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Hard hat man

Robin Unger

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  • 2 years later...
I thought someone had identified that hardhat man as Brennan.


Jack. Brennan can be seen under the arrow, looking up at the TSBD.

The guy i am lookig at is the one to the right of Brennan with the SILVER hard hat.

I believe the fact is, that Howard Brennan claimed that he was wearing a hardhat,



as well as the following two pages.

What is more important, in my mind is that Brennan worked for Wallace-Beard Construction Co., which has another interesting angle regarding Dallas Police Officer Harry Olson who was guarding, or, as the mary ferrell site states was supposed to be guarding an "estate" on 8th Street on November 22, 1963

I believe this is one of the areas that has not been adequately addressed, and, as far as I know Harrison Livingstone, in The Radical Right and the Assassination of President Kennedy, is one of the few researchers, who was delved into this area.....Another interesting angle is that after 11/22/63 Breenan was working at the Republic National Bank Building, which, is also where George De Mohrenschildt recieved mail......

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