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Thrift Shops, Used Books, and the Bug!

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Hey Gang,

I often browse the old thrift stores here in search of old books on the assassination. In the past I have found several great books on JFK in just this manner. But I have to relate my latest find.

"Reclaiming History" By the bug. There it was on the shelf, near a sign that said "Hardbacks $1.oo" so I figured that was a fair price for this work, and picked it up.

As I approached the clerk I could not help but comment that the book was actually mis located, snickering I made the comment to her that they had the book in the history section when it should be in fiction.

She quickly apologized and offered compensation in the form of a discount. I got the book for 50 cents.

I had actually been joking, but I guess she, as most, couldn't tell I was joking. I thought you guys and gals may get a kick out of the story.

In recent times I have found:

The Day Kennedy was Shot

High Treason 2

John F Kennedy President

Portrait of a President

The Death of a President

Marina and Lee

Four Days

Thrift shops can be hit and miss, but they can be a gold mine for old JFK Books.



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Mike, I now have a library of thousands of books, mostly purchased from used book stores. Last year, I came across a copy of Arlen Specter's memoir Passion for Truth, autographed and dedicated to the parent's of his co-writer, Charles Robbins. The price was 20 dollars if I remember. Anyhow, when I gave it to the cashier he just scanned the bar code, and it came up as a cut-out for a dollar. I'd bought enough books at the store in the past where I felt I was within my rights to say nothing.

I recently came across a book autographed by Probe Magazine's Jim Di Eugenio. Jim may be glad to know that I sandwiched Specter's book between his book and an autographed copy of Lamar's Ultimate Sacrifice, just to keep Specter's book in line.

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Thats Great!!

It amazing really what you can find in the way of old books. I even found an old copy of Gray's Anatomy. Unfortunately for me the DVD was not in the Bug's book, but I am sure I will find one sooner or later. I felt so fortunate I thought I may contact the Bug and offer to sell him an autographed copy is the Warren report, autographed by JFK himself, I figured Bugsy would fall for it.



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I myself have benefited from used books online.I just received "Murder in Dealey Plaza" for around $10.00 (shipping included) And I also found "A Conspiracy of Silence" for a penny. (which I have not received yet)

Amazon Marketplace Receipt

Date: 19-April-2008

Order #: 058-9368990-1734164

1 of J F K: A Conspiracy of Silence (Signet) by Charles A.

Crenshaw; Jens Hansen; J $0.01

Buyer: thedropper@yahoo.com

Seller: help@betterworldbooks.com

Shipping & Handling: $3.99

Your Total: $4.00

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Those are great deals Mike! Two of my most prized media a copy of SSID, and a copy of the June25th, 1967 CBS Inquiry on DVD, both were given me by board members. SSID came from a longtime friend, and the 25JUN67 report had its first episode air on the day I was born. Other history from June 25, Little Big Horn in 1876, and the beginning of open hostilities in Korea, 1950. No wonder i was destined for the Military!

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