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  1. I agree, Chris. To enlighten Kathy a bit more (in case she doesn't get around the Internet as much as some of us do), all JFK websites are routinely bombarded by trollers. Their individual or concentrated effort are the reason many of those that posted videos at YouTube & initially welcomed comments were forced to disable comments altogether. Trollers use the comments to hijack the topics & create chaos. A worse case scenario of this would be the comments Jeff Morley or his outside help published at his website that appeared to many readers to be the work of Mr. McAdams & his
  2. @Kathy: Setting up a phony agitator or 'disillusioned' researcher is an old trolling trick used in JFK forum after JFK forum. I suspect if that was the case here at EF, the purpose was to demonstrate that JFK CT visuals analysts are the bad guys & those that don't believe any of the JFK visuals were alteration victims are the 'good guys'. I believe it was Jim DiEugenio that warned the Forum in the past couple weeks that ROKC comedian wanna-be's had infiltrated EF. If Jim's warning is accurate & my suspicions are correct, the EF admin & readers are being played by sick min
  3. Quote: I'm with Jim on this one. Dealey Plaza is public place. Those who want to be alone can find a private spot. Freedom of assembly and speech. That's what it's all about. (Have a problem with porn? Install software to block it. For some reason I never see it, even without the software. There already must be something in place.) - Sandy Lawson Throughout history, lots of people had an attitude that they could do as they please, wherever & whenever. They had the right to (in their minds). Let's see...some names that quickly come to mind: Hitler, Stalin. Sodom & Go
  4. @Bill Miller I consider your analysis of the Blevins Dillard photo as adequate to the debate. I do hope Mr. Blevins reads what you wrote & responds here at EF or in his future YouTube visual analysis videos. I'll have to go through all his videos on his channel to determine what else he has analyzed in the JFK ambush films before I draw my own opinion as to how good or bad his take on the JFK visuals is. Since you tell us that you bought the same negative of the Dillard photo that Mr. Blevins used in his analysis video with the difference being your photo shows nothing in the sni
  5. Quote: I think we would have won and been able to determine who was the original motivator behind depriving the American people of their first amendment free assembly and free speech rights. And make no mistake, this was a three sided operation between the Sixth Floor, Belo Corporation and the mayor's office. - Jim DiEugenio Every coin has an opposite side, Jim; The fight over free speech first amendment rights is what enabled the Internet to become swamped with pornography websites & unsolicited porn email ads parents kids see & read (and view images) on a daily basis. You
  6. @Michael: I'm consider myself a student of the case. I'm always open to learning truthful info. Spinmasters don't impress me much. Like me, most of them were not present when the crimes occurred. That's our common denominator. At times, I find it difficult to distinguish from those fighting for the truth vs. those fighting to sell books & DVD's on the case. To prevent myself from being a hustling victim, I usually wait for my local library to obtain some materials & check it out there. That has it's downfalls too: while recently reading Zapruder's granddaughter's book for fre
  7. My one & only personal experience with Robert Groden & his sidekick dates back a few years. It's not intended to influence anyone. It happened as I'm about to describe. It is what it is. I was visiting Dealey Plaza & Groden walked up to me outside the north pergola shelter (cupola) where Zapruder & Sitzman were stationed creating the Zapruder film. I asked him if he was Robert Groden & he said he was. I shook his hand & complimented him on his contributions to humanity in getting the Zapruder film viewable to the public on TV back in 1975. Then I made my first mist
  8. Quote - Whoever posted that phony video alleging to show Oswald in the window was not up to speed at all. IT was exposed here over two years ago as a fake - Jim DiEugenio I am surprised at you Jim. You usually demand a high quality of proof each step you take in this case. Where is the proof the video is phony? The analysis of the superior Dillard image was just posted a couple days ago at YouTube. There hasn't been enough time transpire to properly analyze the new material. Would Government involvement in determining the Dillard photo captured LHO taking photos in the sniper's nest
  9. @John Apparently the trolls want a piece of both of us, John. We should start a xxxxx bait club (LOL). BM
  10. John: There is some new analysis of a super clear copy of the famous Tom Dillard photo of the TSBD posted at YouTube. If I post the link here, a large image of the video narrator's analysis video will appear that will be distracting to your thread. EF readers (and you) can quickly find the video at YouTube by typing into YouTube's search engine : Analyzing Dillard Image/ JFK Assassination. If the video poster has not corrected the loud volume problem at the video's intro section since I watched & downloaded the analysis video, be sure to lower your headphone volume until the narrator
  11. @Alistair: The beauty of the gift of a democratic society, wherever it is on earth, is people have a choice between doing their own thinking, seeing with their own eyes, reaching their own conclusions or being micro-managed into believing what someone they don't even know thinks. Or even worse...wants them to think. For the free thinkers here at or reading EF as 'lurkers', I made my contribution. For the micro-managers, I have the 'ignore' function to rescue me. To them, I say 'Bye bye forever'.... Brad Milch PS: @Paul Trejo: Because I used the ignore function, I
  12. Aliistair: The thread you referenced concerns a bad copy of the Dillard photo. The link I posted is for a version of the Dillard photo closer to the original photo (the video narrator explains this). One has to watch the video to obtain that info & see the comparison made between the clearer image & what was discussed in the past with an inferior image. The narrator just posted this video yesterday (with the clearer image analysis); talking about it in past threads on any JFK forum could not be possible where I live. I obviously don't live on 'I know everything there is to know ab
  13. @Paul, Alistair & David Von Pein: I wonder if you fellows have seen this analysis of LHO & how it will affect your critical thinking both of you have expressed in this thread (and elsewhere on EF threads in the case of DVP) if that really is LHO in the sniper's nest window: Possible Hearing Damage Warning! Turn your headphones volume way down during the beginning of the video! It certainly looks like LHO peeking out of that window to my eyes.... Best wishes: Brad Milch PS: I'm curious about the relationship in time between this Tom Dillard photo
  14. My two cents: From what I have read, seen & considered about the JFK ambush, I see 3 distinct possibilities: - The attack came from outside the 'shields' of JFK while a car passenger during his parade. - The attack came from inside the 'shields' of JFK while a car passenger during his parade (inside job). - A combination of the two above I suspect JFK might have been finished off inside the tunnel of the triple underpass by inside elements, outside elements (or both, if the Dealey Plaza ambush had failed). SS agents appearing to respond to the gunfire by positionin
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