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Zapruder film alteration info

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Fairly persuasive arguments for Zapruder film alteration...

There are animations on each page, allow all images to load when moving from page to page.

Thanks to Dr. John Costella in making these pages available to the general public and those researchers that have long held belief's that something is wrong with the extant Z-film.


Best regard's to all,

David Healy

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I particulary like the silly claim that the limo stopped and the mentioning of so many people seeing this other film. Let's address the last thing first. It's kind of comical hearing how there are all these witnesses who have seen this so-called other film when these witnesses don't even agree on what they say was on the film. One of these who people who have claimed to see the alleged "other film" said the version he saw showed JFK being hit as he rounded the corner. No witness to the assassiation has ever said what this person claims to have seen on his so-called "other film'. Just how many "other films" versions are there supposed to be!

The web page listed says, "Eyewitnesses overwhelmingly reported that, during the assassination, the limousine braked suddenly and came to a stop, before accelerating away again. Some people have also seen another film of the assassination—not yet seen by the public—which shows this stop very clearly. But Zapruder’s film doesn’t show the limousine stopping at all! It just keeps on driving down Elm Street the entire time." That statement is fasle! Many witnesses said that the motorcade came to a stop, not necessarily meaning that the limo in which the President was riding had stopped. A very very small amount of people said it looked like the limo had stopped, but keep in mind that they were behind the car and we all know that slow rolling objects coming directly at or going away from us will appear to not be moving at all. Witnesses who were off to the side of Elm Street did not see the limo as completely stopping. White House Reporter Merriman Smith said it best when he wrote:

The President's car, possibly as much as 150 or 200 yards ahead, seemed to falter breifly ......... Our car stood still for probably only a few seconds.

UPI White House Reporter/Merriman Smith/ Four Days/page32 and 33

Edited by Larry Peters
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