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  1. Waldron's book "The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination" is very good and spends a lot of time on how much JFK and RFK upset the Mafia over their efforts to end the Mob and Organized crime in the US. They used LHO as part of that effort in New Orleans. There were lots of the Mafia and the top ones were Marcello in New Orleans, Giancani in Chicago, Trafficanti in Florida, and Lanski in New York. They were already trying to get JFK in Chicago and Tampa, and those were avoided. In Dallas, JFK really wanted Texas and JFK took extreme risks and he lost. The risks were concealed by Hoover and shut down LHO's FBI warnings. The pressing question is what agency has the most power to murder people in the US and that was and is the USAEC and the MED Project had military, FBI, DOJ and so on approval to kill anyone that treated the Manhattan Project in any way. Basically, written into US and Military law was they could kill anyone that threatened the Manhattan Project and to do that they used deals with the New York area Mafia types to kill the treat. The threats were generally German BUND types sniffing around the wrong building and storage warehouses in and around New York. It also included Buffalo, NY area Chemical works on Fluorine process for gas diffusion. The MED's kill project was run out of an Army area of Plainfield, NJ by an Army person named Ralph M. Lockhart. These laws were sent up in Roosevelt's and Hoover's time and even Harry Truman became good buddies with Ralph M. Lockhart. They met originally when Truman had to be called off his hunts on Govt waste and Army's Lockhart told him to back off and say nothing on the critical war effort Project. When Truman became president it was Lockhart that brought Truman up to speed on the MED's Bomb Projects. So, now in recent times, Waldron has found Bill Barr deep into these old laws to win the war. So, did he hide the cover up deeper and conceal more or tell Trump where all the bodies were buried in WWII's kill BUND members security system using Mafia Members to take them out. What better way to kill a sitting US President than use the existing US law that the Mafia used in and around New York. It was known to Truman and his Army buddy Lockhart, and so on. So, all Hoover and Warren did was the same deal that did to thousands in the US New York area with military laws, but applied to JFK as he learned about deuterium's health problems and cancer applications and that the USAEC helped the Illegal CIA Kill Castro with cancer project. SV-40 was classified by Nixon and the deuterium health issues are the USAEC deepest concealed problem with big time religious sensitizes. That was used BY USAEC law to kill JFK with Mafia. So, how did the legal system cover up killing JFK with the Ginacani Mafia? They used the existing USAEC killing laws to legally kill JFK, at least in their crooked sense of things. Any reasoned person would not accept their crooked sense of legal manipulations. Obviously, Oak Ridge knew this old history of MED' Security Murders and used that to recruit Ruby and his Giancani Mob. So, one sees Hoover feed the WC all kinds of bogus data to protect the Mafia as they did in WWII New York murder's hidden. See Video that Trump's Bill Barr was connected to the JFK mess. And using Mafia to kill thousands in New York CIty suspected as BUND spies.
  2. Waldron turns out good books and good insights, and he shows up on talk shows. He gets into the Mafia hit on JFK that jumped track from the Hit Castro Project. There are all kinds of secrets still not spoken. One big one is the Hoover Building was Hoover and Tolson's love nest and that super Gay Secret in high office caused problems. The Mafia knew it, LBJ and the Texas Oil Gang knew it and bought Hoover, and the Kennedys knew it and didn't like that Hoover was owned by Mafia and LBJ. JFK also likely knew that the Manhattan Project used Hoover to cover up a Murder, Inc deal to protect the Manhattan Project from German BUND spies in WWII. Waldon gets to important points. He will even point out that Bill Barr is a crook on the JFK Cover Ups, become the new Corrupt Hoover: Trump appears to have booted Bill Barr as all he did was cover up the JFK hit details. Watch:
  3. The rest of the deal was she was picking on Hoover for his crooked methods to frame LHO and to cover up the real JFK hit actors. Everyone thinks the CIA and Mafia alliances with the Chicago Outfit was the first Organized Crime and Govt. alliance, but in WWII in the New York area there existed the Manhattan Project and an area loaded with Germany's BUND. That Top Secret Project using the New York Mafia to selectively kill suspected German Spies too close to any Manhattan Project operations. It was run by MED security with license to kill out of Plainfield, NJ by the Army's Ralph M Lockhart. That was the first and the later CIA and Roselli deal was the 2nd to get Castro. Hoover covered all that up MED deal as a National Security deal, but they killed thousands in that area. Killing DK would be in the Hoover interests of covering up a huge number of murders for the Manhattan Project using the NY area Mafias. Citation: One of her hairdressers and close friend Charles Simpson said that Kilgallen had told him: 'If the wrong people knew what I know [about the JFK assassination], it would cost me my life.' Kilgallen had reportedly also found an enemy with then-FBI Director J Edgar Hoover due to her Voice of Broadway columns for the New York Journal-America, criticizing Hoover and his theory that Oswald acted alone. This caused Hoover to have a motive to silence Kilgallen, according to Shaw. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4000142/Was-reporter-killed-writing-tell-JFK-s-assassination.html?fbclid=IwAR3a7g0sfT2CXJdHUmDJ4_-oxjZt6PE6U3LLhG3eOAuRCoazHP4cTFgs6Mc
  4. Waldron's deeper look into the ONI's close surveillance on LHO means he was still on the Job for anti-Communism, as well as JFK's for Mafia and CIA spying. The latter Mafia spying deal, branching into USAEC/Oak Ridge spying, made JFK and LHO the target of the Mafia and the corrupt CIA, with corrupt Hoover covering all up. This is very true per ONI. In Oak Ridge we know LHO did not do it because Oak Ridge did do it using Ruby: JFK's spy, LHO, came to Oak Ridge to learn the art of making cancer with enhanced function SV-40 make in New Orleans and then the methods of deuterium to trigger it spreading via cell wall disruption and rapid tumor growth. Waldron is a top Investigate Journalist and Nailed the real story. LHO was under very tight ONI watch to spot any USSR efforts to gain his attention. The ONI did not lie, but the CIA, WC, and everyone else did. LHO was managed by Marcello followers Banister and Ferry to defeat ONI. This Book carries a 2013 copyright and Chapter Two explains the New Orleans crooks and JFK hate and how CIA/Mafia kill Castro turned into kill JFK. Citation: Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA and ONI asset from 1959 to 1963, so it was vital for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) to know whether he was guilty or not. Its final report in 1964 concluded that Oswald was innocent and that he was a "patsy" masking a conspiracy. The ONI concluded that “one person was incapable of committing the assassination alone... Oswald was not the shooter, due to his skills, the gun, etc... He was incapable of masterminding the assassination or of doing the actual shooting.” Lamar Waldron, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination, Counterpoint Press, 2013, p. 54. Chapter Two of this book shows the correct critical thinking skills that should be expected in any serious JFK book to solve the crime. There are lots of follow on Waldron Interviews that basically solve the crime, except for the CIA cancer kill Castro Project, the USAEC and Oak Ridge connections to Jack Ruby to off JFK and LHO.
  5. I think the clue is she went to New Orleans----the Marcello nest. She had some source there and the Marcelllo types spotted her. Depending on who she met with the Marcello Gang would be all over it. She got serious spooked in New Orleans and sent her friend away.
  6. It has always been very noticed that Ruby was well associated with Marcello. Intense Details https://www.markshawbooks.com/assets/docs/Panzarella-Kilgallen-Case-Information-April-13-2021-A.pdf
  7. For those many that spin their tall tales for book profits or tabloid fame, there is a price to be paid for missing the JFK truths for yourselves and many others that may have been mislead by tall tales that totally missed the essential truths on JFK. ====== Enolsae has been a persistent health problem over the ages. The problems from enolase have been kept hidden and concealed for many reasons over the ages and even the recent decades. In the recent decades, It particularly hits both the nuke and the coal power generation areas. From nuke power and weapons it hits the Kreb's Cycle's "ATP-synthase" area and flips cell function into low pH and excessive enolase production that affects health. The Coal plant emissions of CO ( carbon monoxide )highly affects the oxygen levels in cells and drives up enolase levels in/on cells. Low Level CO poisoning at 9 ppm levels makes people feel like they have the Flu with headaches, muscle pain, hearing loss, extreme fatigue and so on. CO has become such a treat to health that CO monitors are required for coal miners, fire fighters, and so on. It kills easily, but has serious low level non-detectable health effects also. Very low level chronic exposure levels of exposure to CO from home heating, large scale coal heating and low stacks in industry and large city coal heating actually sets off the cold and flu seasons each year by triggering enolase cell problems and the transmissions of cold and Flu viruses. The Chronic levels of enolase generation on cells is also tied to serious health problems like Parkinson't Diseases and see to be high in the Oak Ridge coal heating plant zones with short stacks in narrow valleys. So, one see the Parkinson't Diseases being high in Coal Miners, Fire Fighters, Gulf War Vets exposed to huge oil fires, and even welders using CO-2 cover gas that breaks down to CO with extreme heating. There are ways to control enolase effects on cells via changing the cell's pH and this is easy to do using the BiCarb Transport system of the body to deliver alkaline Bibarbs into cells. Alkaline diets and alkaline water also helps. So, lots of people manage their enolase levels down to normal ranges with deals like Emergen-C with 4 Bi-Carbs in the package. Many still used the A & H Baking Soda methods of Sodium BiCarbonate. Even lots of Dr's recognize the effect from the 1918 Flu pandemic where Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda was used to knock down the enolase levels and restore cellular wall integrity to stop viral transmissions. The AMA and Big Pharma help hide the enolase related health problems and tell that you cannot cure a cold or flu, but the etiology of the BiCarbs on Enolase show there is a way and is is cheap. They don't like cheap. The enolase is also the root cause for most every disease from cancers to the many illnesses they claim to not know were they come from or how to treat them for cure. Cure of anything for the AMA and Big Pharma is a Dirty Word as they seek poorly effective methods to keep people being continual Patients. As the kill Castro Project got into the cancer and deuterium modality to trigger high enolase and rapid cancer death with Castro, this is what LHO learned from Oak Ridge and as LHO was a JFK agent----JFK was onto the high enolase driven health cover ups. The Enolase health cover ups are both a racketeering issues as well as Crimes Against Humanity. It is also at the heart of the Jesus Lord's Supper food ministry and the Saving Grace by God the Essene and Jesus taught in the ancient times. This special religious deal would likely put the UK Royalists out of power and elevate the Catholic Church and the Jesus theme into a health Renaissance on par with the 2nd Coming.
