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  1. Ref https://catalog.archives.gov/id/305143?fbclid=IwAR1j2AR8R8FCTjdBOkphcBJDyIFVVuz6CYERqvUBOwhh0iBZHpP-_lt6J-o No Holes:
  2. Haslam's book is very good for those that know real cancer research, history, and pathology.. The Polio Vaccine gang decided there were junk virus in their vaccines and SV-40 was not a junk virus issue. It made a cancer pandemic issue. They were warned of the SV-40 problems, but they ignored the warnings. So, Nixon was placed in charge of the Polio Vaccine cover up and he classified SV-40 research starting in 1959 and it was not open again until 1999. Haslam's dad knew Oschner and they knew Oschner knew Dr. Harold Urey----the fella that isolated deuterium. He also became a big player in the Manhattan Projects Gas Diffusion Enrichment process that was built in Oak Ridge. It was known early on that cancers depended in low intercellular ph, lots of insulin receptors on cells and so on. This was called the Warburg Effect in Cancer etiology. Part of the process that drives down intercellular pH also loads the cells inner membranes up with deuterium and deuterium since its isolation in 1931 was seen as a player in cancer triggering. So, all this was known by the classified research, and the Oscher plan to off Castro for the CIA involved how to load up Castro with acidic foods and deuterium. That could give Castro a nice lung tumor and kill him and part of that involved mutating SV-40 with radiation and selections of the most large tumors and repeating that selection process a few times to make a super SV-40 related cancer virus to kill Casto. Not only was SV-40 classified research they wanted to control, the effects of deuterium in the cancer equation was also they wanted to totally control. In New Orleans the CIA was hooked up with Carlos Marcello, and he with CIA person David Ferrie. Ferrie picked up LHO for the cancer project and LHO was paid in cash by CIA and also by FBI. LHO was also a deep cover agent for the Kennedys to gain information on CIA and Mafia. JFK wanted both demolished. The New Orleans gang learned LHO was a mole for JFK and LHO knew way too much on the kill Castro plot, and both the CIA and Mafia wanted LHO killed. So, Carlos Marcello Owned Jack Ruby in Dallas, and that was where Oak Ridge was trying to have Ruby use his old Chicago Italian Mafia pals, Giancana's Gang, to kill off JFK in Dallas over the Atmospheric Test Ban deals with Russia and then the eventual shut down of nuke weapons productions in his next term. So, Marcello got the deals cut to get LHO in Dallas and Ruby was his handler there to help the Chicago Mafia's hit gang kill JFK in Dallas and in that process frame up LHO and kill him as the shooter of JFK. That did not play out so well, as LHO escaped death on the 22nd, and he knew too much. Since the screw up was on Ruby's head he either had to get someone to kill LHO in jail or do it himself. As Ruby was going to be hit by the Mafia for screwing all that up. So, Ruby, being Jewish, is all worried that if the world found out all the deuterium secrets connected with deuterium going way back in history that there would be Pogroms Against the Jews. So, the Ruby logic was he had to kill LHO to protect the Jews from Pogroms that would come from LHO knowing and telling the deuterium and human health secrets. It is very simple history and knowledge well known by the USAEC's nuclear weapons complex on the long history of deuterium in religion, Gods, and all that. These days lots of the deuterium and cancer causality issues are coming out in public research and they cannot hide that any longer. But, deuterium's use was part of the CIA's kill Castro Projects. Haslam's book gets closer to these issues than all the others. Oscher knowing well Urey is the key to cancer research and its link to deuterium. Ref---Deuterium and Cancers: https://www.ddcenters.com/conditions-cancer-2-2-2/
  3. The President Trump deals often enter into his JFK political interests. There is even an odd person dressed in Black with scruffy face hair and a cute Blonde trim lady with him. Along with that the slogans like "Where We Go One, We All Go" or WWG!WGA. That was a slogan on JFK's ship's bell. Then, the Number 17 and the JFK burial site in Arlington that is shaped like a Q as viewed from the air. Trump and JFK, Jr were good pals in NYC, and now these Trump Drama's highly involve JFK associated symbolism. A huge following has developed from this. In Oak Ridge we all well know that LHO came here and the insiders know it was to learn about deuterium and cancer making for a LHO CIA project in New Orleans invented by Dr. Alton Oschner and helped along with Dr. Mary Sherman's vaccine background.. Nothing new there it is the Theme for several JFK books, Ed Haslam's, Judy Baker's, etal, for why JFK and LHO were killed in Dallas. Deuterium is a very big deal in human health, religions, and very much so for the JFK hit and the nuclear weapons and power deals well connected to deuterium's toxicity issues. So, to help push things long and keep Trump accountable to We The People---this note was dropped to Trump and also to Lindsey Graham R-senate Judicial Comm. You may find it interesting and it may also connect the dots for why JFK and LHO had to be offed at the same time for the plots to conceal what is basically now Crimes Against