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Morley Won PDF Document

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United States Court of Appeals


Argued October 22, 2007 Decided December 7, 2007

No. 06-5382






Appeal from the United States District Court

for the District of Columbia

(No. 03cv02545).......



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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Morley won!

( Many links within )

Somewhat miraculously, Morley won (found here, with link to the judgment) his appeal of a lower court sanction of a CIA end-run around a Freedom of Information Act request with respect to the CIA’s records on George Joannides (Morley writes about the case here, good general summary of the case here, and a long Morley article on Joannides and the newer scientific evidence on the assassination here). The Court found that the CIA technically complied with the Freedom of Information Act, but ignored the JFK Act (which was ironically enacted because the FOIA was inadequate to force documents out of the CIA!). The CIA has been attempting to weasel out of its JFK Act disclosure obligations, and, at least temporarily, until the appeal, has been put in its place. The CIA’s intransigence is telling in the light of all the publicity given to the recent voluntary disclosure by the CIA of its ‘family jewels’. When it comes to material of real interest, the CIA is much less generous with information.

The records on Joannides are a live issue as Posada Carriles is still a political problem in the United States. It is likely that Joannides handled both Posada Carriles and Bosch (Joannides’ CIA job was to destabilize Cuba – something the CIA is still at work on – and Posada Carriles was deeply involved in destabilizing Cuba), and the information the CIA is trying to hide is probably still embarrassing. Of course, the records may be doubly embarrassing depending on the involvement of Joannides in the Kennedy assassination.



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This is now the third thread on the Morley v CIA case!

The "victory" is not as clear cut as it may appear on first blush. I will explain why tonight.

By the way that blog is ridiculous. I doubt Joannides was involved in the assassination but let's say he was.

Do you think the CIA would ever have put that in a document? And if it had, do you seriously think they would hand over the document to Morley? They'd be better off saying their dog ate it while they were parsing through the documents.

If the documents are ever released there is no doubt in my mind they will advance the case but there is even less than "no doubt" that there will be a "smoking gun" document ever delivered to Morley.

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