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  1. Sally and I will be at Lancer, in tourist mode. We'll be at the Adolphus Wednesday through Sunday, so I'm hoping to meet in the flesh as many of the people in the community that get the chance to be in Dallas as possible, regardless of whether they are going to Lancer, COPA, both, or neither. I'm especially looking forward to meet those who particularly dislike my work. There are no constraints of forum rules or etiquette at a bar or on the grass in the Plaza, so here's your chance to let rip!
  2. sigh..... http://www.assassina...arch.com/zfilm/ David, I think you missed Craig's point. His hyperlink is to my "combined edit", which is where all the colour frames you have posted come from. (snip...) John John... The only point CL was trying to make, imo, was that there are indeed 486 frames. His disdain for you comes thru most every post... I KNOW you used other film (without the Intersproket area images) to replace the damaged/missing frames. I hope you've read thru my and C.Davidson's math on the zframes and timings and know how important 156, and the 207 sequences are....
  3. sigh..... http://www.assassina...arch.com/zfilm/ David, I think you missed Craig's point. His hyperlink is to my "combined edit", which is where all the colour frames you have posted come from. I originally created this set in early 2003 (you can see them all over the net with the blue mask around them; there was a historical reason I did this), and then improved the processing in 2006 (without adding the blue mask this time). You're showing frames from the current (2006) set, as shown on the page linked to by Craig. There was never a splice alleged at 341 or 350 by anyone. These are tw
  4. Agreed, Monk. Others were on the (short) list and at least one recipient has responded to the entire list. However, still unconfirmed. The email (by all appearances from Jack's account, although this can be faked) was signed by two other people, names unknown to me. I assume (if it is genuine) that they had no idea whom to send the notification to. The short list of people it was sent to might have been one particular list of contacts they found on his computer. I will shortly be offsite and away from computer contact for the next three days. This is one case where I wish I am absolutely w
  5. I received an email from Jack White's email account a short time ago, informing of his passing on Monday, June 18. I assume the email is genuine. A sad day. John Costella
  6. [Edit: David added a section to his post. See above for the full edited post. --JPC] Agree completely, David. Apologies if I borrowed your argument about the head snap being the result of frame deletion -- I remember you explaining it well in the past. Fascinating quote from Jack Bell. I am sure I've seen -- and glossed over -- the "rising with a telephone and waving" quote before. Is it only in this one place, and it's just been quoted many times? Or is there someone else who actually described this same event? I wonder about those sorts of things too. Without corroboration, each of them i
  7. [Edited to remove sunglasses smiley instead of ( B ). I'll learn eventually.] [second edit: Of course, you also add in an imperceptible (in real time) forward head motion of some inches from 312 to 313, which completely trumps the backwards motion after 313. Good physics party trick.] Tink, A good question that I'm often asked, by young school students and seasoned TV reporters alike. Following your "what if", let's (for the sake of argument) assume that the Z film was fabricated. LIFE published some images from "an 8mm film of the assassination" in muddy black and white within days of th
  8. What's not clear to me is whether this is even possible. From your post it sounds like it's "eyes only" at the moment. J good news, Monk.... Could've just emailed me or called me John. Whatever.
  9. As I'm not sure when I'll next be near Burbank, is it at all possible for Sydney Wilkinson et al to throw a scan or three onto a DVD and mail it across the Pacific? There are other moves afoot to get the NARA scans, but I'd be interested to see what everyone's excited about in Burbank. Thanks in advance, J good news, Monk....
  10. Tink, We need to establish some agreed terminology. The Zapruder film shows the limo slowing gently -- almost imperceptibly -- but continuing to glide down Elm Street. Many people have made these measurements, and I did them myself back in 2002 or so. (Interestingly -- coincidence or not? -- the slight rate of slowing, together with the trigonometry of Dealey Plaza, leads to the very curious result that the distance from the sixth floor window increases at a constant rate in the Z film during this slowing. Remarkable coincidence -- or is this telling us something about the storyboard create
  11. Tink, Nice argument, except that you have made a subconscious assumption -- which seems reasonable from your conception of the assassination, but stands out like a sore thumb against mine: you assume that the limo never slowed / stopped. My conception of the assassination discards the extant photographic evidence. In my mind's eye, the limo braked suddenly and came to either a complete stop, or a "rolling stop" (like many people do when driving through a Stop sign). In this view of the assassination, there are many seconds around the head shot(s), which might be described as "the start of
  12. Tink, Thanks. We disagree on much, but at least our interactions are consistent. I am pleased that you take no offence at my recognition of your modus operandi. Adversaries can still harbour a degree of mutual respect, in some areas at least. I have had discussions with a mutual acquaintance -- whose motives (I am sure you won't mind me saying) I trust far more than yours -- and there seems to be some scope for me to get access to some of this material. Let's see how that pans out. It almost goes without saying that (if it does pan out) I'll report whatever I find -- and that won't necessar
  13. Hang on a minute. Jim, you believe the Secret Service agents were complicit, right? And that they knowingly drove JFK into the kill zone. But you say that it's absurd for a complicit motorcycle cop to escort the limo into the kill zone? I don't necessarily ascribe to either, but I find neither of them absurd. If one or more officers (of either type) had foreknowledge, it's impossible to know the extent or details of that knowledge. Who knows what they were told? I doubt it would have been a description of what eventually happened on Elm Street -- which itself was almost certainly a stuff-up
  14. David, Agreed -- very interesting, particularly that Chaney was yet another limo stop witness. As to what JFK (or anyone else) was doing after the first shot, we really don't know, and won't know until (and if) we ever see genuine photographic evidence of the event. I'm wondering if the piece of skull is the same one Clint Hill said was on the back of the seat when he grabbed Jackie, pushed her down into the seat, and covered the two of them. (Missing from the Z film, but likely to have happened while the limo was stopped.) Or was it yet another piece? The way the article is written implies
  15. It's possible that Lifton has been scamming us -- or someone scammed him -- and his scans have been altered to cover up how black they originally were. But I still don't understand: if they fabricated an entire film, why would "paintwork" even be considered? You just have to look at the "crater" to realise that the President after 313 is just a fabricated set of images. I simply don't understand this fixation on a "lower-tech" version of alteration. Perhaps it's because it's something that even those who believe the Z film to be authentic might considered possible (i.e. that someone painte
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