Humanity: ======= So, to get it into the GOP system's official Records, this was sent to Trump and Lindsey Graham R-SC. DJT, Some good news on Heaven and Earth: The "Jim Phelps Deuterium Theorem", discovered some 35 years ago at ORNL, is about like the friable asbestos rules to avoid health problems. It is the heart of Chemtrails (aka Air Pharmacology Methods) for cooling the planet with very high altitude clouds to replace Teller's crazy Sky Shield with aluminum and extreme costs. Basically, the Theorem rule is pH determines friable deuterium in the cells and body and the amount of cellular damage that results. Acid or low pH is very bad and modest alkaline pH is optimum for long life. So, for good health and long life one has to do avoid deuterium in the food chain and also use alkaline diets and water with BiCarbs to keep the deuterium damage factors in check and not experience health damage and rapid declines. Manage those two issues and nobody needs vaccines, few get sick, lots of energy, lots of higher intelligence, lots of telomere protection, and very much extended lifespans. The articles illustrates the pH effects, but underlying that is deuterium modulation. Ref: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4861439/... Heaven on Earth is Returning Soon -- with you or without you, Regards, Jim Phelps, alkaline pH and low deuterium health studies--The Magnum Opus Project
  4. It is time to dribble out another piece of the Puzzle. Most all the JFK interest folks know about New Orlean's David Ferrie and his Mouse Lab and cancer researching interests. Ferrie was brought out by Ed Haslam and other highly credible JFK research folks. David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald were old buddies in New Orleans. Lee Oswald learned all about deuterium's dangers and special uses from Oak Ridge in the Summer of 1963 as a runner for the CIA's kill Castro Project being headed by Dr Alton Oscher and Dr. Mary Sherman. They were both part of the failed SV-40 cancer vaccine projects to attempt to correct for Polio Vaccine mistakes. Ferrie was a Right hand man for Carlos Marcello in New Orleans and also CIA connected with the New Orleans Dr Alton Oschner project to kill Castro with cancer. David Ferrie was odd looking and did not fit in due to being Gay and Fired from airlines. So, he hooked up with CIA, Marcello, DISC, et al. Ferrie's most important line about a special poison they used to off people without detection was called "Sodium Morphate" and that it tasted like "Apple Pie". In the world of nuclear deals this translates to Deuterium water or Heavy Water that is extremely poison and kills much ilike Sodium Fluoride. When tasted, it is sweet somewhat like apple sweet, but is an almost impossible to detect poison. It is a favorite CIA poison and connected with Manhattan Project sources. High Deuterium was also part of the kill Castro with cancer project. Folks like Dr. Oscher and Manhattan Project's Dr Harold Urey were big pals and each part of the kill Castro project. Dr. Harold Urey isolated Deuterium in 1931, but worked on the heavy fluorine projects to enrich uranium via gas diffusion and that system was built in Oak Ridge.
  5. Well, you just have to pay attention. Even with JFK there was PERMENDEX (inclusive of DISC/Bloomfield/Div 5) as a WTC type clone. They were highly involved with the JFK hit. Very similar deals with WTC and ROCKEFELLERs and they hate Catholics and anyone that knows real nutrition. They went after Hitler as he figured out cancers. Cancers were high lactic acid and high deuterium. Hitler's Dr. Otto Warburg got the lactic acid issues in 1931 and same year the US got Deuterium isolated by Harold Urey. Germany went full bore after deuterium and got all the cancer secrets and the dangers from deuterium on health. The biggest cover ups in Oak Ridge are on the low level deuterium releases on health. Lots of the Fusion energy folks exposed to deuterium got rare cancers and all but a few now are dead. Oak Ridge had huge deuterium releases from Oak Ridge Research Reactor, Tower Shielding, and setting out nuke bombs makes huge deuterium releases. If JFK got hold of all that that was the end of the USAEC and its extensive deuterium info cover ups. Lots of it links back to old religion issues. The Islams go after the crooked WTC Rockefeller stuff as they call that the center for the Great Satan issues. Islam is mostly simple agrarians and they know a good part of the forbidden fruit diet issues and how the AMA, Big Pharma, CDC, and Fauci types set up American's poor health for huge profits. They don't want that forced onto the whole world. LHO and JFK were on the trail of Deuterium problems, same stuff the Germans zero'd in on before WWII. LHO worked on the kill Casto with Cancer CIA project in New Orleans and LHO was an agent for the Kennedys to spy on CIA and Mafia in New Orleans. LHO came up to Oak Ridge to learn the cancer trigger deals with enhanced SV-40 and learned lactic acids and deuterium is the method. If JFK found deuterium----that was the end of the Manhattan Project's bomb making and at the same time the end for the ROCKEFELLER AMA and Big Pharma rackets. Lots of money, LHO and JFK know too much. Both get killed with Jack Ruby being the hit job leader in Dallas and pushed in corrupt LBJ that would look the other way. The truth never came out, the problems