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  1. How did Oswald get Abt's home number when it was listed under his wife's name? Did he get it from the Worker?
  2. The Fenster was a lobbyist for Hoffa and Organized Crime. Under the guise of protecting privacy rights etc he went after those who went after Hoffa and his flunkies. He worke for Long who was a Hoffa puppet. Later on his job was to cover up Ruby's connection to OC, Teamsters, Marcello etc. He was more dangerous than I first thought. BERNARD FENSTERWALD During 1975 "Bud" Fensterwald was this researcher’s major antagonist. He did all that he could to discredit my work. Bernard Fensterwald was born August 2, 1921, in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of a wealthy clothing merchant. In 1941 his moth
  3. what is your regualr email?

  4. F-ing HARGRAVES had a hardarm for KING. HARGRAVES was part of PROJECT SEAL in the early 1960's - that entailed spying on KING for CIA as it was believed KING was a crypto-Communist. HARGRAVES told his brother, JERRY MING that he was Raoul on numerous occassions. Looks like Christ did the shooting and HARGRAVES did the set up. HEMMING picks good patsies as OSWALD (after he returned from USSR) was getting into NAZISM (his addressbook contains info on ANP and a more esoteric American National Party) plus DeM and Bannister were Nazi scum. JAMES EARL RAY was also Nazi scum. That is why I like HEMM
  5. This guy is not what he claims to be. I believe he is some sort of act like Fensterwald was. He claimed I worked for LaRouche which is a cop line.
  6. According to Jim Hosty, Shanklin was the most likely person to have ordered the tramps release. I doubt if CHRIST had access to his CIA personnel or Security File but ANGLETON did and could have told him that if there was a problem SAC Gordon Shanklin was familiar with his status. The other alternative is that SHANKLIN would have had to recognize him which, due to his heavy CIA supplied disguise, this is highly unlikely.
  7. That Werbell quote defines it. It just another name for the Central Intell Agency. Thanks folks
  8. It once ate a piece of hash and slept all day
  9. It's the McGehee from the National Indignation Convention.
  10. What I need is not the name list with traces ANGLETON prepared for the FBI but the FBI initial request to ANGLETON or CIA to do this.
  11. This is Memo for the Files. It is not for the HSCA. The key is finding the FBI report that it was based on. I tried for 2 hours to find it but could not. I saw plenty of references though. This is the craziest document I ever came across and I have been though hundreds of thousands of them.
  12. Hey look, I am not interested in PJ. I told her off on the telephone years ago. I said Priscilla the jig is up. She says what jig and threatened to sue me. The document was not prepared for the HSCA. It was prepared for the FBI. Can anyone find the FBI document dated December 30, 1963 that this document is in response to. Can anyone ask Newman about this or put me in touch with him. The info on Penkovsky was good. THESE ARE NEW NAMES and not on the name list with traces. If accurate this is interesting because Davison was also involved in the Penkovsky Operation.
  13. I have never heard these names mentioned before in relation to the address book nor can I find them in the address book. When I examined the actual book one page had been torn out. I cannot find the FBI Report mentioned in the document please help
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