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Sunday, July 18, 2004 8:38:01 AM


I appreciate your condolences RE: Roy's demise - - he was a loyal and skilled "Operator" !!

Your 2nd E-mail indicates some impatience as to my not making an immediate response. Firstly,

I have Carpal Tunnel, and I usually don't get on the keyboard that frequently; moreover, with my

receiving 100+ E-mails every day - - I have to sort out quite a bit before any answering !!

Secondly, I am not a fan of A. J. Weberman, as he is a gross xxxx and plagiarist who has accused me

of being part of the operation which murdered JFK. [My surname is Hemming - without the "S", but

then again, the Oliver Stone folks puts an "S" on my name in the credits after acting/consulting on

the JFK movie project.]

[see below my recent response to A.J.]

As to somebody with a .45 cal. pistol? - - I have absolutely NEVER heard of such a reference in any book, movie, declassified document, rumor, old wives tale, nor drunken bar conversation !!

Next, as to somebody "...looking like a Cuban..." - - there is no such animal, and as with most other

ethnic entities, few have common stereotypes !! In fact, one of the Fidel's Cuban fighter pilots, who

I flew with when I was a member of the Cuban Rebel Air Force, and who shot down a couple of the CIA planes at the Bay of Pigs - - Capt. Douglas Ruud, was Cuban born & raised!! He was tall, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed. He died in Miami [during a quick trip from Cuba] a couple of years back while visiting with some of the Cuban CIA pilots - - all of whom he had been shooting at during the BOP - - April 15-19th, 1961. Many of those same pilots had been his flying buddies before they defected to the U.S. - - whereas Douglas stayed loyal to Fidel.]

I think that you had better get back to the books and documents before making further inquiries. All

of the researchers with whom I have worked, have done extensive home-work before framing their questions.

I have demanded the same of ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC, NYT, House Select Committee, 1975 Senate Intelligence Commitee (May '75), Jim Garrison, Harold Weisberg, Twyman, Fonzi, Newman, Russo, Russell, Nigel Turner, et al. before I have ever done an interview with any of them over these last 35+ years !!

Semper Fi / De Oppresso Liber,





When Kennedy was shot in the side of the head with the .45 by the guy on the stairs at the North Knoll [Cuban exile - any hints as to whom would have been THAT good with a .45? I've reviewed a lot of INTERPEN, Life magazine, Bayo stuff, and other photos, but I'm stuck], did someone then stick him like a prize pig, or shoot him, behind the retaining wall, and then load his body in a car behind the monument? Or did he manage to get away clean?

If the answer is yes, he was taken out according to plan, what did they do with the body? Put it in the trunk and then get the hell out of Dodge? Did the SS drive him away?

If no, is he still alive today, and do you have any idea how I might reach him?

Sorry - last question. Was it the plan to sit down after the action for those in Dealey Plaza? Just sit down and wait until the commotion ends? I noted that the signalman for the guy on the steps also sits down after the action, which is why I asked. I have no clue who he is either - he doesn't look Cuban anyway. It wasn't Roy was it?

Any information appreciated. Hope this email finds all well with you.

Kind regards,

Lee Forman


A.J. Weberman [a/k/a "The Penguin Kid"]:

That really gives me a chuckle - - I can visualize you waddling around the late-night streets of New

York City, amongst the garbage cans, searching out "state-secrets" carelessly deposited in targeted

VIP's trash. Are you still creating "montages" of these priceless treasures, such as the ones that you proudly displayed to me in the stairwell of your loft at 7 Bleeker Street?

You ask why I didn't "rush-to-respond" to you E-mails?!! I have quite a few people ahead of you in a long line of missives from "serious" researchers, investigators, writers, authors, etc., etc.!! First, I had to forward your "scheme" E-mail to a couple dozen of same, and as anticipated - - the majority replied in disgusting terms. However, I didn't forward that one to any family members, as that would have really set them off, and once again they would have been furious with me for having any contact whatsoever with a fantasizing scribbler of your ilk.