festered, the WTC gets a fertilizer bomb in the basement by Islam, then a bigger set of aircraft bombs in the air for 911 and the Islamic call of Emergency. Bin Laden was a CIA asset for a long long time and he learned all the deals the CIA was hiding, from the JFK hit, deuterium cover ups, exploitation of health for profits. Bin Laden turned on the CIA and its corruptions. Bin Ladens were part of the Royal Families and not stupid, but well educated. Just recall the history----know the deuterium and cancer cover ups and all the pieces link together. It is a gigantic racket that has been running wild for far too long. Cross your fingers that Trump gets to all of it. How the Rockefeller's WTC got to be moved from asbestos trash to "Silverman's" gold. When the WTC first got built---they could not rent it out. Then they got this tightrope walker to stage a show and play like the Police got all upset. Then it rented due to all the free attention. The ROCKEFELLERs were Jewish origins and fealty and major crooks in the health and medicine world. Covered up deuterium, low pH issues shutting down trace minerals into cells and they made a fortune causing illnesses and making expensive half worthless drugs to keep patients for life. Needless to say, it was not difficult to turn the whole Muslim world into hate for ROCKEFELLER's WTC and its global domination rackets. So, the Bin Landen gang blew it up and ole Silverman knew it was a target, as he could not get it demolished as no permits for that much asbestos used as the steel fireproof protection. So, the tight-wire game became the terrorist pull it down game. 3,000 killed and they all got richer. That is a drop in the ocean compared to how many the ROCKEFELLER's rigged medicine rackets have killed. The ROCKEFELLER rigged methods started WWII with Germany over the Hitler Gang finding the deals on cancers, deuterium, and rigged health exploitation. From the looks of things, Trump is about to have the Temple pulled down on the heads soon. https://ny.curbed.com/2015/9/30/9916096/world-trade-center-philippe-petit-the-walk?fbclid=IwAR3ohTAqchYdqBDBeH7yBFQfY18c1cGcWHeQQ8h3yB_ZjSkXtAkHW2SqadA 1 Like
  6. The real analysis shows a shot from behind moves JFK's head forward a frame or two, and the temple flap pops off and the bullet's exit plinks the inner windshield left of RV mirror. This Nicoletti from Dal-Tex. Then the Grassy Knoll shot hit above the temple at hair line, rips a 7 inch defect along top of skull and pops up a large skull area under the cow lick at rear of head. Fills the rear scalp zone with brain mush and blood. That is the massive rear-ward motion that shows up predominately. This James Files and the 223 Remington's work. JFK was dead at those two shots in close order firing times. Ruby's Ginacana Shooter's got their revenge on JFK. But the LHO execution took a couple days longer.
  7. Sinister Secrets, Murders, Crimes Against Humanity---> The Oak Ridge real Secret City History of Murder via Deceit and Treachery To put the Oak Ridge, AMA/Pharma, and religious cover ups on Deuterium into perspective---this is a part of their sinister history. Back in the Summer of 1963, Oak Ridge and the USAEC hated JFK for cooperation with Russia on ended Atmospheric nuclear testing----which is a huge deuterium release issue. Oak Ridge was planning to have Jack Ruby and his Mafia Pals kill JFK in LBJ dominated Dallas Texas over the end of Atmospheric tests and that JFK knew about nuke Dangers. Add into this equation that in New Orleans folks were working on a cancer vaccine with Dr Alton Oschner and Dr Mary Sherman and they knew well Harold Urey, the guy that isolated deuterium in 1931 and won a Nobel in 1934. Cancers always involve too much deuterium in cells along with too low pH or acid pH that enables cancer virus. Public Health was screwed up by a Green Monkey derived Polio Virus called SV-40 that is a cancer maker in human cells. So, in New Orleans there was this study to see if they can make a cancer vaccine, which did not work. As that effort was turning sour they decided to use a mutated and potentiated SV-40 cancer virus using a nuke accelerator in New Orleans. Working on this project for the CIA to kill Castro with cancer was Dr. Alton Oschner, Dr. Mary Sherman and various technical help from David Ferrie with CIA ties, then technical help with Judyth Baker, and JFK Spy named Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald came to the deuterium capital of Oak Ridge in the Summer of 1963 to learn how to activate the SV-40 super virus in their target Fidel Castro. This involved learning how to lower body cell pH and load up the cells with deuterium. At that point, Oak Ridge gave Lee Harvey Oswald all the knowledge for deuterium and low pH to make the SV-40 cancer killer virus work for the CIA New Orleans plot to kill off Castro. It was not long before they found that Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent for JFK and RFK on the area of CIA and Mafia operations and they just gave up their deepest darkest secrets on deuterium and health to JFK and RFK. This would soon mean the total elimination of nuke weapons and many nuclear projects in the next JFK term. It was Doomsday for Oak Ridge and Nuke weapons and JFK suddenly became the USAEC's enemy number one. ORNL's plot to kill JFK in Dallas involved an ORNL Masonic person that hated