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  1. Greg, Thank you for posting something worth thinking over, rather than just a hand out of insults. I will certainly give this some thought. That was the purpose of my post. I have for most of my time looked into the ballistics of the case, and am really looking into other areas. This is new ground for me, and your thoughtful reply was appreciated. Mike That was the purpose of your post? Really??? You create a thread Why would anyone believe Jim Garrison, the one calling Jim Garrison a child molester!! Come on Mike....you can do better than this.
  2. Why am I not surprised Robert replies to this. Right up your ally Robert.....trolls bring out freaks!!
  3. I dont know why you would say that. Pat Lambert makes a pretty compelling case. Have you read he book? First, why I would say that, you have no purpose here other than to stir the pot. You have NO interest in this at all. Second, yes, I have read the book. What makes this book more credible than others that have been mentioned in your other xxxxx thread?
  4. Great. You solved it. Now you can go back to watching television. Now I don't need to read any more books!! Sorry Larry, I don't think I'll be ordering your 2nd edition of "Someone Would Have Talked" .
  5. Thanks Michael. Looks interesting. I've got 5 books coming for my Christmas gifts from my family. I'm definitely going to have some great reading material for the winter.
  6. Johnny Bench...In my opinion the glue of the "Big Red Machine". I met him at a charity golf tournament here locally several years back. Very polite and well spoken and he could hit a golf ball a mile!!!!
  7. Just want to add a few.... Jimmy Buffet John Prine Steve Goodman and of course Lennon & McCartney
  8. John, I've got two of the four. The other two are on my wish list at Amazon. I'm still debating on the first hand accounts.
  9. Thank you so much for all your replies. I've shown my wife my 'wish list' on Amazon. I picked up my first two books this morning. "Silent Coup" and "Destiny Betrayed". "Secret Agenda" is on the list. I'm not sure if I'm going to get any of the "first hand accounts" of any of the gentlemen listed. Although I very much respect the opinion of Pat Speer as I've read many of his posts here and on Lancer, I'm not sure the first hand accounts would be very factual, considering where they are coming from. Again, thank you for the recommendations. Pat
  10. Thank you Michael. I have ordered "The Yankee and the Cowboy War" I'll look at the others after the holidays. Shipping this time of year takes too long!! Pat
  11. Mr. Simkin, I hope these "rumors" about you do not change the way you run these forums. I've only been a member for a couple of days, but I've been reading them for a long time. The unbelievable wealth of knowlege I've gained on these forums is amazing!! I thank you for all your hard work. Pat
  12. Could any of you recommend books about Watergate? I've learned quite a bit just reading here on this forum, but, I have to share this computer with my kids who think they have to do their homework on it!!! I've already ordered Silent Coup. I just need a few more suggestions. Thanks for any help. Pat
  13. Great work Mr. Speer!! (Just a thought, invest in some sunglasses!! It looked pretty bright where you were)
  14. Hi Larry, I have your first edition of "Someone Would Have Talked" in which a CD was included. (That's a great source). I was wondering if this second edition was going to have a CD also? Thanks for all your hard work. Pat
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