  8. Subject References : Enolase 101---the Research Articles Hi, Here are some of the Peer Reviewed Journal Articles that point out the many problems with enolase. I think you might be a quick study type, so absorb at what rate works for you. "When Place Matters"----Enolase on outer cell walls makes health disasters. Well researched German Article on Enolase that speaks to place---as on cell walls causes serious problems. Enolase is an indicator because it is the prime cause due to cell wall sites that can import virus and other pathogens into cells and promote rapid infection rates. US source won't fund, nor even do this type look into enolase---as it will put the AMA and Big Pharma mostly out of business, as the Rockefeller Medical system learned about enolase in 1934, then it was connected to the Manhattan Project and Deuterium issues and the cover-ups became worse and worse. https://www.frontiersin.org/.../fcell.2019.00061/full... ======== Cell pH and cancers https://cancerfightingstrategies.com/ph-and-cancer.html... ========== Enolase is more than just step to pyruvate---it makes surface of cell wall receptor sites that really don't need to be there.. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3479624/... ====== If a cell is forced into glycolysis by excess deuterium damages to Citric Acid cycle's ATP Synthase, or foods that make acids in the cell's Cytosol / cytoplasm and the much lower efficiency methods for ATP production and enolase causes serious problems: Basically, this is the causality for the 1931 Warburg Effect for cancer initiations. In 1934, follow up on Warburg Effect Identified Enolase. https://jcmtjournal.com/article/view/3422... ========== The RA pathology https://www.jimmunol.org/content/189/1/365... ======== The ALL pathology https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/489196... ========= Hypoxia triggers for Enolase and glycolysis is hypoxia effect inside cells: https://www.jbc.org/art.../S0021-9258(19)59926-4/fulltext... ======== Summary So, basically---AMA and Big Pharma try to bury enolase to make lots of profits. Those that know enoloase management don't get colds or Flu and not even 19. As this comes out in the research the AMA and Big Pharma needs to get hit with Malpractice, Racketeering and so on. I learned about enolase more than 30 years ago and it is part of the Air Pharmacology Project and the Govt then knew about enolase's strong effects on all disease---even viral Hepatitis and other viral issues. Now you can begin to see how corrupt medicine is and also how corrupt religions are that don't teach that enolase is the action item behind the WORD of God on Forbidden Sugar/Fruit. The political system has been in cahoots with these great big lies on health and religion since they stamped out Sanitarium health treatments to install their chemical crap to do things nature did so well via proper diets that was the message of the Lord's Supper as the Jesus ministry that taught the diet ways to keep the WORD on Forbidden Fruit. Most of the planet can easily protect themselves from diseases and even manage screw up with stuff as simple as Baking Soda that knocks enolase ports off cell surfaces and shuts down the serious damage effects from allowing enolase to run wild on cells. Part of the End Times speaks to a world of lies, and this is part of the End-Times coming into reality. Part of the Quickening is the Revelations of the Crimes, Racketeering for power and control they have backed that are basically Crimes Against Humanity. Remember, "45" said it was going to be Biblical and major changes for health care and prevention will soon come into view. Remember, Q is for the "Quickening" of knowledge to return to truths to the world..
  9. What Fate would JFK have saved the world from if he was allowed to live? JFK and LHO were knocked off because they learned about Enolase and its health factors for slow death. It can be triggered by high deuterium that shuts down Kreb's Cycle clean ATP production and sets up intense glycolysis dirty ATP production with drop of cell pH into acid levels and intense Enolase production that spill over to cell walls that sets up cell wall ports that can flood cells with pathogens and then rapid onset of death. A. In the religious world it is the Forbidden Fruit warning as sugars are loaded with deuterium and drop cellular pH. B. In the Warberg Effect it is the main failure point that leads to cancers and rapid death from cancer virus problems like SV-40. C. For the USAEC and Nuke Weapons projects it is their most hidden and covered up secret as it can shut down all nuclear projects that generated large deuterium levels and then cancer connections. LHO learned the deuterium trigger methods for enolase from Oak Ridge that was the Oschner kill Castro with cancer CIA project. LHO was a JFK agent when he came back from Russia with JFK and RFK state Dept pull to get travel money back to the US. For JFK and RFK he was an ONI trained special agent to spy in the CIA and Mafia in New Orleans. Basically, JFK with LHO's help had enough info to break the CIA into a million pieces and take the Oak Ridge deuterium health problems down also. In the war years, the ARMY's Manhattan Project recruited the Mafia in New York to kill suspected poopoo spies all around the Manhattan Project at various New York locations. Some of that was recruited by the CIA to get Castro via the Chicago Mob and Roselli connections. When LHO was found to be a JFK spy the New Orleans gang decided to kill JFK, and used the Ruby connections to the CIA empowered Chicago Mob to do the hit on JFK and with Chicago's Ruby on LHO. It has been a long time since JFK was offed. How many would have lived longer if JFK had his chance to make enolase health issues public?
  10. It is very simple delVallo and Ferrie knew about the Dr Oschner/CIA methods to kill Castro with Cancer. the New Orleans Mafia, CIA, Marcello all knew. As Garrison started digging---these two knew too much. Cleaner cleaned up the potential leakers.
  11. Everyone knows Oak Ridge is the Warehouse for Heavy Water and the CIA's Offices for anti-Proliferation are in or near Oak Ridge. Everyone knew Dimona was helped along by Norway and France and that Dimona was a Heavy Water reactor to build nuke Bombs, and JFK, the CIA, the USAEC all knew that too. And when 4 tons of US Heavy Water went to Israel, the US was entitled to inspect Dimona. Ben Gurion resigned to renege on the contract on June 16, 1963 Those US Zionists backing Ben Gurion, were LBJ, Jack Ruby, Hyman Larer (key on RFK hit), et al took out JFK over Deuterium and its many related secrets, cancers, enolase, including the religious deals.. LHO, an agent for JFK, had caught the New Orleans CIA and Mafia helping make a deuterium and SV-40 method to kill Castro with Cancer and that invoked the USAEC as the deuterium enolase sciences and deuterium sources. ========== CitationsTwenty tons went into Israel’s Dimona reactor in 1963, which has now made enough plutonium for well over 100 atomic bombs.------In the late 1950s, France built Israel’s Dimona reactor, still the main source of Israel’s plutonium–its main nuclear weapon material. The reactor’s heavy water, essential to achieve a chain reaction, was supplied by Norway in 1959, which sent twenty tons. In 1963, when the reactor started operation, the United States supplied four more tons. ======= Source:https://www.wisconsinproject.org/israeli-a-bombs-and-norwegian-heavy-water-arms-control-through-public-pressure/#:~:text=Norway%20started%20a%20small%20heavy,heavy%20water%20to%20fill%20it.&text=Twenty%20tons%20went%20into%20Israel's,well%20over%20100%20atomic%20bombs. Reply Reply All Forward
  12. When Bacteria related high enolase gets on the outside cell walls of human cells, the cell walls are compromised and that causes huge health issues. Viruses and bacteri can invade cells and produce diseases and illnees. The enolase scienices related to deuterium is Oak Ridge's and their scientists most tightly held secret that harms many: ====== pH bump up toward alkaline on cells shuts down glycolysis, and manages enolase forming on cell walls. It is expressed in science reports like this one below from Germany:. Example: A teaspoon of baking soda lowers or shuts down Enolase production onto cell surfaces. Total Enolase cell surface removal makes total immunity.to many things Highly reduced Enolase on surfaces means an off day and no serious CovID-19 problems. High Sugar/Carb diets makes the high Enolase on cell surfaces and will put one in intensive care for weeks with CovID-19/SARS and depending on Dr's Ignorance levels can kill the patient. The high enolase on spleen organ walls makes the Cytokine storms that can kill folks, and the pH bump up controls cytokine storms. In 1918, the empirical evidence was good for Baking Soda from just a few Dr's of that day, and all that used BS survived the 1918 flu.. Total immunity for CovID-19 and even cancers and various illnesses cited in this report. It is simple and easy, and what the Lord's Supper was all about.. Long term BS use with low exercise tends to add some weight gain in winters, some caloric and sugar/carb management needs to be added into the method. The old ways worked well, and for those that knew the Lord's Supper methods----which were basically enolase reduction and control methods--they got saved. The fallen away expired or were in poor health.. Source https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fcell.2019.00061/full Cite: Specifically, ENO-1 silencing promoted β-oxidation of fatty acids, amino acid catabolism, and nucleotide base synthesis. Furthermore, ENO-1 depleted cancer cells evaded the “glycolytic shutoff” by enhancing mitochondrial electron flux followed by increased oxygen consumption, thus restoring oxidative phosphorylation. A functional consequence of these alterations has been observed both, in vitro and in vivo as ENO-1 depleted cancer cells exhibited decreased growth, survival and clonogenic ability (Capello et al., 2016). Thus, this study highlighs the key role of ENO-1 in the regulation of the Warburg effect in cancer cells. Besides the role of ENO-1 in metabolic shift of cancer cells, ENO-1 may also regulate metabolic processes in other cell types, including pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (
