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Osama bin Laden's Views on the Assassination

Gary Buell

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You Mr. Colby have posted much on this Forum. To my knowledge you have only posted AGAINST things that you believe are contrary to the official propaganda line. Never once have you told us on any subject what you believe IN. Now is your moment..........Do you believe in anything? Or do you just protect the offical line? The floor is yours.....

You also have dodged about your past and bona fides so you can also fill us in on those if you like.

I see your cute little lines in your signature about harboring doubt....but I'd rather harbor some truth and facts. You bombard every post by Jack, myself and a few others to naysay it...not for anyone on the Forum...your hoped-for audience are the naive and unschooled out there in cyberland....IMO. So, when I match your innane and annoying posts with statement

 from people with 

real credentials and real passion over the crisis of loosing our country, you protest. Oh, by the way, seen the video on thermate by Jones yet....or are you awaiting my posting the cliffs notes version for you?

This post of yours here is just more of the same...provocation and naysaying. What DO YOU STAND FOR?!?!?! WE KNOW YOU ARE AGAINST ANYTHING NOT OFFICIALLY PRESCRIBED BY THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE. We know that all professors not beknighted by you are to be ignored. We know that all the research and speculation about an inside job false-flag op called 911 must be ignored to preserve whatever it is you are trying to preserve...but, again, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN AND WHAT DO YOU THINK HAS BEEN HAPPENING WW2 TO PRESENT?! You say you believe in a 'conspiracy' behind Dallas but have offered NOT ONE PEEP about it and frankly, I think no one believes it,....unless you think it was Lee and his 

est buddy or Lee and Marina. Enlighten us. Who pulled off 911? Where did the mystery energy come from? Why the molten steel from gravitational collapse and paper fires? Why must you degrade those who would expose the truth of the treason that went on that day and the lies since? What became of the 16 floors that had enourmous momentum to the side? Why the thermite signiture in the dust? Why the WTC7 with no fires and hits? NO! ....not your official crud reports...lets hear it from you.....what YOU Believe IN.....or are you 'harboring enough doubt' to not have any beliefs?


What you've discovered is that there is more than one way to proclaim, "I am no one."


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