Let me get this straight - - you are proposing that since I am currently old and infirm, and "... soon to croak", I must join with you [and your alleged "money-men"] - - and forthwith contrive a tale of how it

has come time for me to "Fess-up" to having participated [or "directed"] the "Crime-of-the-20th-Century", the assassination of JFK. And moreover, by engaging with you in this collaboration, I might leave untold Dollar$ to my children & grandchildren.

I have had 14 grandchildren, ranging in ages from 2 months to 23 years of age [2 in college]; and it is

bad enough that they, my brothers & sisters, cousins, nephews & nieces, aunts & uncles, and even distant relatives - - have had to be exposed to your insane rantings, ravings and scribblings ["Nodules"] since the 1970s; but now you want to enrage and further embarrass them with another series of phony concoctions which defy belief.

More than one researcher/author in Europe has asked: "....Why the hell haven't you filed Libel suits against Marita Lorenz, Weberman, et al.?" My response in Marita's case is that she is nuts, AND BROKE!! - - and in Weberman's case - - this is just what he wants, another opportunity to snatch a 2 inch pile of subpoenas from the federal clerk of court, and thereafter proceed to attempt the deposing

of countless aged VIPs from numerous government agencies, hounding them with obtuse questioning - - such as: Where they were when Oswald farted at 9:42am on September 14th, 1963?!!

I recall that way back in 1977, when I and my brother Bob, allowed you access to our Miami offices;

and after perusing your first "literary-work-of-art?" ["Crotch D'Etat"] - - he asked me if I had ever seen a similar piece of bookbound xxxx?!! I told him that your text was quite similar to the crap that the "Limey", Hans Tanner, had produced upon his return to London post-Bay of Pigs. Here was a race-car "buff" who claimed to have participated in so-called "Commando-Ops" while a member/adviser to Batista Falla's MDC "organization?". Total bullxxxx, and like your later tome, largely consisting of plagiarized newspaper articles, and worse yet - - quoted completely out of context or outright false-

hoods. Tanner, much like his buddy Frank Fiorini-Sturgis, never participated in anything, that is: except having his picture taken aboard [or near] alleged "raider-boats".

Just like the 1959 "phony-photo" taken of "Fat-Daddy-Frank" [by Andrew St. George]; posing over the mass grave of "Batistianos" executed by Raul Castro many days prior. One thing you could be sure of - - Frank would always be there to wave "bye-bye" to the men and boys he had conned into going on fatal "missions" against Fidel. What a joke, that is - - if it hadn't always resulted in fatalities!! Did you ever wonder why such a "perpetual-snitch-patsy" got himself roped into the "Watergate Fiasco"; because he, Hunt, Barker, et al. [excepting Rolando Martinez, who was a genuine CIA hero] had long before been labeled as the perfect fall-guys necessary for the coup against Nixon.

So now you want me to join the James Files, Chauncey Holts, et al. - - and fabricate a grandiose plot explaining how a "ragtag" SF (ODA) Team sallied forth and pulled off the "Crime-Of-The-Century".

Another thing: why is it that you, along with a dozen or more other various and assorted scriveners, go "catatonic" [thousand-yard-stare] every time I would start explaining how my team was lured by government agents into "providing security" at Miami Int'l Airport during JFK's November 18th [Monday afternoon] visit?? Even Nigel Turner "went blank" when I opened up that subject while he was here filming for TMWKK. Why?!! Because Y'all know that the assassination was planned to go

down right there at MIA [or along the 36th Street causeway enroute to Miami Beach]; and that these "Perps" are very much alive and well - - and still in the business. Kinda scares the xxxx out of you brave "histerians"!!

All your phony crap trying to prove that Hunt & Sturgis were the "Tramps"!! I often discussed this with Oliver Stone while we were filming the JFK movie; and amongst our many arguments on many "factual items" was: They were not tramps, nor the genuine title "Hobos", and they were taken from a "gondola (gravel) car" - - not a boxcar!! Hobos never travel in a gondola car, simply because the car has a "bomb-bay" apparatus which can trap the unwary.

Ironically, the "tramp character" who you falsely labeled as Hunt, was in fact played by a genuine [retired] CIA assassin who practically raised Stone from childhood.

