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To all:

some people accept without question certain statements, such as, Lee could not have watched I LED THREE LIVES in Fot. Worth.

Lee was, in fatc, watching I LED THREE LIVES when he was living in New York (actual report to me). I believe his brother visited him there-- Robert Oswald--and while it is true that Lee liked to indulge in fantasies when he was young, so do other bright young people who have a fascination with adventure stories and so on.

There are answers I will offer, if the heat goes to a blaze again trying to 'prove' THERE ARE TWO OSWALDS... I noticed a nice photo collection, and comments that these had to be two different people, when in fact, I have a collection of photos of myself showing similar variations. Plus, Lee's chin is darkened and made to look square in photos taken after his arrest. I've blown some of these up -- and you can see a 'smirk'enhanced on the most ugly of Lee's arrest photos. Where he looks very sad, blown up, you can clearly see the chin has been made into a square.

You can tell, using forensic methods, that these are pictures of the same man (except one which I doubt provenance for anyway) -- interpupillary measurements, measurement of lip to nose, etc., etc. AQ young man changes a lot between fifteen and twenty four facuially. It's even worse when photos have been doctored, apparently to match the backyard photos. His arrest photo of Nov. 22 doesn;t sow the same chin. Look carefully at the New Orleans photos. There also fingerprints were taken that match the fingerprints taken in Dallas. Yet the faces look different, especially the chins.

The tampering of Lee included, IMHO, also his photos, and unless you have a first generation photo, forget it.

Having said all this, would like comments about

the following, which is brought in from JFK LANCER:

(sincerely, JVB)

One of the first attacks on LEE Oswald's childhood character came from an unempected source--HIS OLDER BROTHER ROBERT OSWALD. Robert co-authored a book, LEE, in which he wrote that his brother was living in a fantasy world at age 12....

"All of us had our dreams and fantasies, but Lee's always lingered a little longer. The center of Lee's fantasy world shifted from radio to television when Mother bought a television set in 1948. When it was new, all of us spent far too much time watching variety shows, dramas, and old movies. Lee, particularly, was fascinated. One of his favorite programs was I LED THREE LIVES, the story of Herbert Philbrick, the FBI informant who posed as a Communist spy. In the early 1950's, LEE watched that show every week without fail. When I left home to join the Marines, he was still watching the reruns."

Robert's testimony to the Warren Commission, interviews, statments to reporters, and his book, "LEE", clearly gave the impression that his dead "brother" was living in a fantasy world at the age of 12. Robert's willingness to readily share family "secrets" with the public seemed somewhat out of character, so I (John Armstrong) decided to check the accuracy of Robert's statements.

I knew that Robert Oswald joined the Marines and left for San Diego on July 15, 1952 and was curious when the television program I LED THREE LIVES first aired on television. At the local library I found a book entitled THE COMPLETE DIRECTORY TO PRIME TIME NETWORK AND CABLE TV SHOWS 1946-PRESENT. According to this book, I LED THREE LIVES was first relased in September, 1953---a year and two months after Robert Oswald left Fort Worth and joined the Marines.

There were 117 episodes and the original show ran thru mid 1956. Re-runs were aired years later, but only after the series ended in mid-1956. Lee Oswald could NOT possibly have watched I LED THREE LIVES in the summer of 1952, nor could he have watched re-runs which did not start until mid-1956.

When Robert Oswald left home to join the Marines on July 15, 1952, LEE could not possibly have watched I LED THREE LIVES, and there are no other indication that he was living in a "fantasy world". These facts indicate that Robert invented this story in an attempt to malign his "dead" brother, and for what purpose?

Robert, by cleverly combining fact and fiction, helped tocreate a false picture that his dead "brother" had serious psychological problems which originated in his youth. Robert's testimony was used by the Warren Commission to concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was a mal-adjusted youth who was capable of assassinating the President.

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