Catholic JFK named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. He was in the Army Air Core with Jacob Rubenstein or Jack Ruby after he changed his name in Dallas. Ruby was an extreme Zionists getting nuke secrets from the US to build Israel's Dimona Reactor and Plutonium weapons program. Zionist Jack Ruby was also close to Zionist Texas Masonic Lyndon Johnson and the entire Dallas Zionist backing that included Masonic Abe Zapruder in Dallas. Collectively they along with member of CIA, Joint Chiefs, USAEC, DISC, and others hated JFK with a passion for finding out the deuterium secrets and its connections with ancient religion. Plus, how that linked with USAEC and Rockefeller medicines health racketeering on hiding deuterium. It was the super secret Masonic ORNL led plot to kill JFK in Dallas that went full power in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963 and killed JFK then and Lee Oswald two days later on national TV via Jack Ruby trying to cover up for LBJ and the Zionist weapons programs as well as the AMA deuterium cover up money machine of death by deuterium overloading. Basically, ORNL's Masonic Raymond W. Tucker, Sr talked Jack Ruby into becoming a Zionist Tough Guy to kill JFK in Dallas using his old Chicago Mafia JFK hating Pal Ginacana and his hit men named Charles Nicoletti, James Files, and his pal Marlow. Nicoletti shot from Zapruder's Dal-Tex Building and Files from behind the Grassy Knoll fence. Two shots hit JFK in the head at nearly the same time and Jack Ruby thought he was about to become a Hero for LBJ and Dallas Zionism. But LHO escaped being killed by LBJ hit man in the TSBD, and LHO knew everything, plus he was JFK and RFK planted agent. It came down to RUBY was ordered to kill LHO in lock up or they would kill Ruby for the botched hit that would hang huge numbers of JFK conspirators. The rest is history, and the motives were USAEC's deuterium cover up as well as religions deuterium cover ups. Deuterium secrets killed JFK and many others via keeping deuterium heath secrets, even those in everyone's own families. Hence, even the JFK hit involves Crimes Against Humanity and Heavily Oak Ridge and USAEC. Like Comment Share
  8. The truth on JFK runs deep and is extremely complicated---no author to date has even come close to the truth on JFK's hit. The JFK hit was and still is a National Security issue related to deuterium knowledge and uses to kill Castro via cancer. As such, the USAEC, CIA, Mafia, and DISC/Div5 were all in on the hit to kill both LHO and JFK to maintain concealment of multiple deuterium issues highly related to the USAEC's special compartmentalized and extremely sensitive knowledge regarding deuterium. Deuterium has a long history related to religions and once exposed would dethrone all Royals akin to dependency from King David's ancestry. As such one finds English Zionist despots like Louis Bloomfield in the DISC mix. The origin of the kill LHO and JFK plot originates in Oak Ridge's National Laboratory in Summer of '63 and a Mason named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. who was in the military with Jack Ruby, and motivated Ruby to use his Mafia and CIA connections to kill LHO and JFK to support Zionism and Royalism and protect jobs on Oak Ridge. Tucker's father was TVA and that related to long history of DISC connections, TVA, NASA, USAEC, and so on. Ruby was also highly involved Dallas Zionists and with LBJ's protection of Zionist issues, which led to LBJ's complicity with the JFK/LHO hits as well as the WC cover up on the hits and the protection of USAEC's deuterium secrets to protect Royalist and Zionists. The issues involving the JFK hit run as deep as the Deep State issues that Trump is encountering as to the extent of Treason, Insurrection, and subterfuge that Trump is cleaning out these days. JFK intended to do the same type clean outs.
  9. Posner is a posing. Because all that backed WC, backed the conspiracy involving lots of higher ups. As Dylan's verse comes out and Vincent comes alive-----the Poser see bars in their futures. imho
  10. It just gets more interesting----looks like the real deal on the JFK hit might soon become apparent around the world https://beachbroadcast.com/articles/f/timber-trumps-powerful-speech-deal-done
  11. 17 minutes run time song---sounds like his longest ever production. 17 min ---> 17 th letter ----> Symbolism
  12. Looks like Garrson found out that Jack Ruby was right in the middle of the JFK hit formulation and was the controller for LHO in Dallas. More than likely while Dorothy K was down in New Orleans in 1965 she found out this same level of information, for which she was targeted for death also. She was so panic'd over the New Orleans visit she sent her hair dresser friend back quickly and told him to not even admit he was there with her, as what she found out they might kill her over. Fits the scoop that I got in Nov 22 63. Ruby was solicited by ORNL person named Raymod W. Tucker, Sr. because the USAEC was upset that JFK made deal with Russia for atmospheric test ban and the plot was evidenced to LHO when he came to Oak Ridge in late July 63 as part of the kill Castro CIA planning, which fell apart in the end. LHO was the mole in the system that knew too much and had to be taken out along with JFK. To satisfy the USAEC deals to keep JFK from ending Nuke Weapons in his 2nd term, the attack had to be directed at JFK and Not RFK to avoid the hit on the USAEC again. Jack Ruby was big pals with Castro, which might be why the kill Castro plot failed as the Mafis/Ruby wanted Points with Castro for various reasons to help the Mafia/