So, "bookreader", got any more tapes of me getting pissed off at you over the phone - - you remember, getting a rise-out-of-me - - with your continuos bald accusations during the interviews of 1994-'95?!! It really takes a genuine asshole to argue with an "Operator"; especially one who is simply attempting to further educate a mal-hygenic prevaricating non-scriptus-libris !!

Ever Onward, blathering and bleating,




Forwarded Message:


Date: 6/29/2004 11:14:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time


To: GPHEMMING@aol.com

Sent from the Internet (Details)

I am not penguin kid. I am using my daugther's email as my computer is in Brooklyn and I am not there now. Yeah, you are not interested in money you are an ideologue and will not sell out the anti-communists who killed Kennedy, I should have known.

Hey I had to do a year in prison for pot dealing and money laundering. Had a great time, I must say. A lot of laughs with the other prisoners. Got friendly with the CO's who beat up the Muslim Prisoners - I was at MDC in Brooklyn. They were good guys who always had a joke for me. Will never reveal their names. However one should not be judge, jury and executioner.

Some said if I stayed there longer I would have been running the unit, some said I already ran the unit, but that was not true as I was not into shaking down other prisoners, in fact I shared whatever I had with guys doing serious time. I don't have to tell you about prison.

Is there a telephone number I can reach you at? Would sure like to shoot the xxxx with you for a while. Gordon Winslow has been very sick, in and out of hospitals. Fonzi is chilling and I have done a book called The Protocols of the Elders of Islam but it seems there is more interest in my Dylan to English Dictionary. I never give up.

Like let's say you drop a hammer on someone when you are 80? How many years can they give you - 20 to life? You ain't gonna last that long anyway? They get cheated out of their pound of flesh. But the closer you come to death the more afraid of it you become. My buddies are mostly dead, killed themselves, OD'ed got hepititus, some got AIDS like Dylan. I survived, you survived. Christ is dead, Frank is dead. Hunt is real old. TELL THE TRUTH GERRY. Get it off your chest.

You can call me at

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004 10:44:45 AM


This is a photo of a "Standard Issue" M3a2 .45 cal. Sub-machinegun, nicknamed "The Grease Gun"

because of its automotive tool appearance. It was first issued just before D-day 1944, because the

U.S. Military had exhausted its supply of TSMGs [Thompson Sub-machinegun - "Tommy-Gun", which

also was .45 cal., but even its WWII military redesigned model was slow in production and cost just

a little less to produce as its commercial & US Navy predecessor.

Before 1934, TSMGs, BARs, etc., were sold over the counter at any hardware store, no license required. Faggot Hoover & sweetlips/cripple-ass FDR attempted to get all full automatic weapons BANNED during 1934, about the same time FDR was scheming to increase the number of Supreme Court justices in order to get his Communist programs passed, even despite their unconstitutionality and Stalin police state context!!

Once again the Supreme court told FDR and the corrupt Congress to go take a hike, and that the only lawfull statute [RE: automatic weapons] - - would have to be only "Regulation via a Tax Act", just like when they had forced Congress into settling for a "Marijuana Tax Stamp Act"!!

This lasted until Nazi Nixon [during 1969-70] swallowed too many enemas, and then "excreted out" the unconstitutional "Controlled Substances Act" (via an illegal use of Treaty Powers, instead of the usual "Commerce Clause" abuse).

The Marijuana Tax Stamp cost $200 per/lb. - - and the tax on a machinegun, sub-machinegun, etc., was also $200 each. The Sup/Court had "instructed" that a tax stamp price could only equal the costs of the total annual salaries/expenses necessary to accomplish routine "Regulation & Inspection"!!

The M3 "Grease Gun" in the PIC is the post-Korean War model, and like its predecessors, was cheaply fabricated cheaply from stamped scrap metal, with an effective combat/accuracy range equal to me, when I get up to pee at night. We Gringos and Cubans, had a bunch of them, and they were never worth a diddly xxxx. I had one for a while when I was in the Cuban Rebel Army, but dumped it as soon as I got me a Navy TSMG. [An M-3 W/ two 30 round mags taped together weighed in more than the B.A.R. W/ a 20 Rd. mag. of 30.06 = 21 lbs.]