  13. Oak Ridge has a legacy for disasters and keeping secrets that setting up process that kill millions. One has to understand what all that the secretive Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project covered up to understand why they sought to kill JFK and LHO, a JFK Agent. They are the ones that set off the plots to have JFK offed in LBJ's Dallas Political Zone. The area of ORNL that Raymond W. Tucker, Sr worked at ORNL was the Reactor Instrumentation and Controls Division and His Managed had a picture framed deal on his office wall that He Managed By Deceit and Treachery. There were huge amounts of dangerous problems concealed by this crooked group. The ORNL graphite reactor (Shut down in 1963)was dangerous for multiple reasons, one was tons of deuterium released and the Manhattan Project serious concealed the Dangers of Deuterium. ORNL's Graphite Reactor was also extremely dangerous due to the Wigner Effect that makes Graphite into a Thermite like fire effect due to neutron damage to graphite's carbon lattice that can become very dangerous in low temp reactors with the graphite exposed to air or oxygen. This air cooled low temp graphite deal with soon termed the Wigner Effect from Eugene Wigner, one of the Jewish families that fled Budapest much like Ed Teller. The Wigner effect is tied to two of the largest reactor effects on the planet: One at the 1957 Windscale reactor in UK and then the very infamous 1986 Chernobyl Graphite fire burned so hot is melted most of the uranium fuel into a giant frozen green water fall appearance in the basement of the Chernobyl reactor. Oak Ridge keeping secrets on the Wigner effect is key to both of those reactor disasters, and Oak Ridge knew about that in the 1940's and made the Plutonium Production Reactors at Hanford use a Helium cover gas in the core to keep oxygen out of the low temp core's graphite.. ORNL got into two pushes to get rid of core graphite problems via using the liquid metal core cooling that get water away from neutrons in the core and raised the graphite moderator temps to cut down any Wigner energy build up in the Core's graphite. All these issues are well known in reactor design and risk decisions. The 1979 Three Mile island is another example, where even the large pressure containment dome allowed dangerous emissions of Deuterium and various isotopic gasses. The three mile island deal blow down uncovered the Zirconium Fuel elements and the Zirconium metal burned like roman candles as 1/3 of the of the elements burned away and released huge amounts of hydrogen that had to be vented to avoid huge hydrogen explosions in the Secondary dome and huge air releases. The 2011 Fukishima, Japan reactor's hit by Tsunami events showed up what happens when core cooling stops on reactors and hydrogen collected inside the containment zone. Fukishima's hydrogen explosions set off huge mushroom clouds and scattered core plutonium over large areas. All the problems from Oak Ridge on Energy too cheap to meter has only become extremely expensive, not really safe, and killed workers making enriched uranium and hidden deuterium's many problems and issues. The founder of Deuterium in 1931 was Harold Urey and due to his isotope separation knowledge he was head for the Manhattan Project's Uranium Gas diffusion process that ended up being cooled with DuPont's FREON to be compatible with the UF-6 process gas. That soon made the USAEC huge Uranium enrichment works the largest industrial uses for FREON and the largest loss sources for FREON to atmosphere. In the mid, 1980's it was soon discovered that what the Manhattan Project called Inert was not inert in the upper atmosphere and was setting off the Ozone Hole and UV-b destruction of Ocean Life effectual of maintenance of Ocean Heating that become Global Warming and the End-Times levels for fear of an Earth Terminal Event. Oak Ridge in the mid 80's had three times the cancer rates and deaths as the next near-by City of Oak Ridge and that became extremely noticed in a News Paper Article that published that data in the mid-80's that all of ORNL took notice and a huge panic over that becoming so public. This several decades later become the Sick Worker Group at Oak Ridge that went public on their health problems that nobody could seem to help and was killing them and soon that became the Congressional Legislation to de-class lots of the dangerous materials these workers were exposed to ass the EEOICPA. Now to see the real ORNL deceit and treachery one only has to see the divisive diversion of attention off deuterium studies on cancer and ORNL cancer research that only showcased smoking with smoking machines and Rodent studies. Some of the ORNL smoking studies got New Orleans CIA Project's Alton Oschner's attention, and eventually in trying to see cancers in Castro got ORNL and the CIA huge.attention from JFK. Oak Ridge has long known the deuterium and cancer problems that highly affect folks with metabolic energy linked illnesses for high risk. Germany's Warburg won the Nobel in 1931 and then Urey isolated deuterium in 1931 and Urey's deuterium isolation was a big deal in cancer resaeerch in German and in the US, but each supped lots of that knowledge The real causality for Cancers, Autoimmune issues and many others is the Warburg's Effect end point for glycolysis that makes the Enolase enzyme as part of pyruvate generation. Basically, when the diets are loaded with too much sugars and carbs the glycolysis process makes huge amounts of enolase and it collections on the outside of cells and bacterial walls and the enolase ruins the celll wall isolation effects and that allow Polio type SV-40 virus and other pathogens to get into cells and set off tumor growths. ORNL, AMA, Big Pharma get into all kinds of extremely costly methods to shake down folks for all their money and wealth. Cancers stop when cell Enolase production is controlled and that is not very difficult or expensive. Diets modulate the production, pH tricks can spike the shut down of Warburg effects and glycolysis and stop enolase build up on the outside of cells and either prevent or treat the enolase problems. Enolase control stops even viral flu and cold problems, and ORNL, AMA, and Big Pharma hide these enolase etiology that is very linked to high deuterium diets. Enolase is now become well known for its effects in public studies and it can prevent and treat even CovID-19, and all these ORNL type suppression of health information is directly behind these panic deals on the CovID-19 scare tactics. Had JFK remained---none of this could happen. The US is exploited due to lack of truth on deuterium and its related cancer research. Learn about the truth on Enolase from German research as it explains the long term enolase cover up in the US and much of why USAEC types targeted JFK and LHO, and even Mary Sherman and others that knew the deuterium and cancer etiology linked to enolase.
  14. Just keep in mind that Harold Urey was a JFK Science Advisor before he became President, and Urey knew lots of the data for cancer using deuterium. The Kennedy's were in control of the State Dept., and they hand picked Lee Harvey Oswald to plug into the CIA's bi plan to kill Castro with Cancer using Dr. Alton Oschner's SV-40 cancer vaccine efforts that were classified by Nixon from 1959-1999. JFK swore to tear up the CIA, and having a spy plugged into New Orleans CIA backed plan that was an International War crime guaranteed he'd win that objective---unless he was snuffed out. JFK sniffed ONL's deuterium leaking Graphite reactor and was set to take out 8 of Hanford's deuterium leaking reactors at Hanford. JFK was after Dimona's Deuterium based reactor and both sides knew the deuterium's religious secrets. Oak Ridge plugs in Jack Ruby over the Test Ban Treaty to begin ending nuke weapons. Follow the money, the JCS screaming Communist over JFK aiming for Peace with Russia, the CIA's planning International War crime that would likely smack JFK in the face and set up war with Russia, and the Truman Masons hated Catholic JFK. It is rather hard not to notice that which is obvious..
  15. "Politically active, he (Harold Urey) served as science advisor to the Democratic Party and to president-elect John F. Kennedy." Then it is more clear how JFK learned all the in's and out's for deuterium-----the New Orleans Dr. Alton Oschner kill Castro with Cancer Project---------which would include all the religion factors from the Jewish scientists and their need to cover up. JFK likely learned of the Secrecy on Deuterium that was set up by English Masonic worship Truman's USAEC Rules and the "Q" or "Queen's Clearance" to learn all about the principle nuke explosive deuterium and all its health dangers. The Queen's Clearance applied to all knowing the Nuke Bomb's secrets and all those knowing the Nuke weapons reactor problems with deuterium. Remember, JFK was quick to attack Secret Society in the US and corruption of the high office of President, and that was JFK pointing at UK and Churchill worshiping Truman that wanted his 33rd degree. Then, the history for deuterium in Norway and that the Germans were smart enough to know that if deuterium was in water, it was in plants and animals and likely the bright German Sciences also noted select food science diets low in deuterium and deals like the Lord's Supper was a diet ministry for all. Germany's Otto Warburg discovered the prime drivers for Cancers in 1931 and it was a small step to add in deuterium, since that was printed in the New York Times when Urey won his Noble in 1934. ========= Source:https://www.britannica.com/biography/Harold-Urey Citation:Urey cared deeply about his fellow human beings, and he regarded the United States’ major problem as “the proper education and inspiration of our youth.” Politically active, he served as science advisor to the Democratic Party and to president-elect John F. Kennedy. He received the U.S. National Medal of Science in 1964. After retiring in 1970, Urey suffered from parkinsonism and cardiac disease. =========== Now, in the present time, some folks are noting that Deuterium Depleted Water given to those stricken with Parkinson's removes their tremors and research on this is progressing rapidly. Perhaps Urey was around the Oak Ridge Deuterium processes too long. Many of those workers have PD issues.