  13. Some of the things about why JFK was killed and not RFK relate back to the original Manhattan Project history and the extremes of security allowed by FDR and the MED security. We hear a lot about the Russian Spies like Greenglass, George Koval, and the Rosenbergs, but zero about Germany's spies in the US. The Manhattan Project was all around New York City and New York State as it was developed and the Germans were all over these areas as the BUND groups. Russian Spies, like Koval, stole all the US secrets for the Atomic Bombs and the Russians had their own in 1949 or so. All the extensive security failed to detect Koval until it was way too late and he escaped to Russia and died a National Hero there. FDR had two different attitudes for Germans Vs Russians, as one was the enemy and the other the Ally. FDR liked Stalin and had big plans with them after the war to eliminate Colonialism. FDR's Son tells the story in is book "As He Saw It" Eisenhower was allowed to starve 2 million German POW's to death after the war. This same deal went down inside the US as the MED in Plainfield, NJ under Army's Ralph M. Lockhart ran a deal with the Mafia to kill the Germans too close to any of the Manhattan Project areas in and around New York. They were killed by the Mafia via a Murder, Inc type deal between the MED and the Mafia to be free of prosecution for many of their operations in return for the off the record murders for several thousand German suspected spies around the Manhattan Project's super classified and military guarded areas. The Manhattan Project just had these people killed and maintain no records. This was all kept hidden via FBI's Div 5 and the Military's "Defense Intelligence Security Command" that had lots of Mafia connections. The Mafia deals and the DISC were alive and well with the kill Castro Project in New Orleans and the switch to kill JFK for them was just one more person added to the thousand long list of those murdered to protect the Manhattan Project's very existence in WWII. Oak Ridge knew all about how the Project was Protected in WWII from the Germans and all they did was set up the same deal using ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. to get Jack Ruby as CIA/Mafia to head up the kill JFK in Dallas deal that began due to JFK's relationship with Russia to gain the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty and in his next term to basically eliminate nuke weapons and the USAEC's atomic weapons. All Oak Ridge did was to use their extensive connections to keep these more recent cut out operations totally dark, and they went into hyper-drive as they discovered that Lee Harvey Oswald was a triple agent and one was an agent for JFK/RFK. The USAEC knew its Goose was cooked unless they got their kill JFK plan into full action and use that to try to force a "Missile Gap" attack upon Russia to settle the emerging Cold War. JFK was killed by the same extremes for murder that protected the Manhattan Project's existence in WWII, and the same methods were used to protect any knowledge for deuterium and its health and religious issues against JFK using that information to kill the Manhattan Project as the USAEC that used the same extreme methods to kill JFK and LHO at the same time to seal up the deuterium issues from becoming public from the CIA's cancer project in New Orleans against Castro. So, what happened after the CIA and Ruby connected killers from Giancana's CIA connections killed JFK was the big game with Hoover and the Warren Commission to make a Fake News Report to conceal that LHO was trying to protect JFK and the corrupt FBI via Hoover, Div 5, and DISC short circuited LHO and framed LHO to attempt to start a Missile Gap War with Russia's nuke weapons. Most all that know the history of the Manhattan Project know that system was what designed the kill JFK deal and the big deal they wanted to protect was the very existence of deuterium and its serious health issues linked to nuke weapons productions and uses. There are a thousand JFK assassination books written to help confuse the public on what was behind the JFK hit and those that did it and backed it for the Nuke Weapons programs. The JFK hit is obvious when one recognizes the nuke project declared JFK as their enemy and they had him and LHO killed. It is very simple to take note that the US reported none of the German Spies, as they were all killed on the spot, no trials, no disclosures. There were thousands of German Spies and all cover up. JFK was just one more killed via the same system used in WWII against German Spies. It is pretty obvious that JFK had a Standoff going with the Zionist on Nuke Bomb Proliferation, but the Bigger Standoff that took JFK out was the one against the USAEC and their large connections and Zionist sympathy issues. JFK and LHO knew of the Deuterium risks issues and that got them both silenced. As Deuterium was involved, Oak Ridge was the leader for the JFK hit using Ruby. The Manhattan Project had no qualms about killing thousands to keep their secrets in WWII, and for them JFK and LHO were just two more risks neutralized.
