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  1. I guess it is if you already believe in Harvey and Lee. There are 100s of Oswald sightings in evidence and IMO more than half are mistakes or deliberate frauds. Steenbarge's sighting isn't enhanced by waiting 20 years to mention it - when another phase of assassination interest was peaking in the media. If this very detailed account was made in 1963 I'd take it very seriously. In 1978 I take it as creatively enhanced memory. Jason
  2. One of the several reasons why I believe it is worthwhile to investigate Walker and the Radical Right is because that's who Earl Warren and many others assumed killed Kennedy: SOURCE All items available in the Warren Commission Hearings & Exhibits https://www.maryferrell.org/php/showlist.php?docset=1006
  3. In case readers are not aware, Harry Dean is the only person active on this thread who had a connection to Oswald etc. in 1963: Much more on Harry Dean: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=75354#relPageId=2&tab=page No, Roger, my plate is full with reading at the moment. Plus, I have a day job and a family and aging parents and....everything... I hope to get to Craven's thesis. I've read Walker's testimony in places but haven't given it a full treatment. For the moment, the most glaring point that stands out is
  4. David Von Pein is a much-needed voice of rational evidence-based discussion on this forum. Jason
  5. The Dallas authorities have original jurisdiction and their ongoing decision to ignore the assassination speaks volumes. The truth could still shake things up badly. BTW, just to nitpick, the Texas Attorney General is not really an active crime-fighting office. The Dallas DA, the DPD, and the Dallas County Sheriff's Department are in prime positions to release old-hidden evidence and even generate new undiscovered evidence; in the unlikely event they want to re-open the case and risk upheaval in their own agencies. Jason
  6. I work on projects for Rex Bradford at the Mary Ferrell Foundation and I hope everyone will just browse through the huge collection - you'll be very surprised at what you find just by random searches. In case anyone is looking for more primary source material on this subject, there is a wealth of General Walker information here: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Featured_Walker_Documents.html?search=general walker
  7. For one thing, he's a secondary player as far as official and most conspiracy theories go, which is to his advantage. He gets less attention. Maybe Westbrook's less obvious role is a deliberate part of the plan? - - - based on the fact that while all the action at DPD headquarters was around Capt Fritz and Oswald, Westbrook is inexplicably in the decidedly less interesting HR office. Even more inexplicably, "Oswald's pistol" is processed in this HR office, along with the usual comedic chain-of-evidence routine and inconsistent testimony that is typical of Dallas police officers on t
  8. Hi B.A. Copeland, Thanks for adding some intelligent comments to the thread. IMO the method of this crime points to who "these guys" might be, and IMO the method of the assassination isn't often looked at rationally. I am not a cop nor a professional investigator, but at one point in my career I did bank and insurance-related investigations often involving major crimes. I took 4-5 classes, which, again, doesn't make me an expert. With that said, I feel fairly confident in applying a few truths from basic crime science to Dealey Plaza - and the top line item I invoke is that t
  9. Hi Paul, FBI agent Hosty says Oswald had FPCC contact right around the time of the Walker shooting on 10APR63. Correlation does not imply causation. However, correlation does imply correlation so I have to ask how the shooting of General Walker in April is related to Oswald's April move to New Orleans, and the April(?) contact between the FPCC and LHO? SOURCE HSCA Administrative Folder, Lee Harvey Oswald, Vol. 6. NARA 124-10369-10018
  10. Hi Paul, I think some of those who have the CIA running the assassination likewise incorporate some rogue Radical Right players as an admitted possibility. The problem in all theories is in connecting an identifiable leader with the ground crew in Dallas. In this thread we've spotted cops who are obviously part of the conspiracy. But who are the cops in bed with, or following? IMO the likes of Buddy Walthers are ideologically, culturally, and of course physically closer to General Walker and the southern Radical Right than anyone in Washington or the CIA. In many cases
  11. Hi Paul, Obviously I have no doubt Dr Caufield told you that Garrison's first CT was a Radical-Right-did-it explanation for the assassination. I believe that Caufield inspected Garrison's files and today we find evidence as to why Caufield would tell you this (see document 1 below). However, I have to be honest and say that once believing the Radical Right is to blame and then switching to a CIA-did-it narrative really doesn't make sense. 1. According to Jim Garrison's discovered witness Rudloph Davis, the Lake Pontchartrain training camp was a creation of the John Birch S
  12. That's how it worked in 1963 as well. The "deep state" both then and now has no need to risk the wildly dangerous, circus-show stunt of trying to kill someone as they drive by in a convertible, cameras rolling. Those in power have and had many ways to defrock a president. Dealey Plaza barely "worked" with 1-2 "good" shots and several misses; furthermore it never really "worked" since the conspiracy accusations began, loudly, right away. Sloppy evidence is all over the place. The "Deep State" destroys presidents with no or very little second guessing from its opponents - z
  13. Hi Paul, Your question is interesting. I might say your question is another way of asking: What has New Orleans got to do with the assassination? From a historiography perspective, New Orleans is relevant because that's where Jim Garrison did most of his work. But didn't Jim Garrison say the CIA-did-it, both in his books and in the Oliver Stone movie JFK? 1. Serious students of the assassination believe LHO is a right winger?.........(according to Jim Garrison) 2. The CIA analysis of Jim Garrison's work invokes the extreme Right, so why is the C
  14. I agree. The DPD stage managed the assassination, while the sheriff's department seems critical mainly at the TSBD. The WC testimony makes this obvious and the disturbing thing is that it apparently took a few years for anyone to read enough of their testimony to make a big deal about it, which is what I see Jim Garrison doing. If people would simply read the WC testimony, the starting point and critical people are obvious. Furthermore, everyone is so caught up in the high drama of conspiracy theories that very few are actually looking in Dallas; almost no one looks closely at the
  15. Hi Mervyn, This is where I depart from your train of thought. There is no reason to invoke the supernatural or extraordinary, is there? For everyone else in the world using a passport is sufficient to confirm their identity. Why suggest that in Oswald's case there is no "proof...LHO was involved," when for everyone else in the world we believe they alone use their own passport unless strong evidence suggests otherwise? LHO may or may not be truly interested in ASC. Evidence of his interest or non-interest in ASC is not so important when we consider that the true value of ASC
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