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Linda Powell

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I'd like to find a contact address or e-mail address for Robert F Slatzer, author of two books about Marilyn (The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe and The Marilyn Files). Can anyone help me with this?

I'm researching material for a book about Marilyn's last few months and her relationships with John and Robert Kennedy during that time, so if anyone wishes to post on this subject please do.

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hi linda,

try doing a search into google, something like ROBERT SLATZER CONTACT or something to that effect, i tried and it came up with lots of matchs but i dont really have the time at the moment. keep us all posted with your work as it could prove to be very important and show how some people wanted to get the kennedys, framing bobby and jack would be killing two birds with one stone, it would show the progression of attempts to stop the kennedys monroe,dealey plaza, sirhan, chappaquiddick, john jnr s plane crash. we all knew how hated joseph kennedy was.

john geraghty

good luck

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Hi John - I've done a great many Google and other searches for Slatzer and I've also e-mailed a good number of Marilyn fan sites to see if they can provide a contact for him, but none of the sites have ever replied. I've also searched the US phone directories on line but zero there as well. As far as I can gather he's still in Hollywood working as a screen writer, but he's not listed on any of the screenwriter's sites I've found, nor is he on any yellow page listings.

If you happen to turn up any lead I'd be grateful to know of it.


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