  16. To solve the JFK hit one has to be reasonably intelligence and very well schooled on 1960's nuke problems and nuke sciences of the USAEC and even NASA. The is 99999% of the JFK activism is very much totally illiterate on these topics and the powers that went after JFK. The Oak Ridge reactor design gang made massive mistakes by ignoring deuterium generation in water and moist air by neutrons being in close proximity to reactor Cores. So, the stuff hit the fan with ORNL's bad designs causing health and environmental harms in 1963. The first shoe dropped for the Shut Down of ORNL's prized Graphite reactor that was the model for larger production reactors at Hanford. Then the writing was on the walls that ORNL screwed up seriously with huge deuterium releases by their designs. One can see the civilian power reactors switched to primary and secondary cooling water and heat exchanges to keep the deuterium releases out of air and river water used for cooling the low side temps. The Next design jump was to move into liquid metal cooling methods and keep water totally out of core cooling and making any deuterium that has to be managed. The liquid metal cooled designs were the Molten Salt reactor at ORNL and then the Clinch River Breeder reactor to be built near ORNL. Jimmy Carter killed that project as Sodium metal cooled reactors were plutonium breeders and affected proliferation issues and the Sodium was a severe problem around water. Those designs were killed by Jimmy Carter, a Nuke Engineer President that hid lots of the deuterium releases from Three Mile Island, et al. The ORNL Molten Salt reactors were pushed by ORNL's Director Alvin Weinberg in the early 60's as they got water out of the Neutron Flux and stopped deuterium, then the building components near the Neutrons would be flooded with dry nitrogen to stop deuterium in air formation. Then MSRE went critical in 1965 and was shut down in four years and continued to cause serious problems with unsafe fuel storage and explosions that were covered up by the ORNL Reactor Design Group connected with Raymod W. Tucker, Sr.. The Jack Ruby Army Air Core Buddy, Raymond W. Tucker, Sr worked for ORNL's reactor design Division, and they were getting the blame for screwing up the Plutonium Production systems that would come to see all 8 of the Hanford Reactors shut down but one--just after ORNL's Plutonium Production reactor was hut down for no deuterium containment systems.. ORNL and the reactor people know deuterium causes health problems and they were going to get blamed for making serious health and environmental issues that shut down cold war plutonium systems. Also, along those lines the religion issues of deuterium would hit the fan in terms of the food chain issues linked with Manna water and grass fed animal nutrition and how that was the great power secret for the 1st Temple's Covenant knowledge.. So, heads were about to roll on many levels for ORNL's deuterium screw ups and their keeping deuterium's religion factors hidden to promote Nuke everything. Then the Rockefeller AMA and Big Pharma helped hide deuterium to make massive wealth by not using low deuterium medicines that are extremely effective. So, it is then very easy to connected one of the Corrupt ORNL Scottish Rite Masons to get his Chicago Mafia buddy with CIA ties to have Jack Ruby work the Chicago Mafia deal to have Giancana provide the killers to off JFK in LBJ's Zionist driven Dallas with Jack Ruby to become their Hero and save the Zionist's religion that held close the deep dark secrets on deuterium in the food chain and how to do diets that avoid that problem of contaminated foods. Then, that would play into the Jesus Lord's Supper that was the same deal on foods or diets to avoid deuterium and that being the saving ministry of Jesus and the Essene that told everyone their Temple's big secret that would cause issues for the Pharisee and Sadducee. As JFK Was Catholic and very Mother Mary and Jesus oriented it would empower Catholicism over Judaic religions and the followers of Abraham. Then, via that, one would see why Hitler tolerated Catholic religion and locked up Masons and Jews in Pre-War Germany, and why Germany went against England and its Throne of David Royal Rule Powers and their common secret with the Jewish Temple. Now, the motive for ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr becomes how to save ORNL from JFK shutting down their systems and push for nuke war and nuke power with lots of problems. As Oak Ridge helped with the CIA's Castro hit using deuterium's cancer secrets that pushed that deal into International War Crimes that JFK had to stop and severely punish. When one includes all the sciences and the mistakes that the USAEC's secrecy has hidden for many decades, even since its very inception for the Temple's Secrets, the JFK hits Motives become obvious, as well as the connections used to kill JFK and LHO. In the Nuke Projects everyone knows the why, how, and who killed JFK and those that suppressed all that. The JFK assassination is thus solved long ago and the public's ignorance and the constant production of nonsense to write fake books is the only problem blocking everyone's knowledge on the JFK Criminals. The Secret for the Hit against JFK is tied up in the USAEC's power to cover up deals like massive reactor mistakes and that JFK caught onto not only that, but their protecting the Jewish Temple's deep dark deuterium secrets. The numbers of Crooks involved in the JFK murder facts and evidence has grown far beyond those of the Scottish Rite Mason controlled Warren Commission and Masonic LBJ to include millions.
  17. In 1963, some of the health effects for deuterium were being addressed and published on Macmillan; First Edition (January 1, 1963). https://www.amazon.com/Biological-deuterium-International-monographs-biology/dp/B0007E4VUO JFK looked deep into Manhattan Project Bomb testing deals and read books like "Fallout" By John Fowler. Nuke bombs make huge levels of deuterium from neutron releases in wet air and water. Plutonium production reactors running Columbia river water through reactor cores were filling the Columbia River full off deuterium. Similar reactors making Tritium and such ran Savanna River's water into their reactors. The shut downs for the Hanford's sites 8 reactors began in 1964 and progressed to 1970 over JFK's views of enough Bombs and killing the environment. . In cases like the Columbia River the Salmon are only recently returning to spawn, after the last reactor was shut down in 1987. As JFK was finding deuterium issues in production issues, he would have shut these reactors down in 1964. Peace seeking JFK saw no needs to huge levels of bombs and moving toward nuke weapons reductions in his next term and new deal with Russia. JFK would have been totally convinced the NASA projects linked with Nuke Bomb Propulsion (The Orion Project) in the Atmosphere was rather insane. Hence, the DISC protection for NASA and USAEC would be against JFK. Thus in the better books they call out NASA or the German Rocket folks. JFK was going to fire on deuterium, complete with its religious issues, its cancer causality issues, and its problems in production of nuke bomb materials and likely civilian power systems. The Torbett Document correctly brings in the Germans and NASA, as this was part of the nukes and deuterium and the Germans were helping cover up for the religious history on deuterium. ========= Citation: While the Russians were doing their research and making quiet breakthroughs, Americans were also hot to blaze a deuterium trail. It was 1963 when John F. Thomson of the Medical Research division of Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois wrote the definitive 152-page treatise entitled Biological Effects of Deuterium. Source: https://www.drinklitewater.com/pages/history-of-deuterium ====== One can also see the air cooled Graphite reactor in Oak Ridge was forced to shut down for making too much deuterium loaded moist air released to the Oak Ridge Regions "The X-10 Graphite Reactor was shut down on November 4, 1963, after twenty years of use." It was this closure that infuriated the USAEC and was the writing on the wall for Hanford's and other poorly designed reactors making and releasing deuterium to the air and water. The method of Oak Ridge used Raymond W. Tucker, Sr to get his Army Air Core Buddy, Jacob Rubenstein, to use his Zionist hate in Dallas against JFK and get Chicago's Mafia killers to terminate JFK and his agent against the CIA and Mafia, Lee Harvey Oswald. After the deuterium disasters for forced to be recognized, other reactor designs using water used two loop water cooling system with core inner loop primary cooling water and huge heat transfer device to Secondary water to dump heat into the environment with less contaminated deuterium water. The other methods used liquid metal core cooling with liquid sodium to heat exchange systems to water systems to avoid exposing water to neutrons and making deuterium. In the late 1980's, I did some studies on why Oak Ridge was causing serious health problems for workers and residents and finished JFK's job on Deuterium Dangers by pushing to shut down "Tower Shielding" aka non-shielded reactor shooting neutrons all over Moist Air on the Oak Ridge Reservation. I also did a USAEC system wide look at deuterium issues and pushed to shut down Hanford's last reactor in 1987. Plus, I also got into dealing with coal emissions and fluorine processing systems with UF-6 health dangers from low level fluorine exposure. Anyone looking at the deuterium times lines and the history for closures knows exactly why JFK was killed using ORNL's Mafia Connections on Nov 22, 1963. My Master Thesis was on In-Core Fuel loading for the liquid metal cooled Clinch River Breeder Reactor that was to be built in Oak Ridge as the latest greatest power reactor. The in-core electronics had to work inside a fuel element at 300 degrees centigrade and 1 mega-rad total dose levels of radiation using hybrid microcircuit type construction. Doing that soon had me working for the ORNL reactor design group and the same area that hated JFK for exposing all their poorly designed reactors dumping deuterium into the air for decades and forcing them to close their Graphite Reactor on Nov 4, 1963. All the Oak Ridge deuterium sciences folks know exactly why JFK was killed and why and by who. The person that got Ruby to kill JFK worked for the ORNL reactor design group that took the hits on deuterium bad designs that shut down almost all ORNL reactors and was moving into Hanford and Savannah shut down. It also forced greater expense for ion exchanges to clean up reactor water, extreme shielding for explosion issues of power reactors and so on. Basically, Nukes were being hit from all directions by JFK, and they were being disgraced and run totally out of business.. The JFK tripping point was Oak Ridge helping to kill Castro using deuterium, which LHO's JFK spy methods discovered in 1963. The CIA methods to kill Castro was an International War Crime issue that would screw-up JFK peace making and nuke bomb reductions with the Russians. And the CIA and USAEC likely planned to do just that and neutralize JFK's plans with Russia. It came down to him or them, and Nov 22 was a huge conspiracy issue with USAEC, CIA, and Zionist right in the middle of the politics for murder of JFK.
