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  1. I guess the book never was released? I can't find it on Amazon....no updates on his FB page. I also find it interesting the username he chose for his FB profile. "Wheelman1963" Wondering if he's implying something...or just having a laugh?
  2. Yeah...it was either in Weisberg or Malcom Blunts...can't remember which. I didn't realize he was gay too til halfway through, or the accent may have been more Joe Exotic-like.
  3. *Bows* Thank you very much! As for Nagell, he's a very odd fellow. It's obvious from his dealings with Garrison's guys that he was either a paranoid schizophrenic or playing the role convincingly. Reading his various correspondence it's clear he was a very intelligent man, and knew the laws and legal system very well. He also claimed alot, but never produced anything. I even did a show about him called "The Man Who Claimed Too Much"...Lol
  4. This is some fodder for perusal.... http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/H Disk/Hall Loran Eugene/ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tQE0ik-3oribP187Nhwgr2lx2Z-hRxVn This is what you asked about....You'll have to print it out to mark it up.... https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=60422#relPageId=1&tab=page
  5. Amateurs would say at a glance, this is a perfect match. But if we are being honest here, the hairline is different. As we get older hairlines recede...not procede. The noses are way different...Bush's honker is way more pointy and prominent...the chins don't match unless the picture is fuzzed out. The proof lies in the William Allen photo series this "Bush" image was extracted from. His set of photos depicts the scene around the TSBD after the assassination. https://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?album=37&pos=41 This is the original image the figure is pulled from, and searching his entire set H.H. Davis is the match for who this figure is.
  6. It's in Barbara's 1994 autobiography, substantiated with a picture taken by an attendee. The trim of the interior decoration matches the Blackstone Hotel Conference Room in Tyler, Texas. How bout you post one iota of proof, evidence, or documentation Poppy Bush worked for the CIA in 1963. You know maybe he was a super secret spy part time running a Dealey Plaza hit team when he wasn't being chairman of the Houston Republican Party, running for Senate, fathering 3 or 4 kids, and being CEO of Zapata Off-Shore Drilling.
  7. Bush may have said he didn't remember where he was on 11/22/63, but his wife does. It's laid out quite nicely in her auto biography as she states her husband was running for a senate seat and was also chairman of the Harris County Republican Party. That day Bush was speaking at a luncheon at the Kiwanis Club in Tyler, TX and photographed doing so...credit Steve Roe. Kinda hard to be in two places at once..and he's not wearing a checkered suit jacket that day.
  8. C'mon Joe....murdering the POTUS in broad daylight sitting next to his wife is a little different than covert ops in a foreign country. You'll never be able to convince anyone with backside photos. How may guys in 1963 wore dark suits? Lots of cops, newsmen, business men...I mean look at detectives, look at Altgens, look at Zapruder, look at Roy Truly...it was a different time. How many had the same hairstyle? A ton! Stance and gait mean nothing when a person is caught mid-stride...it's a split second in time of a lot of moving parts when a person is walking. As for Prouty, he wouldn't be the first person to "embellish" his close brush with history for his own benefit. He has provably provided false and disinformation, and admitted the truth to the ARRB. Yet in his books, talks, and Oliver Stone's ear he says something totally different. I wouldn't put it past him to falsify a letter if he felt it gave him credibility in what he was saying.
  9. Welll, the letter was typed, crappy typed letterhead, signatures are easily faked...so why didn't Prouty turn his letter over to the ARRB? They were collecting documents.... The audio is very convincing...and again, who really thinks the recently retired General Ed Lansdale, would be in Dealey Plaza right after the assassination went down, and allow himself to be photographed? Do you realize how many newsmen and onlookers had video and film cameras that day? He'd have to be the dumbest General ever in the history of the United States. If he planned or took part in this at all, he wouldn't be anywhere near Dealey Plaza, let alone dare being seen and photographed walking in front of the TSBD. Seriously...how hard is that to comprehend?
  10. Email me at thelonegunmanpodcast@gmail.com I'd be happy to send it you Joe. And yes, the similarities between Baker and Prouty are striking...Judy just hasn't given up the goat yet like Prouty did.
  11. So let me get this "Niederhut Methodology" of research down...if someone wrote something in a book, then it is an irrefutable fact. if someone says something with no documentation or proof, then it is an irrefutable fact. Despite said subject contradicting everything he has ever said, ever wrote, ever alleged...he wrote it in a book so that negates everything he said to an official government funded document review board. Key witnesses like Col. Reich, Lansdale, and Krulak...yes Krulak (Courtesy of Bart Kamp, I have a 10 minute interview done with Krulak in which he does not support Prouty's theory of Lansdale in Dealey Plaza...called it kooky) But none of that matters because the guy wrote a book. Gotcha...duly noted.
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