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Only really three pieces of evidence

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I'm going to be really controversial here:

In fifteen years of thinking about this subject, I, today, think that there are only really three pieces of evidence to suggest that JFK was not killed by Oswald.

1. The Zapruder footage.

2. The admission by the US government that the 'back of the head' photo was a 'soft matte insertion'.

3. The HSCA finding that there was a 'probable conspiracy' in the assassination of JFK.

Any additions?

All right. I will bite;

4) The fact that the Single Bullet Theory can not be proven. ( here is major lack of evidence, or evidence of a frame job)

5) Mulitiple Parkland Hospital testimony to shots from the front.

6) Negative Parafin test and false report of a positive test by Chief Curry.

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...and again, I may be wrong:

I think even the Warren Commision heard of shots form the Knoll.

It would be interesting to put together all the 'official' facts surrounding the assassination.

I bet there can't be more than 25. A bit more than three!

I see what you are doing, Carl. And I think it is good. Correct me if I am wrong but this excercise will point out all the official facts as you put them that are simply ignored by everyone. Another words they are ignoring the official facts in the case and blindly believing the official conclusion, which is contradicted by the official facts.

And that would not surprise me! Although I am dizzy now.

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