  18. Most people do not have the educational and high level state background knowledge to come anywhere close to dealing with the JFK's hits various motives and the killers involved and the local managers after power and control. 99% of the JFK material out there is junk and Dunning-Kruger type wild speculation. For those that recall that JFK went after UFO knowledge and the type engines these would use, the matter is almost a Star Trek association, as the Enterprise story-line ran on Deuterium Fusion. And it was a nice safe cold fusion type deuterium that folks stood right beside. Such things do exist as Cold Fusion reactors that don't need much shielding. JFK toured lots of those Gov't. areas with UFO connotations and a lot of them are nuclear and some run with deuterium. JFK toured some of these areas like the NTS and its nuke rocket engines that run on various hydrogen types, including deuterium. "The Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed in 1963 forbids testing nuclear devices of any kind everywhere but underground. Two years later, the USAF canceled the project's budget. Orion became a legendary symbol of an era known for both its far-reaching dreams and excesses of power." Other nuke rockets emitted the same toxic materials as nuke tests, and it was clear JFK did not like the toxic nuke emissions. Lots of the UFO projects tried to hide things and my-pass the testing ban. See Page 2 here for JFK at NTS.: http://nnss.gov/docs/fact_sheets/DOENV_707.pdf ========= There are lots of these designs and most never even heard about them: https://www.centauri-dreams.org/2009/10/26/refining-the-deuterium-starship/ ======= Even today, Oak Ridge has both feet into space engines and they are the warehouse for deuterium needed for Deep Space Missions. ==== When JFK wanted to know about the UFO's and such, it was basically an inquiry into deuterium engines for Space Missions, and looking at why the toxicity of deuterium was always a problem. https://nets2020.ornl.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/TRACK-2-Full-submission.pdf ===== Doing that would affect NASA's deep space efforts, and expose more deuterium toxic issues. NASA did not want to explain deuterium to JFK, the USAEC did not want to out all the problems with deuterium, and the Jewish Bomb sciences people were totally blocking everything. DISC and FBI/Div5 wanted the lid clamped down on telling a peace seeking Catholic President nothing. The Germans got much further along than history admits with Uranium, fission, and deuterium projects. The Infamous German Bell -- or "Glocken", was a Fusion type device running on deuterium. Remember all the Admiral Bird issues after WWII in Antarctica. This is that science. https://www.gaia.com/article/poopoo-bell-ufo-technology The glocken/bell was a Neutron Spellation method to make lots of neutrons that ended the need for critical mass needs for nuke reactions. https://sites.google.com/site/nazibelluncovered/ These sub critical mass methods are the keys to cold fusion and lattice confinement energy generation: And again deuterium is the special key. It is also the key for Mini-Nukes and places like Oak Ridge have intentionally stalled Cold Fusion over these issues. Cold Fusion lattice confinement methods are the only key for clean nuke energy and it is simple and inexpensive materials. https://spectrum.ieee.org/energywise/energy/nuclear/nuclear-fusiontokamak-not-included Did JFK have the reasons to ask for the rest of the story---yes https://www.nbcnews.com/id/wbna42704241 There were a lot of forces against JFK and even more forces against telling on the truth on why JFK was knocked off. The one that counted was the first one in Dallas with Ruby and his Chicago hit squad. All the crazy drama that most of the JFK hit speculations are about are just wasted paper. If they omit high sciences and deuterium---the paper was wasted.
  19. "Pre-CIA, The intelligence network was known by its arcane name, the Pond. Its leaders referred to the G-2 military intelligence agency as the "Lake," the CIA, which was formed later, was the "Bay," and the State Department was the "Zoo." Grombach's organization engaged in cryptography, political espionage and covert operations." The Mil backed Pond was like a very low profile, very independent, double check of the OSS due to OSS being highly compromised by infiltration. The So Called "POND" intelligence types knew the Norway deals with being first for deuterium separation and the UK resistance that formed. Really, all the world's intelligence folks know most of the Norsk Hydro Story for making deuterium and the German knew a lot about deuterium and its toxic issues and ancient religious history that meant Germany Kept Catholics and banned all others. And especially banned UK Masons and the UK's religion that hides deuterium. Hitler did not like what he called the Dirty Jewish Sciences and the leading issue on that was deuterium is a long term toxin that kill most all on the planet due to it slow acting accumulation effects. The human body works fine on hydrogen, but the twice as fat deuterium in small quantity breaks down human energy and health. The Jewish in Israel were demanding nuclear sciences as their region's God was involved with that and the 1st temple's secrets involved deuterium. The Israeli's got their hidden science that Hitler did not like, and the Allies got lots of deuterium from Norsk Hydro in WWII, and now the world is learning why and how JFK was killed, and the finish is all the world learns about a tyranny via making artificial realities that will change in the End-Times as the Jesus Lord's Supper and other metabolic sciences are brought back into the light. ----- In the world of Deuterium, the largest hydro plant in the world in 1911 became the source for heavy water in the 30's and making 8.8 pounds a day of Heavy Water and the first batches went to the French, but the Germans needed Heavy Water also. Germany's IG Farben and BASF were all involved and began learning lots about deuterium and its past. "This hydro plant was Vemork is the name of a hydroelectric power plant outside Rjukan in Tinn, Norway. The plant was built by Norsk Hydro and opened in 1911, its main purpose being to fix nitrogen for the production of fertilizer. At opening, it was the world's largest power plant with a capacity of 108 MW." So, this appears just like the US version of the 1923 Muscle Shoals plant on the Tennessee River in Alabama, which became protected by the Military for the production of Ammonia Nitrate production. Muscle Shoal's Dam became TVA start in 1933 for massive Dam around the Tennessee River complex of rivers. The Military Protection was via the Defense Industry Security Command based at Muscle Shoals and in Columbus, Ohio. Then then got into FBI as Div 5 and protected TVA, USAEC, NASA, and explosive plants in the US. DISC plugged in Louis Bloomfield to cover up the massive deuterium secrets issues. Now the old Norsk Hydro plant is a Museum and tourist stop: Tours take folks into the heavy water concentration room and so on. https://nia.no/en/vemork/?fbclid=IwAR11J8dQKHnWMrA0ruC_VNEaDW0YfxlWd2Z0as6OrNDMwhO-7OdFoySXF60 ---------- If one is into the JFK hit and the Masonic linked PERMINDEX games for covering up deuterium for the Jewish and UK, this area's name involving Permanent Industrial Exposition is interesting as well as it history for making the Heavy Water. All this appears more than coincidental, as in 1911 the upswings in sciences and industry was a big deal for Norway. Then the 1 st papers on Deuterium were presented in New Orleans by Harold Urey and suddenly PERMINDEX appears to have began there via Clay Shaw. Then the S-40 cancer vaccine game happened there in the 1960's with Oschner and Sherman. Shaw is evidently French and the Norway's 1st heavy water went to France. Then PERMINDEX tries to kill DeGaule because he sided with JFK to cut of Israel from Nuclear Proliferation. Then they move into Rome and try to control Vatican issues. Seems these Folks hated the Lord's Supper message and Jesus following that included JFK. During WW-2 Georges Mandello ( and Ferenc Nagy too) was the Mason in Europe that ran PERMINDEX there and involved with getting Jewish out of Germany---where they got deep into deuterium research and likely the religious connections. Then Rudolph Hess tries to make a deal with UK, that failed and they had to keep Hess removed from ever speaking deuterium in public forever. Then Nagy ends up in Dallas and the ACCC is centered there. The Christian Religion then has to keep blinders on about deuterium and the Lord's Supper deals on Jesus Ministry for correct low deuterium diets. It is very odd that no Preacher can say the word deuterium is linked with the Lord's Supper. Perhaps, not so odd, as more likely very intentional methods to deny the world truths. ---------- Is there a connection to fertilizer hydrogen production to Deuterium and Heavy Water making? Yes--everywhere: And Now there is a connection to names like PERMINDEX with Norsk Hydro's electrolytic hydrogen production and deuterium production. https://www.iaea.org/.../bulletin/bull0-0/00005882021.pdf ------- Germany had a very long association with Norsk Hydro plant and its deuterium production of 8.8 pounds per day for Heavy Water. And that association back in the 30's very likely found lots of the religion issues for deuterium, as well as negative health effects, well connected to cancers, and so on. Citations: During the 1930s other products came into production, including hydrogen and other gases, and from 1934 as the first plant in the world mass-produced heavy water,[7] following a production plan by Leif Tronstad and Jomar Brun.[12] ----------- Facilities Loading cargo onto the ferry SF Rjukanfoss in 1911 Hydrogen plant For the creation of hydrogen and oxygen, a plant was built next to Vemork. Established in 1929, it sent the products down to Rjukan via pipeline. By 1934 it was discovered that the plant was making heavy water as a byproduct; since there was a market for this amongst scientists at the time, up to 4 kilograms (8.8 lb) were produced per day.[12] The plant was torn down after it was disused in 1971. The hydrogen plant required direct current, that could not be transported longer distances without large energy loss; therefore it had to be located right beside the power station.[10] Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norsk_Hydro_Rjukan -------- The bomb Projects wanted deuterium, as it did not absorb neutrons in reactor operations. Later, Deuterium became the leading Fusion nuclear explosive. Now, most of the world has found deuterium is a serious subtile slow poison that basically kills everyone on the planet. Now the push is health needs demand low deuterium water or DDW and it pretty much makes health miracles happen for various diseases. Lots of that research is exposing why the Great Flood was a deuterium release from the Fountains of the Deep that lowered human lifespans due to higher Earth deuterium in the food and water problems. Such knowledge also explained that Manna from Heaven that was in the Ark of the Covenant was low deuterium water from a natural earth petroleum fire near Midian, SA. Learning deals like plant chloroplasts helped to explain that Jesus Lord's Supper was all about low deuterium diets. The large scale quest for and later cover up on deuterium started in high gear here in Norway. And there were multiple Bomb's in the Basement of deuterium history. The UK really needed to bomb Germany's knowledge of deuterium much more than to destroy the product itself. In a like fashion the same system went after JFK and LHO for learning the whole history for deuterium in ancient religion. ======= The 30's were bumper crop knowledge years for health and cancer knowledge, as well as deeper understanding of religions. Germany's Otto Warburg discovered the acid cell effects and high insulin sites on cancer cells around 1931. Then the US's Harold Urey isolates Deuterium in Dec 1931 and wins Nobel in 1934 and huge claims about cancer stem from that. The Germans invest into the Norsk Hydro Project that soon turned into abundant deuterium production source for experiments on deuterium and health. Germany and New Orleans become NEXUS for deuterium research, then soon the Manhattan Project learns all and hushes up all the seriously negative data regarding its history and health.. Then, decades later all the 30's empirical data is affirmed by UCLA "ATP Synthase" and the "Enolase" issues for viral and prokaryote infections of cells for many illnesses. Killing JFK cost a lot more lives than just his and LHO's these days due to deuterium science cover ups from the public, medicines, and religions.
