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  1. I do not believe the motorcade route was changed at the last minute, because no change was necessary. The Secret Service designed the route. They selected the Stemmons Freeway. An SS advance team always inspects an entire route weeks before a motorcade. It surpasses the bounds of credibility to think the SS missed the fact the freeway entrance was on Elm. The previous presidential motorcade in Dallas (FDR's) took Main Street all the way downtown. The only reason to use the newly built Stemmons Freeway was to force JFK's motorcade off Main and onto Elm, via a path that turned right onto Houston for one block, then left onto Elm – which was conveniently a 120-degree turn (almost a U-turn) at 11 mph – to plant the president like a sitting duck in the killing zone. Biography: http://educationforu...st&p=235641 I have no logical debate nor can I refute your theory, hence the president was killed there which is fact, the ongoing argument that the route has been changed within the eleventh hour of the "original path" would only raise the question as to (IF) there was indeed a chance (1) who suggested the change, (2) who approved the change, (3) how many knew of the change? Could the shooter(s) behind the "Grassy Knoll" have the same advantages had the motorcade continued down the route FRD took? Although, it would have seemed be be a much longer route to take to enter Stemmons Freeway the shooter(s) would have been at a disadvantage and clear head-shot would have been near impossible with as many spectators around. Has every name been accounted for on who had personal knowledge the apparent motorcade route? <Just saying>. Wondering too. This is my understanding: Kennedy advisor Kenneth O'Donnell made the decision to hold the 1963-11-22 Dallas luncheon at the Trade Mart. Eight days before the luncheon, on 1963-11-14, Gerald Behn, Secret Service Agent in Charge of the White House Detail, tasked Special Agents William G. Lawson of the Detail and Forrest V. Sorrels in charge of the Dallas office to design a motorcade route from Love Field to the Trade Mart. (They had first been advised of the Texas trip on 1963-11-4.) They planned a route that included the Stemmons Freeway, which necessitated the hairpin turn onto Elm to access the onramp. So no change in route was needed to make it pass the TSDB. And if Lawson and Sorrels had not chosen to use the freeway but kept the motorcade on Main Street, I do not find credible Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell or anyone else having authority to overrule a locked-in Secret Service decision. The Secret Service pointed the finger at Kenneth O'Donnell. Forrest Sorrels chose the Trade Mart, and O'Donnell did not live long enough to exonerate himself.
  2. The Dictabelt would not record the first round of shots fired, from rifles with silencers in the Dal-Tex Building. Those shots all apparently missed beause Greer overshot the 120-degree turn onto Elm so badly he nearly hit the curb in front of the TSDB, exiting the "Plan A" killing zone, and the silencers were a further hindrance because of their inaccuracy. I think it is no accident JFK's limo suddenly appears in the middle of the street in the Z film, given Zapruder swore he never stopped filming. Simple frame omission without a splice, easily done with an optical printer, which I studied and used as an undergrad at UCLA in the film school. The Dictabelt's value is to prove a fourth shot and establish a conspiracy. Harrison Livingstone counts a total of 13 shots. So do I.
  3. The JFK sex-smear campaign has been carefully orchestrated. The Mary Meyer story, like the Judith Exner story (which continually changes), is a fabrication. I highly recommend a 1997 article by James DiEugenio, a top-tier expert with unquestionable ethics, “The Posthumous Assassination of JFK: 
Judith Exner, Mary Meyer, and Other Daggers.” The link: http://www.copi.com/articles/probe/pr997_jfk.html.
  4. Congrats, John! The best-informed articles would have been those written closest in time to the assassination. Before memories faded and disinfo concealed more truth. Every good wish in your endeavor!
  5. I am qualified to evaluate the admissibility of evidence, professor, and some objections here may be sustainable.
  6. I agree with Jim it's unfair to misspell his name. My praise was directed at picking apart a book. Insults only do harm, both to the person insulted and to the point being made because they display bias.
  7. Good post, Tom. We've had our differences, but you deserve praise for this. Well done.
  8. Thank you, Barry. If you look behind the facade, I consider it not inappropriate to characterize the 2nd half of the 20th century as "Operation Kissinger." You won't see it in his words, but you can perceive it if you correlate events with his peaks in governmental power.
  9. Don't worry, Steven. I've got the goods on Colby. He'll be resigning soon, or I'll go public. He doesn't know who he messed with when he took me on. And he wouldn't want to know.
  10. Steven, I don't know what Romney might have done, or even what Obama might do. I can only describe the text of the two executive orders he issued this year. E.O. 13603 (peacetime martial law) is very a lengthy document and sets forth in detail an elaborate system of infrastructure control.
  11. An exceptional profile, Steven, and a truly admirable commitment to community mental health services for children. Welcome to the Forum, and best wishes for success in your fly-fishing and other endeavors!
  12. Obama has joined the force, Steven. He is defending the constitutionality of the NDAA (prison without trial). He has done an about-face on his 2009-12-29 Executive Order 13526 that expedited the JFK Records Act release deadline to December 31, 2013, and now supports the CIA's refusal to release thousands of 49-year-old documents irrelevant to national security. And he quietly issued two Executive Orders this year that grant the president greater totalitarian power than Stalin had: E.O. 13603 issued 2012-3-16 (peacetime martial law) and E.O. 13618 issued 2012-7-6 (Internet seizure and cell-phone shut down). The peacetime-martial-law order empowers the president to set up a series of committes within the Executive Branch - a regime within an Administration - to seize and control all natural resources, raw materials for industrial production, transportation systems, indeed the nation's entire infrastructure. All he need do to activate the machine is declare a national emergency, real or fictionalized. I consider Obama a peril and the CIA's withholding of evidence both an admission of guilt in the assassination of President Kennedy and an impediment to the research community and purpose of this Forum.
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