV say, there's a lot to unpack there, John. The idea of alternate or multiple patsies in Dealey Plaza is intriguing. I'm not sure what to make of Bill Shelley. There is a resemblance to the man in the New Orleans video. Roy Hargraves alluded to the "tramps" being patsies if the ambush failed and a car bomb was used somewhere beyond the underpass. I've always wondered if Loran Hall was being set up with Hemming's rifle, but he smelled a rat and didn't show up in Dallas. And Wes Frazier, who the DPD were all over early on. He owned an Enfield rifle (thanks to Rob Clark f
  3. Thanks John... much appreciated. We agree there was no one firing from the sixth floor "sniper's nest." Bobby Joe Johnson is the witness who observed a man sticking a rifle out of a window near the west end of the building, but that's about all we have from him. No description, no floor. I suppose part of this comes down to who one believes. Dougherty, Jarman, Norman, Williams and Hollies? Or the multiple witnesses who said they saw a gunman on the fifth floor? That's actually an angle I hadn't thought of before. An analysis of those witnesses up against one another. That may not settle t
  4. Hi John. That's really interesting. I was not aware of claims by Hollies and Foster after their March 1964 statements to the FBI, which have them on the fourth floor and don't mention those fascinating bits about Williams and Oswald. Do you know where I can find these later claims? You're right about there being plenty of testimony to contradict the witnesses who observed suspicious activity in the windows of the TSBD and my conclusions about the fifth floor. There's no question about that. Though I can't take anything Jarman, Norman and Williams said seriously. As I'm sure you know, thei
  5. But they did state they heard gunfire from directly above, and debris falling from above (mortar dust, or something like it), and one of them said he heard the bolt being worked on a rile and shell casings hitting the floor above them. The testimony of Jarman, Norman and Williams basically accomplished two things. It pointed to a shooter in the sixth floor "Oswald window" and it precluded the possibility of any assassination-related activity occurring on the fifth floor. How predictably convenient.
  6. Hi Jamey. I do think it's likely Jarman, Norman and Williams were on the fifth floor at the time of the shooting. But based on a number of witness observations it's clear there were also suspects on the fifth floor just prior to and during the shooting, with at least one and possibly two men firing. The statements of Jarman, Norman and Williams all have several major problems and as Ron mentioned, there are a few good threads on that. I have a couple working theories on how this could have went down, but nothing definitive. Nothing I can really support. Just questions and ideas at this point.
  7. Hi Larry. Thanks for the kind words about my Lancer presentation. The work on these witnesses is very much a work in progress for me. I may have a couple more statements to add to the witness matrix soon. The latest versions of the witness matrix and the suspect description matrix can be viewed and downloaded from my Window Watchers blog post. This post is something I will add to over time. I am currently writing the next installment, which is on Howard Brennan. It has taken a while but is nearly complete and I hope to post it soon. As I am sure everyone is well aware, there is much to say abo
  8. Nine eyewitnesses observed a hole in windshield: Stavis Ellis, DPD HR Freeman, DPD Dr Evalea Glanges Joe Paolella, Secret Service Charles Taylor, Jr, Secret Service Richard Dudman, St Louis Dispatch Frank Cormier, St Louis Dispatch George Whitaker, Sr, Ford Motor Company Bill Greer (told to Nick Prencipe, US Parks Police)
  9. Karl... you can find the 11/23 FBI report here: https://tangodown63.com/james-worrell-statements/
  10. Talk about spooky. One can only imagine what Bobby must have been thinking during that ride. Great photos, Vince.
  11. Hi Pamela. The handling of the evidence in this case was stunningly negligent, even criminal in some instances. I know you've done a lot of work on the limo and I apologize if you've already addressed this, but what's your take on this bullet hole business? To my knowledge, George Whitaker's account has neither been corroborated nor disproved. That's quite a story to accept without some kind of proof. You could make the case that Taylor just used imprecise language when he called it a "hole." I believe you made a similar point in a prior post somewhere (going from memory though, whic
  12. Hey, Jim. I don't have a strong opinion on the windshield. Whether or not there was a bullet hole in it doesn't impact my understanding of the assassination in any meaningful way. But it's certainly an interesting question. I don't know if there was a bullet hole in the windshield. I do know that government lies to the people constantly. I do know the Warren Commission was complete fiction, designed to assign the blame to Oswald and Oswald alone (your photo is CE351). I do know the FBI manipulated evidence, falsified statements and intimidated witnesses. You'll have to forgive me if I don
  13. Stevie Nicks just dropped a new single. Dave Grohl on the drums. Show Them The Way
  14. Hi David. I have a few. While I sourced some of the images myself, many came from James Richards. Jessica Shores also contributed a few good ones, especially some of the Buchanan pics. Rip Robertson Herminio Diaz Garcia Frank Sturgis and Remigio Arce
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