  20. It is very obvious that LHO was a creature of the USAEC, as the U-2 projects in Japan, were alll about USAEC spy efforts on Russia and Israel to collect information on nuclear proliferation. The USAEC had its hands into everything and even the Nuke Jupiter Missiles set to Turkey with the first nuclear warheads become a site in Turkey for air monitor data collection on Russian nuke activities. The Jupiter Turkey projects set off the Russian placing Nuke Missiles in Cuba that was the Cuban Missile Crisis for JFK. The U-2's cameras spotted the missile launch sites in Cuba, that oddly enough looked like the Star of David in their ground formation. Seems the Russians perhaps had a message for the US on deuterium. Some of the USAEC's most deadly people worked for places like Patrick AFB, that was the operation to put Jupiter missiles in Cuba. One of those persons was Ralph M. Lockhart that ran the German kill projects in and around New York from Plainfield, NJ base using the Mafia to kill German BUND spies in the US. That killed thousands to keep the Manhattan Project secret. Lots of those high level types hated JFK and were behind the same type removal for JFK using the Mafia alliances. Much that same deal with the CIA was a Mafia Alliance with Chicago to kill Castro. LHO infiltrated all that with the Cancer Project, and when LHO became a problem it was simple enough for the USAEC to get back to their old ways and aim the Mafia killers to take out JFK. Oak Ridge, via Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. was part of that effort using CIA and Chicago Mafia connected Jacob Rubenstein. There is a lot of extremely nasty history stored away in the USAEC's past. John McCone was a part of making the mess much worse, and then helping the Warren Commission conceal it all and cover up the deuterium issues of the USAEC super Q secrets to protect the UK and the Israeli's they share deuterium's bad history with. LHO knew the top USAEC nuclear explosive's (fusion fuel deuterium is a USAEC explosive) deep dark secrets and JFK was learning those also. These Jennifer Lake collections on the USAEC are the treasure trove of how connected LHO was with the USAEC, even on spying on the gun running methods to get nuke information, materials and equipment into Israel and Jack Ruby and other played a deep role in that nuke spy methods against the USAEC, All these LBJ deals to have Ed Teller to teach Israel the small nuke configurations and the Apollo, Pa Mossad NUMEC giving Highly Enriched Uranium to Israel are part of these deals on proliferation and pay offs for Jack Ruby's Dirty Deed dealing.. Ruby was silenced on 1-3-67, the Israel nuke pay-off deals were completed by LBJ, and the Six Day war was 6-6-67 with Zionist's wants to show off Nuke loaded Jericho missiles that made the mess with the USS Liberty LBJ false flag disaster. These days, what LHO and JFK were onto regarding deuterium and health are all the more insane to suppress and all the more reason to prosecute as massive Crimes Against Humanity. Has Trump kept his promise to tell all on the JFK hit? To date he has not kept that promise, and if he does not he needs to be included in the Crimes Against Humanity via concealment of deuterium, as nuke explosive in the food chain, that kills millions slowly via keeping it hidden. Citations:: On September 17, Krushchev and his party boarded a train for New York City, accompanied by an American escort, Ambassador and US representative to the U.N. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Lodge wrote in his personal notes of the “conversation with Krushchev on the train…[that] he used it as occasion to bring up the subject of nuclear tests… On the negotiations on the cessation of nuclear tests he said that we wanted to get intelligence operators into the Soviet Union….” http://www.dosfan.lib.uic.edu/ERC/frus/frus58-60×1/11soviet5.html * The same day in New Orleans, from the premises of the Int’l Trade Mart, Lee Oswald was booked on a freighter to Europe. * ---------------- —Oswald worked for the CIA, as sworn testimony suggests but does not describe, in preparing for his travel and stay in Russia which originated through his service with U-2 spy plane operations in 1957-58. The CIA’s U-2 program functioned under the security umbrella of the Atomic Energy Commission, initiated while Adm. Strauss was AEC chair (1953-58). Strauss had full U-2 clearance and was additionally an extraordinary sponsor and friend to Edwin Land (of Polaroid), the key designer of U-2 program development. –Oswald indeed, especially in New Orleans, became closely involved with the flow of small arms and ammunition and there is speculative evidence that nuclear materials were moved by that flow. Key persons and agencies connected to the JFK assassination had direct and profitable activities in atomic industry. Even a reframing of the U.S. Public Health Service particle accelerator story given by Ed Haslam in Dr. Mary’s Monkey, has more ominous implications if used to “recharge” or transform nuclear fuel from a spent or raw state to weapons and reactor grade material. –Accepting the atomic agent premise, Oswald was a “special” special agent, perhaps on a solitary mission for the “common task” enunciated after the Kennedy-Krushchev talks to halt nuclear proliferation in anticipation of a long sought test-ban. Agent Oswald entered the USSR in October of 1959 as the superpowers suspended atmospheric testing on the initiation of the Soviets with the consideration of a future treaty. Eisenhower described the suspension as a “moratorium on atomic weapons”. Edward Teller, director of the Livermore weapons lab through the Eisenhower-Kennedy transition, lodged a statement in his autobiography that he authorized the secret manufacture of nuclear weapons continuously, against the policy of a moratorium. –Creation of the false “Oswald” trail in New Orleans by the CIA began January 20, 1961, the day of Kennedy’s inauguration and two weeks before Oswald himself first petitioned to return to the U.S. –Former CIA agent Victor Marchetti suggested to BBC journalist Anthony Summers that Oswald worked for the ONI, restated by Jim Marrs in Crossfire: “...They were sent into the Soviet Union or into eastern Europe, with the specific intention the Soviets would pick them up and ‘double’ them if they suspected them of being U.S. agents, or recruit them as KGB agents. They were trained at various naval installations both here and abroad, but the operation was being run out of Nag’s Head, North Carolina.” –p117, Crossfire ---------- “McCone returned to [CIA] headquarters at around 1530, summoned the CIA Executive Committee… [I]ssued orders for all stations and bases… [and] directed that a special cable channel be established so that all [communication] traffic related to Lee Harvey Oswald..went to a central repository, and he sent a [blank] to Parkland Hospital..to coordinate activities with the Secret Service and the FBI. After the Secret Service obtained a graphic film of the assassination taken by.. Zapruder, McCone had the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) officers.. prepare briefing boards…”. In the months ahead, as the Warren Commission set upon its duties, “…DCCI Marshall Carter recalled that McCone said he would ‘handle the whole [commission] business myself, directly’…” ---------- “More important is what he disclosed about Oswald’s position in the Marine Corps. The unit in which both served, said my informant, was one of three similar ones of which one was always in Japan and the others in the United States. Their function was classified. Every man in the outfit carried a security clearance. [p86]. They had a security designation of which I had never heard. These were that kind of unusual military organizations. Of all the men in the outfit, five had special ‘top’ security approvals. The entire complement carried a minimum of ‘confidential’ (the grade the official file records Oswald as having). Above this there were ‘secret’, ‘top secret’, and a special one, ‘crypto’. Of all the men only five were ‘crypto’. One of these was Lee Harvey Oswald! ” ‘Can you possibly be wrong?’ I asked him. “He insisted not. ” ‘Could your memory be playing tricks?’ “No, he was positive. He went farther when I questioned him about ‘crypto’, which he indicated was ‘black box’ stuff. I took it to mean a connection with nuclear weapons. ------------- “Before the CIA, there was the Pond” Unknown to the public after WWII was an officially sanctioned intelligence agency created by the War Department in 1942 called The Pond. It “existed for 13 years and was shrouded in secrecy for more than 50 years..operated under the cover of multinational corporations, including American Express, Chase National Bank and Philips, the Dutch-based electronic giant… [T]ens of thousands of once-secret documents found in locked safes and filing cabinets in a barn near Culpeper Virginia in 2001..portray a sophisticated organization obsessed with secrecy that operated a network..in 32 countries… The organization counted among its exploits..an effort to enlist..’Lucky’ Luciano..to assassinate..Mussolini; identifying..heavy water plants doing atomic research in Norway; and providing advance information on Russia’s first atomic bomb… The head of the Pond was Col. John [Jean, “Frenchy”]V. Grombach..[whose] father was..in the French Consulate in New Orleans. The War Department had tapped Grombach to create the secret intelligence..as a foundation for a permanent spy service… Grombach wrote that the idea..was to use ‘observers’ who would build..relationships..[rather] than spies who bought secrets… In 1955 The Pond went off the books… Source:https://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/category/jfk-assassination-2/
