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  1. what I have a problem with Dave is that during all the so called `moon landings`the astronauts were hit several times by high energy particles (re: the flashes in eyes)but the cameras managed to evade being hit even on the more exposed lunar surface where we know high energy interactions take place. Now that I just dont get.
  2. Also - new techniques have been developed that enable scientists to test the interaction of various types of ionising radiation on human flesh, as opposed to a blanket figure in rads. I think that is what part of the proposed British lunar trip (Moonraker) will do - use new techniques to analyse lunar radiation more accurately than they could in the 1960's. Dave! I wonder weather these `new techniques` will also analyse the effects of radiation on kodak film after all nasa claims the film they used is impervious to a range of different radiations and a very wide range of temperature variatio
  3. Thanx for keeping us updated on this case Sid, as with all these `terror scares`braught to us courtesy of the intelligence services & media; when they are scrutinised carfully there is no substance and no foundation other than assertion and hype. The only evidence you need is to point to the track record, there is precedent here and the `mo` is always the same: anounce the case with an explosion of hype and fanfair and then quietly forget when nothing sticks with an explosion of silence; this is just another hoax in a long list of terror hoaxes like the `bombing of Old Trafford`hoax, the `
  4. John, I think truthful objectivity should be applied to all subjects equally, its extremely important that scolarship have the freedom to investigate historical events and draw conclusions from the evidence they uncover. People who want to clarify history by going back over events to see if maybe a different interpretation holds should be able to do so without being villified or labeled or mollested by the powers that be for trespassing on their statements of historical fact. History by definition is revision and as more understanding accrues and more evidence comes to light historians are
  5. Steven...the plane yous show is the United Airlines plane from the second hit, if I recall right. The AA plane Flight 11, was first to hit and was not clearly photographed. Though both were Boeings, the underside configuration was different. Jack Its all so confusing Jack, I mean the second plane to hit the towers, I cant tell one from the other.
  6. I think this site explains it quite well: http://www.questionsquestions.net/WTC/pod.html Evan! I dont think that link explains anything; it tries to make it all sound so plausible but fails misserably; where it says that the head on view shows no pod, what has actually happened is that the view is casting too much shadow to make out anything really, but he has pointed out a bulge that clearly must be the pod when juxtaposed with the other views; pointing an arrow at it and calling it `end of fuselage`doesnt make it not a pod. When John Gotti went to court during his criminal career he had a
  7. This is a picture of the plane that hit ww2, the red arrows show the length of the engine mounting fin and the black shows the distance between the fuselage and engine: as you can see from this photo the plane appears to have 2 left handed engines attached. Is this normal practice at AA? There is also a bulge on the fuselage.....could this be a missile pop as others believe?
  8. As already pointed out* the impact the towers were meant to survive was much weaker than the ones that occurred on 9/11 and things don’t always work as planned. Do you think the Titanic and the terminal at DeGaulle were sabotaged as well? Yeah right, then how do you account for the collapse of building 7 that sustained no impact? So you don’t think 4000 ton floors crashing on to each other would make loud noises resembling explosions? No I think they would make loud rumbling and crashing sounds; I think explosives would make a sound resembling explosions. Not “every bit of concrete” was
  9. As already pointed out* the impact the towers were meant to survive was much weaker than the ones that occurred on 9/11 and things don’t always work as planned. Do you think the Titanic and the terminal at DeGaulle were sabotaged as well? Yeah right, then how do you account for the collapse of building 7 that sustained no impact? So you don’t think 4000 ton floors crashing on to each other would make loud noises resembling explosions? No I think they would make loud rumbling and crashing sounds; I think explosives would make a sound resembling explosions. Not “every bit of concrete” was
  10. The arms `industry`is like the car industry: you have the big dealerships selling the latest models to drop of the production line and politicians breaking the law to do fleet deals with the scum of the earth occasionally offering their rear ends in gratification whilst proffessing that it was all in aid of jobs. Then you have the used car market that has a knock on effect where shady `intelligence`services supply the next Savimbi or KLA with the means to murder and wreak havoc in places where independent thaught might become a problem. The used arms market is by far bigger than the new and
  11. Your posts are always well researched John and very illuminating. The behaviour of the Blair crowd has been very suspicious over Iraq and Afganistan, Blair was verging on the psycotic over wmd and he came across as disingenuous over the whole affair. I thaught I could see right through him therefor parliament would but they voted for that war and because of it the price of food has gone up in the last few years as well as energy. I often wonder how we ever got to the state where the criminals are running things like this and believe me Blair is just another criminal prostituting himself to
  12. These buildings were built on the same principles as pagodas with a strong central core, they had to withstand occilations caused by high winds, so are you saying it was the kinetic energy of the impact that braught these buildings down? The steel frame was designed to absorb an impact, the central core was designed to absorb occilations like a giant shock absorber, so it certainly wasnt the impact that braught these buildings down. If you check my link previously you can hear the explosions bringing that building down, as the camera points up you can hear bang, bang, bang,roar, bang........