  14. This author makes some interesting observations for his level of knowledge. Deals like why did the Mafia not just kill RFK. The problem was JFK went after and got deep into USAEC issues and they started the hit out of Oak Ridge and their Raymond W Tucker, Sr contact with Jack Ruby. The USAEC design targeted JFK to avoid more nuke weapons project shut down issues: The JFK hit cannot be solved without the USAEC factors and deuterium cover up effects being fully acknowledged. Comment for video: ==== Hi Mark, Dorothy was hot on the trail of Ruby and the Mafia that would show up their backers, which was the USAEC and their needs to cover up deuterium and cancer issues. In Oak Ridge, lots of us knew what happened. JFK and RFK hired LHO when he came back from Russia from his False Defector ONI program that flopped. So, LHO becomes an RFK / JFK agent to plug into the New Orleans area to look into the CIA's efforts to kill Castro invented by Dr. Alton Oschrner using SV-40 and deuterium. Oschner knew lots of the Manhattan Project folks including Harold Urey and that deuterium was connected with cancers. As LHO was hired by the CIA as a courier for that CIA project he came to Oak Ridge to learn more on deuterium and cancers. There he learned the Oak Ridge gang hated JFK over the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty and that was going to turn into nuke weapons bans in his second term. They wanted him dead and that is why JFK was the principle target and not RFK. How they planned to get rid of JFK was being set up for Dallas and use the LBJ pal Jack Ruby and his Chicago Mafia connections. Ruby was the CIA and Mob Point Man in Dallas and the principle LHO handler to get him set up. Since the CIA cancer project to kill Castro involved LHO and he learned about deuterium, then it is a short run to connect Oschner, the top Manhattan Project deuterium person Harold Urey and not only could JFK cut the CIA into a Million Pieces, JFK could wipe out the USAEC and Atomic weapons for good in his next term. Ruby was backed by USAEC and his contact in Oak Ridge was ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. That backing included FBI Div 5, the DISC and Louis Bloomfiled and lots more in the CIA, These are all now the Deep State and why the Deep State is so Democratic in criminal games against trump. Dorothy only spotted Ruby and the Mob, but the Mob was backed by the CIA in Chicago, which is where Ruby's Giancana killers came from. Lots of the crooks ran the Warren Report and the huge snow job on the public. That was an early Deep State fabrication, and now those same methods are after Trump with more fake news made by the News sources owned by Dem interests. Go beyond Dorothy and the top of the line is the hit was directed for USAEC security on deuterium issues related to nuclear weapons production and weapons use issues. LHO knew too much on deuterium and cancer, and LHO worked for JFK/RFK and that information could end the USAEC's Nuke weapons in the JFK next term. So, JFK had to be the main hit and then the agent that game JFK his information----LHO. So, they got both and tried to frame up LHO as Russian to get a hit on Russia over the Missile Gap time frame to get the JCS backing for taking out JFK. All the dots connect, but you are too low in the chain to solve the hit with just Dorothy and her Ruby leads.
  15. A document that well supports the Zack Sheldon's finding from Lenny Patrick and that the real story of CIA involved Chicago Mob helped Dallas Point Man Jack Ruby get rid of JFK for LBJ and Zionism's want of a nuclear bomb It cannot be hidden----as the same story keeps showing up: Interesting radio observations by AF1 technician: There were multiple shooters supplied by the Giancana Mob and headed up by Jack Ruby in Dallas. The kill JFK plot did involved the Giancana Chicago Mafia. Seems LBJ had an SS Agent that knew too much.
  16. Well, in the Nuke Business the way to set off cancer is deuterium's magic to cause rapid cell division https://www.ddcenters.com/conditions-cancer-2-2-2/?fbclid=IwAR0AGf2qZIHRGhBQP3aZQ5I8J0DAGmSDOqBnVe_9a83EQfBDT_no8RSGSV0 The very heart for the "Population Control" deal is all about deuterium and the massive cover up about it. The levels of deuterium in the food chain have been allowed to rise to the point of setting off high rates of pandemic illnesses like cancers, diabetes, and others that all link back to mitochondria energy level damage processes. Cracking the JFK case that involves the deuterium cover up now affects almost every person on planet Earth. The cover up of the huge levels of illness that the deuterium cover up involves is massive profits for the AMA and Big Pharma that all helped the nuke projects conceal and hide deuterium's notorious health damage effects to the mitochondria ATP synthase process. Now, finding the main deal for the JFK hit affects the lives of millions. Keep missing the main motive on the JFK hit, at the peril of millions. It has already become mysteriously expensive and cost huge numbers of lives.
  17. Deuterium is a known way to induce cancers. It is part of the Manhattan Project. Deuterium was part of the kill Castro with SV-40 and deuterium to boost lactic acid in cells to feed cancer virus rapid replication. Forrestal got into it with Truman over the need to nuke Japan and that got Forrestal killed by Manhattan Project hit to protect Truman's deals to cover up lots of Manhattan Project dirty deeds in the war using the Mafia to kill BUND operatives. Leader for that operation was Truman pal Ralph M Lockhart working out of Plainfield, NJ for the MED top security. That was backed by FBI Div 5 and DISC and involved Louis Bloomfield that would be involved in keeping deuterium knowledge suppressed.. Persons like Forrestal being Catholic did not get along with Harry Truman and his deals. Those deals then got into the JFK deal with LHO acting as their spy on Mafia and CIA operations. Again Deuterium got into these operations. And both LHO and JFK had to be silenced over Manhattan Project knowledge supression..