  21. There is one simple rule for any effort to get to the real story on the JFK hit, and it is that the hit cannot be solved without lots of of the associations to Deuterium being presented. Any Book, Movie, Video, Podcast, or other type presentation of the JFK hit is basically worthless if the deuterium factors are omitted. Deuterium knowledge is the key for the JFK hit, and lots of other hidden deals. Only one JFK author gets anywhere close and he is Ed Haslam and he speaks to Dr Alton Oschner being close with Harold Urey, the guy that isolated deuterium in 1931 and won Noble in 1934, and he knew much about its role in cancers. Others get close with mentions that LHO was an Atomic Spy as he was linked with the U-2's USAEC missions, then the need of USAEC's John McCone for Soviet Spies that LHO became and trained by the Office of Naval Intelligence folks. Recently, the "Townsend Newsletter" has gotten into the Russian's deuterium research, but one needs to keep in mind that the Germans had a huge deal over Deuterium as they got into it in the early 1940's via the Norsk Hydro Plant used to make high deuterium water for Nuke Experiments. See https://nia.no/en/ Also: https://nia.no/en/vemork/ Look closely at that and one solves the Rudolph Hess story in the UK, as well as why the poopoo's called the V-1 and V-2 as the Vengeance weapon as the UK hid deuterium health issues as part of their Royalist's past from the Abraham Throne of David issues. Hitler's mom was UK and she died of Cancer and Hitler was deathly afraid of cancers, and became a hard core vegetarian to avoid acidic and deuterium laden cancer type diets. Dig a little deeper in the low deuterium and life extension issues and one finds the age secrets of the Great Flood and the Fountains of the Deep were a rise in deuterium issue on aging. Dig even into modern day issues linked to Air Pharmacology ( Chemtrail ) and one finds the deep secret is these are low deuterium clouds made to ride higher than natural clouds to shield the atmosphere from heating and that the method makes alkaline bicarbonate type water that is used to low deuterium effects on grazing animals and curb animal viral outbreaks. Both very associated to End-Times issues that are being managed via secretive modern atmospherics sciences. Basically, we use Jet emissions to make water much like Manna from Heaven's low deuterium methods from Moses times at the Mtn of Fire near Midian, SA. There are lots and lots of very deep secrets centered on deuterium being held secret. Citations: Biological Effects of Deuterium By the 1960s it was clear that deuterium, having twice-the-mass of its lighter isotope protium, could be responsible for profound biological and biochemical effects. After all, no other element on the periodic table has isotopes differing in mass to this extreme degree. An understanding of how deuterium functions at the cellular level was now on the horizon. ------- With their groundbreaking findings in Biological Role of Heavy Water in Living Organisms1 they put Tomsk University on the map, becoming the very first scientists to show how water depleted in deuterium had a positive biological effect. Considering that deuterium had only been discovered 30 years before, this was a monumental breakthrough. Possibly, one of the great secrets of health and longevity had just been revealed! -------- A 16% reduction may not seem significant, however there are two factors that are in play. One is that the Hunza population is provided with this deuterium depleted water from birth to death and their vegetable, grain and fruit produce, as well as the animals they raise also are depleted in deuterium. Two, Griffith had reason to postulate that the adverse biological effects of deuterium is “proportional to the square of the concentration.” This is the reason why researchers report that even a small depletion of deuterium has a significant biological benefit. -------- Dr. Olgun determined that roughly every 15 seconds a bare heavier deuterium nuclei (a proton – neutron pair), impinges upon the fast spinning nano-motor, causing it to jam, stutter and ultimately self-destruct. Dr.Olgun further explained in his paper “Deuteronation and Aging,“10 published the same year in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science, that mitochondrial damage resulting from deuterium is one of the primary causes of physical aging. The mystery of how deuterium damaged life was finally revealed! The Nobel Prize worthy significance of Abdullah Olgun’s findings may be hailed as one of the greatest biological discoveries of the 21st century and the absence of recognition of his achievement stands as a careless oversight in the annuls of science. -------- His findings were published in 1998 in the paper “The Biological Effects of Deuterium Depletion”6 and his 2001 book Defeating Cancer.7 Somylai’s double-blind clinical trials first demonstrated that deuterium-depleted water was free of any side effects and, that the survivability of his test group on deuterium-depleted water was significantly better than those cancer patients in the control group. He also showed that consuming deuterium- depleted water was an excellent complementary adjuvant to conventional radiation and chemotherapy. Between October 1992 and the spring of 1999, Dr. Somylai and his team administered some 350,000 liters of deuterium-depleted water (DDW) to approximately 1,200 patients, generating over 12,000 pages of documented records. His groundbreaking work put Hungary on the map as an important center for research on the emerging health science of deuterium depletion. Source: https://www.townsendletter.com/article/450-radically-changing-water-deuterium-depletion/?inf_contact_key=d0bcdbc86435b37f1e8263a11bc12b1f&fbclid=IwAR0taN3fq_i99DQYLmWbQD2ipV4SNHk4Dh3QGIy0pq2N83e3VaXaUnknzSg
  22. The reason that JFK and LHO were murdered was because of the USAEC and Manhattan Project's secrets on Deuterium and its many negative health effects and that association to ancient religion. Now, after many decades, the mechanism that deuterium uses to set off cancers, and many other health problems shows up in the research data. Basically, there are bacteria called Prokaryotes that need and use deuterium for their matabolic processes. The type of Prokaryotes that free up the most deuterium are the acid types and this is why they don't cause problems at near alkaline pH levels for cells in the body. Virus, like COVID-19, SV-40, and even HIV use these acid type Prokaryotes as the breeding ground for fast replication. In the case of the New Orleans CIA project, it sprang out of these deuterium type studies to attempt to gain a vaccine against SV-40 that became a serious problem due to reckless Polio Vaccine mistakes. These mistakes were classified by Nixon from 1959 to 1999, and they problem was considered serious if the population found the Govt., gave folks cancers. The effects of high levels of deuterium in the Prokaryotes cause the Viruese that use them as hosts to mutate rapidly. Thus, little success for a vaccine. But in terms of killing Castro with cancer, the deuterium deals found CIA purpose as proposed by Dr. Alton Oschner. Citation The proliferation of prokaryote organisms (1), virus hosting cellular events and rapid clonal expansion of transformed cells (2, 3) avail themselves via ATP-dependent selective hydrogen (1H+) efflux by proton transporter nanomotors. T Source: https://cdn.onb.it/2020/02/Boros.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1Dv6SstquAaCdTxtHVIfCGOZBr2L9QRPO4p0hIruTZqTb224CjQvYdems ======== The type of Prokaryote that causes the problem is very common in nature, but at acid pH and with bad virus it cane cause cancers, COVID-19 and even HIV problems. Citation: Source: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/microbiology/chapter/the-effects-of-ph-on-microbial-growth/?fbclid=IwAR3CGkdJEHrr1pmQ8u6xwZMcK8sRXJa89jA5ObyWFEAWBhI3ob5KIub2laU ======== Background knowledge on Prokaryotes: https://southwest.mpls.k12.mn.us/uploads/notes_of_11-11__prokaryotes.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2dHs2zgSLc5s9gOI9AsI5XVjSWFvHp02ekgW1f3GB2j9ItcwubzIYARDQ ======== The problems are similar to that which caused Black Plagues set off by rodent carriers: https://rkm.com.au/BACTERIA/Yersinia-pestis.html?fbclid=IwAR1Dv6SstquAaCdTxtHVIfCGOZBr2L9QRPO4p0hIruTZqTb224CjQvYdems ========= SV-40 Cancer Virus Connections: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19101707/ ===== Bacteria and Virus: https://assets.savvas.com/file-vault/flipbooks/texasreview/science/texasbiology/TX_Bio_Ch20.pdf So, when one gets outside the US to places like Brazil one finds the bacteria and virus connections with cancer and then some simple and low cost treatments with Bicarbs to deal with cancers. There are many reasons the deuterium, virus, and bacterial etiology are hidden in US research to this very day. The rest of the story is Enolase controls bacterial and viral infections of cells. Enolase forms as part of the Warburg effect and if is part of the acid pH generation process and then cell infection process by bacteria and viral pathogens: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6498095/?fbclid=IwAR1epxuGs2_HV7-qZwIazVAxrAR5Ltsoa6stZ0WuwLK3c7K49iDplnwONgg#B7 Diets are important, if you want protection from infections.