There is NO silencer on this weapon, and none were ever used with a "Suppressor", because it is a "Blowback" system, which is almost impossible to suppress!! The barrel screws off quite easily, so

a paratrooper could fit it in a smaller weapons bag strapped to his parachute.

Up at WerBell's farm, he had two M3s with SIONICS suppressors on them, one a "threaded barrel job", and the other a "big bunch of holes drilled in the barrel job"!! They were bullxxxx bar drunk conversation making toys!! Guerrillas, Partisans, Resistance Groups in all of the WWII had these pieces of crap airdropped to them on a regular basis. [unless they were BWWs - "Bloody Worthless WOGs"]

Please "clue-me-in" on where this .45 cal. weapon appears in Dealey Plaza? Mayhaps it was in the possession of a random sewer-rat, hiding in the famous storm drain?!!

After two+ months (18 hours a day) in Dealey Plaza [working on Oliver's JFK movie] - - I finally took a pee down that nasty drain. [the porta-potties were much too distant] At least Oliver, up on the 7th floor, had one of those giant size water-cooler bottles to pee in, and had it hidden in one of the newly (Gaffer created) stairwells.

'Nuff said,


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Tuesday, August 10, 2004 3:27:00 AM


NO, I didn't get any E-mail with 3 attachments, nor any other type. I haven't a clue as to some aeroplane departing Redbird Field, nor any other aircraft reference similar circumstances.

In our circle of longtime researchers, we are accustomed to the practice of at least citing to some authority [Gov't documents, blogs, media articles or films, etc.] when boldly stating this or that fact??;

rumor; speculation; wet-dream, etc. !!

If you have a line of inquiry from reputable sources, and need to fill in the blanks - - OK !!; but queries

"out-of-the-blue-sky" are somewhat distracting.

Give my best to all,


The ironic part about this email was that Gerry knew all about the plane - however, didn't confide that to me until years later. He described the plane, why neighbors complained about it's loud engines [warming up], the pilot and the destination - Cuba. I can't recall many of the details....someone shared with me the likely candidate for the Pilot - a Cuban himself - might think about looking for it someday.

Edited by Lee Forman
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Saturday, August 14, 2004 7:26:50 AM

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From: "Tree Frog" <> [ Save Address ]

To: "Gerald P HemmingCAPTAIN" <gphemming@aol.com>


Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:50:25 -0400

He may be referring to the landing of the Robert Griel Vinson's plane from Air America, which picked up 2 guys in overalls at the Trinity River, then flew to Area 51 that day, where a secret base is located.

Book is called Flight From Dallas by James P Johnston & John Roe

Vinson had the misfortune of catching a hop from Ent AFB where my cousin was shortly due to discharge, and found himself wound up in the web of intrigue which carried him to Langley, where they talked him into signing up, which of course carried the usual secrecy oaths etc. to keep him quiet. It worked, he will not go public, although Johnston has a video that was played at Lancer with his deposition.

He lives somewhere in Florida, and I wish he would come to one of our meetings.

El Coqui

----- Original Message -----

From: GPHEMMING@aol.com

To: LForman23@comcast.net

Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 3:26 AM



NO, I didn't get any E-mail with 3 attachments, nor any other type. I haven't a clue as to some aeroplane departing Redbird Field, nor any other aircraft reference similar circumstances.

In our circle of longtime researchers, we are accustomed to the practice of at least citing to some authority [Gov't documents, blogs, media articles or films, etc.] when boldly stating this or that fact??;

rumor; speculation; wet-dream, etc. !!

If you have a line of inquiry from reputable sources, and need to fill in the blanks - - OK !!; but queries

"out-of-the-blue-sky" are somewhat distracting.

Give my best to all,


Edited by Lee Forman
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Wednesday, August 18, 2004 6:24:50 AM

[View Source]


I didn't want to appear to come down real hard on you, but as you see in the enclosed - - Harrison is

one of those long time researchers who has dedicated a lifetime to the JFK matter; and he, like many

others, has very little patience for "Newbies" !!