  18. Like it of not---Many things are obvious---Forrestal was Murdered and was close with JFK. Forrrestal was a big enemy of Harry Truman and Truman had an Army MED pal named Ralph M. Lockhart that ran the Manhattan Project's Security with a Murder, Inc type deal with the Mafia to kill suspected NAZI Spies to keep the New York based project super secret. The Jewish Mafia's favorite way to kill folks was to toss them out a high window and this is how Catholic Forrestal was murdered. Then, as these factors got into JFK, it was Zionist Jack Ruby and his backer Zionist LBJ that were in the high command for the JFK hit in Dallas .. . JFK and LHO crossed into another Manhattan Project super secret linked to deuterium and cancers and other illnesses tied to nuclear projects. Using LHO as their spy, JFK had both the CIA and the USAEC caught in a plot to kill Castro with Cancer mechanism using deuterium, which was an International War Crime and JFK could break the CIA and the USAEC. JFK wanted to kill the Nuke Projects in his next term and JFK faced the same enemy deals as Forrestal in many ways. It is very likely that JFK knew that Forrestal's battle with Mason Harry Truman was part of why JFK attacked the Masonic controlled White House under Truman in his Secret Society speech as he intended to avenge his Catholic friend James Forrestal. It is also likely that JFK knew there were MED/USAEC connections involved as Forrestal was against Nuking Japan and had set up a Japan surrender using the Catholic Church connections in Japan and their connections to the Japan High Command. As a haunting reminder of this Murder, the DOE building (aka former USAEC) in DC was named the Forrestal Building. https://www.unz.com/article/fifteen-years-before-kennedy-zionists-murdered-forrestal/
  19. The Deepest Secret of the Manhattan Project and the later USAEC was deuterium's effects on heath, and the dangers from it. The heart of the CIA / USAEC cancer plot to kill Castro with cancer was part SV-40 and that driven by Deuterium and make rapid growth tumors that will kill someone in a month. Oak Ridge was the center for Health Physics for the Manhattan Project and knows a lot about deuterium. Oak Ridge is also the storage area for deuterium weapon's parts as well as their fabrication from Heavy Water. When Lee Oswald came to Oak Ridge in July of 63 they gave him the knowledge of deuterium to push cancers set off by SV-40 seeded into the body. They also told him the USAEC and Oak Ridge hated JFK for stopping the Atmospheric Weapons testing over Sr-90 and CS-137 health effects and they did not want him to know the deuterium health effects for fear he would shut down all atomic energy. While the CIA / USAEC were behind knocking off Castro with these special methods, after that failed they went after LHO and JFK as they knew way too much about the biggest health effect in the world that kills Millions and Millions and is used for basically racketeering by the AMA and Big Pharma. Basically, since the CIA / USAEC knew how to make cancer into a biological weapon, they know how to stop cancers with low deuterium nutritional methods. It has taken a long time to get the deuterium health pathology into the public and out from behind the fences, but now the data, research, and hard sciences are there in public view. And along with this in public view----so is the principle motive that Oak Ridge / USAEC worked with Jack Ruby in Dallas to have his old Chicago CIA connected gang have JFK killed and push in LBJ to cover everything up. Citation: "What Deuterium Does in Cancer Metabolism. Almost everyone knows that cancer cells need carbs (sugar) to grow. What most don't know is that it's not actually the carbs themselves but the deuterium on the carbs. The metabolism of both normal and cancer cells use the hydrogens from the food we eat to make energy using the tiny nanomotors in our mitochondria. But these delicate motors are broken when they use deuterium rather than hydrogen as fuel. Normal cells become cancerous by switching to alternative metabolic pathways to make the energy they need. The problem is that cancer cells need a lot more "fuel" because, unlike normal cells, they're "always" growing, dividing, and making more cancer cells! Having high levels of deuterium is literally like pouring gas into your cancer's fuel tank." ======= Source: https://www.ddcenters.com/conditions-cancer-2-2-2/
  20. Jack Ruby was a very hot headed and easily steered Zionist for the USAEC in Oak Ridge to manipulate into have Jack Ruby set up JFK and LHO in Dallas using Ruby old Chicago Mafia and CIA connected pals. Ruby had all kinds of paranoid thinking and the need to be special, but that did not work out so well for him. There were lots trying to cover up that Ruby was the Point Man for the Dallas hit and that Ruby had deep Mafia connections, What is more the Dallas gang was very close to JE Hoover and had deep intelligence on everything JFK was planning and LBJ had the power to pull JFK into a crossfire in Dallas and then get that WC cover up and fake news made to his order. Ruby was played as easy as Sir Han and his religious extremism. All they had to do is spot a hot headed religious extreme person and play things up into a frenzy. Ruby had played the El Charro folks before so they made sure to have strong leverage against Ruby by getting the Ad signed by a Jewish Person named Bernard Weissman, which was intended to put Ruby in tail spin of how easily he could be given up and hanged for killing JFK. Ruby was in a frenzy over that ad with the Jewish Name signed to it. By the time that Ruby saw that Weissman ad, all was done and with that ad it prevented Ruby from trying to toss blame on the Texas Oil Gang and the Masons, so Merchison and Hoover had their protections in place and the ad paid with Hunt money. Hunt was NAZI leaning and Ruby would have been likely to try to screw them, and that blocked any ideas he might get to do that. Ruby knew he was had with no place to toss blames without totally screwing up Zionists and making his worst fears happen. ====== Major Points: Back to 63, and the Ruby games for insanity that failed. The meaning of "Hillel" in Jewish Jaffee is Mason Clint Murchison's Lawyer. Many exposing Jack Ruby and suppressed information. Mason Clint Murchison and Mason JE Hoover and the bigger