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  1. Arctic Monkeys - Dance Little xxxx
  2. Noir Désir - Le vent nous portera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dadI-eU5fCA Sophie is cool, btw.
  3. A useful website for students who are planning to take TOEFL-IBT. http://www.ets.org/portal/site/ets/menuite...00022f95190RCRD
  4. Chariot Battle - Alacahöyük (Hattusha) Reliefs, Neo-Hittite Period (14 BC).
  5. To all, A few of my friends have alerted me that Maggie Hansen/Magda Hassan or whatever her name is has mentioned my name on the DPF a couple of times in the thread about Peter Lemkin's removal. Therefore, I am now going to mention some important points concerning the issue since Maggie/Magda carefully edited them out in her post. (Surprise surprise!!). 1. It was Peter who contacted me about the recent problems he was having on the Education Forum, not the other way around. 2. It was Peter who apologized to me (in his emails dated 10.03.2010 and 11.03.2010), repeatedly, about the email he sent me several months ago that read "cyber sex" in the subject line. 3. He was also the one who emailed me and told me that the message in question was meant to be a joke, and he did that not after he sent it to me but after the issue was brought up here on the EF by Jack White. 4. It was also Peter himself who asked me to contact the admins and tell them there had been a misunderstanding. 5. The claim that he was removed because of a complaint I made months ago is ridiculous. If that were the case, he would have been removed long ago. Having said that, the people (either here or on the DPF) who have been desperately hunting down a scapegoat can look elsewhere and stop bothering me. Or better, mind their own business. Edited to add : I also sent a copy of this message to Maggie/Magda and asked her to post it on the DPF for me. I'm not keeping my hopes high, though.
  6. Sometimes one has to laugh to keep from crying.
  7. Eichmann is a 2007 film by Robert Young starring Thomas Kretchmann as Adolf Eichmann and Troy Garity as Avner Less. It is based on the final confessions of Eichmann throughout a seven month period of interrogation before his execution. Although it is hard to call them confessions since most of what he said to Less consist of statements like “I don’t recall any such thing” or “I followed orders.”, the acting –especially by Kretchmann- is so powerful as the plot develops, the cruelty reveals itself openly thus the feeling of wanting to understand the man turns into anger, pity and disgust. Very good movie. Highly recommended.
  8. Oasis - Live Forever (Definitely Maybe 1994)
  9. Rehab is for quitters. I wonder if she accepted the task while she was high on fresh air.
  10. Hysterical, absurd and paranoid drivel.
  11. No doubt teaching is a very difficult profession that requires many qualities such as; dedication, enthusiasm, patience, self-improvement and organization. In my opinion another important quality of a good teacher is to be open to change. If you can't accept the fact that a teenager might be able to tell you something you don't know or haven't heard before, then maybe you should look for other career opportunities. As for the great teachers in my life, I can mention a few. My Drama Professor Ms Yüksel, Professor Eradam and Professor Aytür. They all have influenced me greatly, have caused me to appreciate the love of art and literature and contributed so much to my improvement as an academic as well as a human being.
  12. In his Autobiography, Speer states that he visited the Bunker shortly before Hitler's suicide and told him that the war was lost and expressed his opposition to Führer's scorched earth order, which is said to have brought Hitler to tears. It was this particular conversation that caused Speer to be excluded from the new cabinet that was outlined in Hitler's final political testament, which stated that Albert Speer was to be succeeded by Karl-Otto Saur.
  13. Hi Mr Kelly, Literature is a broad subject, where shall we start?
  14. I haven't heard of this "Big Picture" before, so I did some googling. Here's what I found : Big Picture : A Better School Model? ... Accordingly, Big Picture Learning schools push students to pursue "real work" whenever possible. Academic classes, which occur only three days a week, emphasize depth and practical application. Instead of taking biology, for example, 10th grade students at the Met spend one afternoon a week working with education specialists at the zoo. Back at school, their advisors support them in documenting the skills and knowledge they gain from this work. Assessment at Big Picture Learning schools is equally unconventional. Four times a year, students prepare and deliver 45-minute "exhibitions" in which they share their work with a panel of students, teachers, administrators and parents. Students are evaluated on the quality of their work as well as demonstrated progress toward their individualized learning goals, which are determined at the beginning of each year. For the most part, feedback comes in the form of lengthy narratives rather than numeric grades. The real real work at Big Picture Learning schools takes the shape of an intense four-year-long internship program. During their fall semester, freshmen undergo training to prepare them for the rigors of working in the professional world, learning everything from telephone etiquette to resume-writing. At the same time, with the guidance of their home advisors — teachers who "loop" with them throughout all four years — they reflect on their skills and professional aspirations. "We want to get kids in touch with themselves," explained Washor in a recent interview. "We help them figure out what they love and then we support them in pursuing that." http://www.bigpicture.org/2009/11/big-pict...r-school-model/
  15. Archive of All Online Issues: October 1946 - January 2010 http://eltj.oxfordjournals.org/archive/
  16. This video sums up my reaction to someone saying : "There's a teacher trainer here who wants to see you." http://www.break.com/index/the-dramatic-cat.html
  17. I had an argument with a teacher trainer last week. He kept insisting that in listening comprehension exams the student shouldn't get any marks if he doen't answer the question in full sentences. I disagreed with this because what we aim here (in listening comprehension) is to evaluate whether the student understands what he hears. It is not about whether he can build full sentences with zero grammatical errors. I also said that there is a writing section in exams where we do it. In a skill based exam like a listening comprehension I give full marks to students if they get the answer right without looking whether they wrote a complete sentence. What do other teachers here think?
  18. Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes.
  19. Andy, the link doesn't work. -------- A great but not so well known band from Sweden. Kent - 747 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d10udCRqTBw Kent - Elvis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-9G2ti7HmA
  20. One of my students came across this website while surfing the internet. Social Language Learning - Online! Learn languages online at your own pace with fun language lessons Connect with foreign language partners around the world http://www.livemocha.com/
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