TreeFrog is a founding member of the "SFRG" [south Florida Research Group / check Google], and has also dedicated thousands of hours [and travel miles] trying to unravel the various "mysteries"!

Malcolm Blunt travels all of the way across "the pond" from the UK to thereafter spend thousands of hours at the NARA [Nat'l Archives] at College Park, MD., and like TreeFrog, regularly attends the annual

Convention at Dallas every November 22nd!!

Both the SFRG, and the larger "Master Researcher Group" have a protocol which mandates that ALL

persons trying their hand at research [and not limited to just JFK] will be treated with patience and

respect - - and just like the rules in "Brainstorming"; everybody is given a chance to contribute their

ideas without risk of retaliatory criticism; be he the CEO or the janitor who just walked in by mistake.

However, the biggest mistake made by the "Newbies" is making a submission in such a format that one might well be expected to take it as "Gospel" or a sworn statement [Affidavits, etc.].

There are those who after years of toiling through massive amounts of files, much of which is disinform-

ation, damage control, or outright forgeries, become rather short-tempered when somebody comes along and issues forth bold statements, many of which contain data long ago discarded as erroneous;

and moreover, without any "cites to authority", i.e., Warren Commission Document #, NARA RIF #, or

at least a reference to a book page or article title and date.

The suggested format is: the typical "Q & A" format, that is - - stating the proposition as whether something that you have encountered is reliable or NOT !!

As a veteran [50 years] as an "Intel Operator", I have had a bit of a lead on gaining insight to matters

of interest to the researcher community. Firstly, understand this: there were numerous covert & black

Operations going on in Dallas during the month of November 1963. Most had absolutely nothing to do with the events of "Dealey Plaza", and some had to do with counterintelligence and law enforcement

activities centering on Soviet GRU & KGB penetrations of the local "White Russian Community"; with

emphasis on industrial espionage against the petroleum geological interests. Even Castro's DGI was

Backstopping some of those Soviet Ops.

Other Ops centered on Bobby Kennedy's task force, which was dedicated to the recruiting and training of teams organized to assassinate Castro and his cohorts. Dallas was also an area of interest to these

same agents; and that was due to the fact that some of the recent commando raids against Cuba [and Soviet merchant shipping] had been financed by wealthy Texans.

So, get back to the books, and attempt to examine the large amounts of declassified documents now available to the public.

My Carpal is starting to act-up, so ketchya later,


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Saturday, October 30, 2004 12:40:35 AM - REF 420


It's a WB-57F 'Night Intruder' - weather Recon aircraft, Martin changed out the original Canberra to make this one a good link is




[see also: http://www.nightshooter.com/D60/Action_Jou...2004/index.html]

Excepting for "Gunner" Saint (USMC), few of the Air Traffic Control/GCA Radar students at NATTU/NASOlathe, Kansas [during the 1950s] realized that the USAF Reserve Squadron stationed there was a CIA "Spook" unit. Some of you might recall that the Brit "Canberra" Bomber (with the side-by-side seating in the cockpit -- later changed to front/rear tandem seating after the U.S. bought the factory licensing from B.A.E., UK) was a photo Recon aircraft. This aircraft was provided to the "spook" pilots for initial and refresher training for their flights out of Incirlik, Turkey and Peshawar, Pakistan - - both locales for the U-2 spy plane.

I stumbled onto this "Sheep-Dipped" [alias identification for military career officers/enlisted, just as was

Publicized after the Bay of Pigs when 4 (or 5?) Americans died on the 19th of April 1961] outfit almost by accident?!! I had inquired of an enlisted crew chief [C-46 "Commando"] if I might take a "Hop" with

them during one of their regular weekend "Drills". [A "Hop" could be a few short turns around the air-

field over an hour or two, or a long "Round-Robin" to a distant military airbase, but returning the same day.]

My very first flight was a bit of a shocker, in that instead of cruising locally, we flew down to New Orleans for the LSU vs. Tulane U. football game. (around Sept. '54). I had a flight suit, but instead wore my Winter Dress "B" ("Ike Jacket") Greens, and not only was sans an "Out-of-Bounds-Pass" (required beyond 50 miles on "Liberty"); I had only about $5 in my pockets.