plotting from Del Mar. Hoover's admission about the Govt would crumble. How they obtained high level intelligence on the Kennedys. Citations Who was the Dallas connection? “His name was Jaffe,” Silverman says today. “Morris Jaffe. And he was not a member of the congregation. He was in a reform congregation, but his brother was in the congregation. But he had many, many friends, and he arranged for me to have an interview. So, I’m forever indebted to Eddie.” In the small world that was Dallas, Jaffe was one of Del Charro owner Clint Murchison’s lawyers. ------- “Can you tell us something that the Taalmood teaches?” the neighbors’ lawyer asked Silverman. “I thought, here we go. I’ll fix them.” Silverman quoted his namesake, the ancient Jewish sage Hillel: ‘That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man. That is the entire Torah. The rest is commentary.’” -------- “Byars’ son Billy Jr., who was a student in the early sixties, saw Edgar at Del Charro the following summer. ‘I was there for one or two weeks,’ Byars recalled in 1988. “‘They would eat together, my father, Murchison and Hoover, and the others. Hoover seemed to be in a very strange frame of mind. He was having a better relationship with Johnson. Evidently, than he had with President Kennedy —by a long shot. “‘His relationship with Bobby Kennedy had apparently almost driven him over the edge. He used to talk about that constantly, and once I had the chance to ask him directly about the assassination. “‘I asked him, “Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald did it?” And he stopped and he looked at me for quite a long time. Then he said. “If I told you what I really know, it would be very dangerous to this country. Our whole political system could be disrupted.”’ “’That’s all he said, and I could see he wasn’t about to say any more.’” ------------- Crume’s boss is Morning News publisher E.M. “Ted” Dealey, who hates the Kennedys, famously telling the president to his face at an October 1961 White House reception, “We need a man on horseback to lead this nation —and many people in Texas and the Southwest think that you are riding Caroline’s tricycle.” Dealey approved the running of an angry, black-bordered full-page advertisement the morning of the assassination that accused Kennedy of being soft on communism and worse. It was headlined: “Welcome, Mr. Kennedy, to Dallas.” ----------- https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2013/nov/20/cover-kennedy-assassination-last-insider/#
  21. There was a lot of murders to silence all connected with the JFK hit in Dallas. Lots of the Chicago Mobs top players for the CIA were murdered: Jack Ruby, Sam Giancana, Chuck Nicoletti, John Roselli all killed ahead of having to testify---all connected with the CIA's cut out killers. Earlier, David Ferrie in New Orleans, the Mary Sherman, then LHO---all involved in the CIA kill Castro with SV-40 and deuterium methods. Then the leaks about Ruby being the CIA / Mob point man in Dallas gets Dorothy Kilgallen killed and her trusted best friend. And then the source of the WC leak New Orleans Hale Boggs is killed in plane crash. There was more than 100 folks killed trying to clean up the leaks on the JFK hit, the CIA kill Castro Cancer Project, the USAEC connections with deuterium and cancer and lots more. There are interesting survivors of the mess. James Files and his pal Marlow, then Marcello, then Judy Baker, Dr Oschner, et al Then more recent leaks show that Jack Ruby was bragging about the JFK hit in Dallas and invited a pal to watch JFK get his brains blown out Citation: “The informant stated that on the morning of the assassination, Ruby contacted him and asked if he would ‘like to watch the fireworks,'” reads an FBI record dated April 6, 1977. “He was with Jack Ruby and standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the Texas School Book Depository Building at the time of the shooting. Immediately after the shooting, Ruby left and headed toward the area of the Dallas Morning News Building,” the document continues. https://nypost.com/2017/11/18/jack-ruby-watched-jfk-get-assassinated/ Many things are obvious as to the motives and what is even more obvious is 99.9 % of the books written on JFK totally miss the mark of what occurred completely. Now the issues of deuterium in pushing cancers along via setting up rapid cell divisions and making the low pH needed for cancer virus to take are in the public sciences. Now, the pattern of those killed points to those involved as well as those that got very close to the real deal on the big wants to have JFK killed over Testing Ban, Nuke Proliferation, covering up the serous health effects of deuterium. Even Ruby tells his Rabbi that the reason he killed LHO was "for the Jewish people", which is about his Zionism interests and pushing in LBJ to proliferated nuke weapons and keep the lid on the huge health issues associated with deuterium in causing cancers and many other illnesses that are now at epidemic rates. The Sniffing out of JFK now affects almost everyone's health in the US over the huge cover up of deuterium rapid cell division issues that drive tumors and that is breaks the ATP Synthase and results in low cell pH that hosts cancer virus and many more pathogens that set off these pandemic illness issues in the population. What Ruby helped to cover up on Cancers, et al, kills Jews as well as others-----millions suffered from the deuterium's cover up on its role for health. Citation I interrupted Silverman, pointing out that other reports had Ruby saying he did it “to show that Jews had guts.” The rabbi sighed. “Yes, he mentioned that,” Silverman said. “But I don’t like to mention it. I think he said, ‘I did it for the Jewish people.’ But I’ve tried to wipe that statement from my mind.” https://forward.com/news/187793/lee-harvey-oswalds-killer-jack-ruby-came-from-stro/ Way back in 1963 on 22nd Nov., I learned that Oak Ridge had played a role in the kill Castro methods and that Oak Ridge was in deep trouble and one of the USAEC folks got Jack Ruby to kill JFK and save Oak Ridge. That principle motive bloomed into many others that are why all have been so concealed and many have lied in the extreme to cover it all up. Many know exactly what really occurred that day.
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