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  1. Hey All.. Now this is more like it, been way too long....Ter Girl, nice to see you Dix and Jim always, and Larry and Ian, what ?old home week.. Nice. All do you recall, in what Harold Weisberg's book, he has the information and documentation re the Three different copies of the D.P.D. Radio tapes....If I recall correctly, the first was given to the F.B.I or should I say...seized by them....changes were made, and more changes which produced three different sets.. It relates in part I believe to the last call to and from Tippitt, and the mysterious Police Car number, that of course did not
  2. Judyth: YOU SAID.... "AND I DO NOT HAVE TIME OR STRENGTH TO GO ON WITH THIS. I HOPE MY RESPINSE HAS BEEN ADEQUATE AND UNBIASED! BEST REGARDS, JUDYTH VARY BAKER" ............... BUT JUDYTH YOU CAME BACK AGAIN ALREADY......lol...Must have been the Java.. One More Dig In Before You Receive Your Reply.... It's was over and done with according to your words, you change the rules, in mid stream... My Goodness...Girlie, do make up your mind.......I am according to your words, over and gone..I stand by mine... DEAR BERNICE: PLEASE FORGIVE THE CAPS. IT IS ONLY TO MAKE MY REPLY EASIER TO FIN.
  3. Judyth: To my knowledge, according to the law..if such a statement is to be proven against Robert & Marina.. then signed affidavits must be obtained, if not then it remains hearsay.. If at some future date,these statements are challenged legally this is what would be required.. Marina was under close scrutiny by the FBI & SS till Feb 64 after her WC testimony was completed..much on the web, pertaining to such.... Thomas Mallon's previous works, nor his stats qualify him on a book about the Assassination. He has not done his homework as they say.. He presents no eviden
  4. From Bernice Moore: I hope I have this straight.... Marina told Priscilla, Priscilla confirmed this to Thomas Mallon, which also was confirmed by an unknown source, and Mary (who died, God love her) told you in front of Debbee..... Now, that is not documentation, and has nothing to do with the J.F.K Research of the Assassination.. to me that is gossip,and there is no place for such nor the smearing of anyone's name when it cannot be documented..IMO.... this is only hearsay...a nd what would it have to do with your book?.... surely it is not mentioned.?? I have noticed that you have mention
  5. All of the above... plus: "Harvey & Lee" by John Armstrong.. the great reference book.. "The Man Who Knew too Much" Dick Russell. "Assassination Science" Jim Fetzer "Deep Politics and the Death of JFK". and though it has been said before, any book by Harold Weisberg.. Though you may not agree with all, and all never has agreed. This is making out to be a great list of books...Errors yes, but what book ever was published about History that did not reveal one.. IMO.. Thanks for your time..... B
  6. Judyth Quote.."John Pic was Lee´s half brother. He was working at a the United States government-run hospital in Texas when Kennedy was assassinated. He stayed out of things as much as possible. He had not seen his brother Lee for years, so far as I am aware." "Back to John Pic: What were Pic´s responses to other photos? We would have to know which ones he was presented. We would also have to find out when he had last seen Lee in the flesh..." end quote.. John Pic had not seen Lee, since 1953, when Lee was 13 years old…Pic was asked by the WC "How did he look to you physically as compared w
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