  23. "Trump's Card" and the Whole JFK story.----> Closing in on the return of the Christ's knowledge. The really big deal for why JFK was killed is that he basically was very close to being essentially the Return of Christ. This is how important the Deuterium and health issues are to lots of corrupt deals for making money and gaining controls over others using methods of deceit and treachery or basically Tyranny. Low Deuterium diets were the theme for the Jesus Lord's Supper and the same theme from the Word of God being "Forbidden Fruit". Sugar loaded fruits have excess deuterium and make cell pH more acid that potentiates deuterium health damages. Basically, everyone that works around deuterium used in the Nuke Business related to reactors and H-Bombs discovers that special relationship sooner or later. Persons like John McCone was head of the USAEC, aka The Manhattan Project, and this why he as head of the CIA in 1961 was riding the deals to cover up the main motives to have JFK killed and they had to do LHO at the same time to seal up the deuterium motive issues. Hiding the Diet secrets for low carbs and low sugars makes the body have low deuterium and thus high cell energy functions and health, energy, immunity, and longevity. While the US and many areas of the world knew this in the times of Sanitarium type health, it was the corrupt Rockefeller Medicines that did their best to stamp out that low cost method to maintain and treat health as they did in the times of Hippocrates and Plant derived low deuterium nutrition methods. JFK became the enemy of Big Medicine and the Nuke weapons business that are joined at the hip, as Siamese Twins, in concealing high deuterium health problems. Then, it gets into the old Temple Teachings on water that as low Deuterium called "Manna from Heaven" that was part of the "Ark of the Covenant" and this was the grass fed animal diets that were low deuterium, low Omega-6 and high Omega-3 type health promoting diets. Technically, if JFK exposed all that it would force the world into World Peace and some of the Royalists, Big Bankers, JCS, and AMA did not want that to happen. Explaining the low deuterium details of the Jesus' Essene ministry of the Lord's Supper would turn over all the carts in the 2nd Temple much as Jesus did as he knew the nutritional secrets of the WORD and the Lord's Supper and intended to teach everyone, not the select few of the Covenant of the Ark. Then, since the English Royalists are all descendants of the Throne of David and those keeping this special low deuterium and health secret, they would be seen as engaged in deceit and treachery on health and fully supporting it as tyrants. So, JFK and LHO had a huge level of hate from Jewish, AMA medicine, USAEC, and even the UK centered Scottish Rite Masons that also understood the Solomon's Temple's big secret. These type Masons ran the Y-12 nuke weapons plants in Oak Ridge, and one was Jack Ruby's ole Army Air Core Buddy and likely DISC connected with TVA. Thus, it is easy to see why it was so easy for Oak Ridge to get Jack Ruby connected in trying to protect the Jewish People, and he basically killed JFK and LHO for the every same reason. Ruby suppressed the deuterium's deep dark secrets going back to the very roots of religion and those perhaps more evil intent and those more intent on helping all have the same knowledge that would set all free and have health equality.. The old Garden of Eden had issues with Good and Evil and Heaven and Hell depending on which God they were idolizing, and the two Principle ones were EnLil and En.Ki and the En.Lil was the God of Abraham and the En.Ki was the God of the Essene and Jesus and called God--he Father. The latter wanted all to share knowledge equally and hence end wars and many issues of health and aging. The real reason JFK was murdered was he could well be considered the Return of Christ---or at least the Jesus' knowledge. JFK would have a savior image by telling all the predominate health effect of humanity on Earth. Those with Money and Power did not want the Return of Jesus anything, especially from a Catholic oriented President. Lots of people have considered JFK to be a sort of Christ Figure and that why his death matters decades later. JFK tried to do the ultimate good, but the resident Evil stopped that over their greed for power and money. Now, in too many ways, as Trump intends to tell all the JFK Murder Motives, he is taking on that Savior of Humanity Role. Trump has taken on the JFK anti-War theme very well. And the Final Trump Card will become the Return of Peace and Heaven on Earth via teaching all the all too long hidden issues on deuterium in religion, sciences, and health. The message of the Lord's Supper and low deuterium diets will return to the public's knowledge, and the world may see that thousand years of Peace from Revelations Prophecy. It becomes all the more possible and realizable as all the world learns how close JFK came to being a Christ Like Savior due to deuterium's inner knowledge of ancient religion.
  24. Jack Ruby lived in Oak Cliff. LHO lived at FBI safe House in Oak Cliff. The LHO meet up point, Texas Theater, was in Oak Cliff. Lots of the ACCC hit folks lived in Oak Cliff and Jack Ruby Star, Tammi True-aka Nancy Meyers, also had a couple of ACCC types. Nancy married a Safe Cracker and divorced him when the kids got to 2 and 4 years. Nancy passed on here recently--July 2019, but the oh too nice story she told for Jack Ruby lacked accuracy. Jack, Nancy and others were into ACCC's affairs. Nancy was Catholic, but a safe cracker's wife early on. Nancy seems to have a thing for hoodlums and then being able to cover for them. Jack Ruby's Show Handlers were into serious crimes:----James Henry ‘Doc’ Dolan Take a closer look at the mess that LHO landed into. Could they set up LHO? It was very obvious that the Mafia and Jimmy Hoffa was after killing JFK in Tampa and Chicago attempted hits. They were getting desperate to eliminated JFK. It is very obvious this despiration would have included a hit at the Dallas Ferenc Nagy controlled Permindex JFK visit and ACCC connected killers would be installed there. They were the back up plans. It is also very obvious that the Zionist's Jewish Jack Ruby/ USAEC connected hit on JFK was preferred and first in line and connected LHO as the Patsy they needed to get rid of also. The Dal-Tex building was the center of the Morris Jaffee and LBJ's Zionist connections like Abe Zapruder, Jack Ruby and so on. As the Jack Ruby Zionist's plot including LBJ worked, the other plots dissolved into history, except for use by those intent on deceptions and continual JFK run around on worthless miss-directions.... https://oakcliff.advocatemag.com/2020/10/my-dad-jack-ruby-and-the-mafiosos-the-story-of-an-oak-cliff-childhood/
  25. There is little doubt that Bowen/Osborne was a UK and Canadian agent. It shows up with his methods and where he is spotted over time: Osborne was a UK Crown Soldier in India, which means he was part of the UK occupation of India and in service to the Crown. It means he would also be watching the methods in which India later achieved independence from England shortly after WWII using the Peaceful Resistance methods of Ghandi. Osborn needs to dump his Crown roots for the East India Company and they he gets a Make-Over in New Orleans and becomes a Canadian from Montreal which is where Louis Bloomfield is from. All the time that he is running around the US he has the look of an English Crown Agent in the US that hates Catholics and is clued into the hit on JFK. The FBI is all over his and publishes a small book about his record. Tennessee becomes a large part of his obsessions and in particular Knoxville, Tn. Which happens to have a lot of DISC connections due to TVA and USAEC. He would be watching the US Civil Rights movement and the work of MLK and the training that they received from The Highlanders Group. Highlanders started in Monteagle Tennessee, then were forced into Knoxville, Tn and in more recent times into New Market Tennessee area. The Highlanders taught MLK and other Black Civil Rights folks the Ghandi methods for how India got free of the UK's East India Company occupation. Crown India service person is right in the middle of the Civil Rights for the South. As one can imagine, the Crown types needed their spy right in the middle of these freedom operations that taught the Ghandi methods and all that would soon show up that the Crown via the Atlantic Triangle Trade Route and Liverpool's trading ships were at the heart of slavery sales to the US South. So, it no reach to recognized that Osborne was an English Spy in the US trying to help the Crown. Then he turns up in New Orleans just after his ride with LHO and does a make over on his now being from Canada and from Louis Bloomfield's home city. They he does a cut and run just before the JFK hit. He is always especially gifted in avoiding WWI and WWII fighting, and he is connected with LHO. Though Osborne Passed in 1966, it is also no stretch of the imagination that the ACCC group that he was connected continued their interests in the US Civill Rights Movement and especially MLK. If anyone wants to get close to the whole story on who did MLK----it is this Osborne and ACCC. Since, UK agent Osborne was close to LHO--he could well have learned about the cancer virus, SV-40 and the deuterium issues in religion that were part of the CIA kill Castro methods in New Orleans. Then, after the bus ridge Osborne ends up in New Orleans and gets a huge make over so he doesn't look like a Crown Agent and helping the crown over their hidden deuterium secrets. Suddenly, Osborne appears DISC connected to Bloomfield, and LHO becomes a Crown target along with Catholic JFK. Citation: As many who have studied the CIA understand, Allen and John Foster Dulles made extensive use of missionaries and other religious organizations as cover for intelligence agents and operations.59 ------- The way that it is spelled is “Jno”. This spelling matches exactly the way his first name is spelled in the Knoxville City Directory in 1938 (Appendix 12).62 It is interesting to note that in September of 1962 Osborne made a comment about John F. Kennedy’s presidency. He had returned to Knoxville to speak at a rally at the North Glenwood Baptist Church. He told Fred Allen Jr., who was the church’s pastor and who knew him as Bowen, “… that he ‘felt that it is a very dangerous thing for the United States to have a Catholic as president.’”63 He also told Allen that he did not want to stay at his place because he “… ‘didn’t want to risk getting me involved in something.’”64 This statement by Osborne must have aroused Fred Allen’s suspicions about Osborne’s activities, given that he also made comments about Kennedy’s presidency. Citation: After he returned from Mexico, Osborne showed up in New Orleans at the Canadian consulate. He gave an address in Montreal as his permanent residence, saying he had been there since 1917 and that he was a Canadian national. He cancelled his previous Canadian passport and took out a new one. What makes this odd is that the previous passport was only four months old.75 With his new, clean passport Osborne was on the move again in November of 1963. The Knoxville Journal reported that Bowen had departed New York for Europe on November 13, 1963. The newspaper stated that the purpose of his trip was a speaking tour of England, Spain, Portugal and Italy.76 The timing of his trip is an interesting coincidence. The man with dual identities, and who was allegedly on the same bus as the president’s alleged assassin, decided to leave the country on November 13th, nine days before Kennedy was assassinated. Citation: For the wandering Osborne, his final destination was a hospital in Texas. He died at the Medical Arts Hospital in San Antonio on August 31, 1966.86 His “Certificate of Death” attributed his passing to a number of problems, one of which was kidney failure. The person who informed the authorities of his passing was Reverend Lyman Erickson. 87 When the FBI found out about his death they told him not to speak about Osborne’s passing. In an interview with the Knoxville News-Sentinel in 1993, Erickson said he was told by the Bureau “… ‘to forget everything I knew about him, told me to forget I ever knew him, and told me to never to speak of this matter to anyone.’”88 Reverend Erickson complied with the FBI request and asked Roy Akers Funeral Chapel in San Antonio, where Osborne’s remains had been sent, “… not to run notices in paper as FBI requested that it be kept quiet as possible.” (Appendix 13).89 Erickson must have also realized that the man who had been staying with him was enigmatic. He told The Knoxville News-Sentinel that the man he knew as John Howard Bowen owned a kit bag that had a false bottom that contained his Albert Osborne identification papers.90 He too was interviewed about Albert Osborne by the BBC and he quite logically said, “‘I think he was an agent. My problem is, I don't know if he was an agent for the United States or a foreign government.’”91 Source: https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-dual-life-of-albert-osborne
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