  13. Sorry that last one was the wrong link..............................................................here`s the right one..................................... http://letsroll911.org/phpwebsite/index.ph...&PAGE_id=63
  14. No explosions at the world trade centre, whats this then scotch mist?................................................................................ ....... http://letsrollforums.com/phpwebsite/index...w&ANN_id=26
  15. any and all stories of Hijackers still being alive came out soon after 911 before the FBI release their final and official list. After that the stories stopped. This points to the stories being mistaken identity with people with similar names. Another thing to think about is why would Saudi Arabia admit that 15 of the hijackers were their citizens if they were in fact alive? http://www.911myths.com/html/still_alive.html This was not mistaken identity because some of these guys saw their pictures on the news. The seismic data only appears to show explosions when viewed in a highly compressed
  16. Lez robertson says the building was designed to withstand the impact of a large airoplane so I dont see what difference it makes what speed it was going, 20 to 30 mph doesnt make that much difference and a lot of the energy was absorbed by the plane. How do you know how fast those planes were going? where is your evidence? Besides the second plane hit the building right on one side, it nearly missed, and in no way did it impact the central 47 column steel core; some of it exploded out the adjoining corner side. Ten minutes later people were waving and shouting at that hole, one person has been
  17. I think Jack claims make sense when using a camera with a flash or outdoor midday pictures and I think thats the point here: the shadows are long like the sun is low in the sky (or in the case of the pics, the spot light) but since the moon doesnt rotate to give a sunrise sunset the face of the moon should be in permanent midday with some variation due to the rocking motion of the moons phases , I dont know what the position of the moon was in relation to the sun when these pics were taken but I know that all the shadows on the moon are long when they should be much shorter. If the shadows wer
  18. http://freepressinternational.com/911-mysteries Have a look at this link about the collaps of the three towers the facts presented are undeniable and when juxtaposed with the conspiracy theory about 19 arabs and pancakes it becomes obvious which version of events is correct.
  19. You might also ask yourself why if the towers were demoed why out of tens of thousands of people who were there between the time of the impacts and collapses only 4 have said publicly that they thought after 9/11 that bombs had been set of.Note of the four made any such allegations till long after the fact. The most famous of them William Rodriguez was interviewed on 9/11 by CNN and he said nothing about feeling an explosion from below I find that hard to believe that only 4 people have said they heard bombs going off, I have heard more people than that refere to explosions in some of the do
  20. Good link Jack, by now I should think that most free thinking open minded people wouldve realised that the towers were braught down by explosives and if a green grocer would have noticed those flashes and pops the fact that theyre not explosives experts doesnt weaken their evidence one tot. Some of your critics Jack, are so used to circumlocuting around the minutia they seem to be blissfully unaware of the main point of your link; pyrotechnics were explosives last time I checked so a pyrotechnics expert is an explosives expert but some of your critics would have us believe you are calling a m
  21. Yes bigot was originally used to describe people who held stubborn religeous beliefs but has more recently been used to describe people with right wing views on race and multiculturalism and people who hold intolerable fixed beliefs like the nasa defenders who to and fro referencing their shuttle spotters almanacs.
  22. Also- Would someone please provide the definition of computer chip as referenced in Duane's quote. I think you know what Duane meant when he said computor chips hadnt been invented in the 60`s ; I know he meant processors as do you, what you are classifying as a chip was little more than a glorified transistor.
  23. The domino theory was the result of US policy planning rational and was a very logical theory as it pertained to post war economic area planning. Before the second world war the US realised it was going to be the most powerful country in the world since all other imperial countries would be exhausted and in need of reconstruction; so they set about planning the post war reconstruction under US "leadership". Dismantling closed economic systems (empires) was a primary objective,; no economic system from which the US was not a major player would be permitted. The main thrust of the `decolonisa
  24. The United States routinely votes against peace and human rights resolutions in the UN general assembly and it routinely vetoes peace and human rights resolutions in the UN security council. Check the history of the UN and it can be seen that the US stands alone as the biggest obsticle to security, peace, and human rights with the highest total vetoes and votes against these very important issues.
  25. John? Your tireless dedication to this forum is ceaseless; another good posting. From the humble bigginings of the war propaganda bureau where people volunteered their services and the public didnt learn about for over 20 years, to todays pregnant media system where the mainstream press cant wait to prostitute themselves whenever the government has a line to sell; and its there for all the public to see, should they care to open their eyes and look.
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