Anyway, after noticing (rather nervously) that the C-46 had been flying in a straight-line for just about 4 hours, I strolled once again up to the "front-office' (Cockpit) and inquired of the USAFR MSgt. "...Just

where in the Hell are we going?" He took me aside and responded: "...Weren't you briefed? We're

going down to NAS New Orleans for the weekend LSU/Tulane Game?!!"

I motioned him to step back into the cargo bay, and once there, explained that I'd assumed that this was going to be a short Hop-around-Olathe flight, and that I was not only short on "Passes", money, but as he might have noticed - - no "Ditty/AWOL-Bag"!! He then "bespaketh": "...Wait here while I go up front and clue in the two Captains and the Lieutenant". He shortly returned and stated: "...They said

'No-Sweat', if we enlisted pogues kept them out of the gutter on Bourbon Street, they would cover both of our expenses completely"!! [it wasn't until the following weekend that they had assumed that I was just another one of their regular TDY'd Marine "Spooks" that flew with them on most of their Stateside and Euro-Asian covert operations.]

The PIC (Pilot-in-Command) USAF Captain was a close friend of the playwright Josh White, and that we would be bunking at one of his apartments at the intersection of St. Peter & Bourbon Streets, just across the way from "Paddy O'Brien's Pub". While me and the Sergeant recovered from big-time hangovers at the apartment (with J. White), the Officers went to the football game.

We landed back at NAS Olathe just in time for the Sunday night 10PM closing of the E-Club Bar. Every

weekend after that, it was flying cross-country to a different base. One weekend it was Fort Benning, Georgia - - where we dropped Tibetan guerrillas on a remote drop-zone (DZ) across the Chattahoochie River in Alabama. Next it was Green Berets and Euro-aliens at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After that we hit Fort Lee, VA to parachute some of the CIA students from the Camp Peary "Farm".

During these obtuse adventures, I heard whispered tales of the ("Famous?") "Samarkand-Milk-Run"

inside the Asiatic Soviet Republics, using C-47s & C-54s painted up as USSR Air Force birds. (During

WWII, under the "Lend-Lease Plan", we had delivered [via Iran] large numbers of C-47s, C-54s, Convair

T-29Ds, etc. - - which they promptly reverse engineered, and reproduced same in large numbers, and

tacking on Ilyushin model numbers -- while claiming that these were their very own genius designs.

Before the U-2 Ops started in 1956, our Intel Guys took advantage of the ease of quick paint jobbed

USAF aircraft not ever being challenged by Soviet Air Defense elements, as long as we had the NSA provided code-words and "call-signs". One of our guys ["Rick S."] flew a DC-6 all over the USSR, tak-ing aerial photos of most of Siberia [And all of the Southern Asiatic SSRs] for over six years straight, and without any "SNAFUs" or "FUBARs"!!

Then one day, at an East Coast AFB, I was detained by an Air Force OSI Special Agent wearing the rank of Lt. Col. - - and who wanted to know: "...What the F...K did I think I was doing hanging with these "Clandestine Ops" guys??!!" The following day [a Sunday], the "Colonel" entered the transient barracks, took me aside, and said: "...Apparently, two of your Uncles are VIP Intel-connected - - and

they have intervened on your behalf, and you are to return to your Base, keep your mouth shut, or risk getting some time in Portsmouth Naval Prison or Leavenworth!!" "...Now, let's go get drunk...I'm buying!!" [We had to go to the Staff NCO Club, because in "real-life", he was only a Master Sergeant in the US Army CID, on TAD to USAF/CIC - - and was prohibited from drinking in his USAF "Colonel" unif-

orm while "off-duty"]

Later, while stationed at MCAS El Toro, I got "chewed-out" by emissaries from both of my Uncles. But,

they didn't say that I had to officially give up on my "Strange-hobbies".

Meanwhile, back at the Olathe "Ranch", work progressed in modifying the RB-57 "Canberra". A few years later [by the 'Nam era] the "Canberra", by then, had its wings extended to almost double the length of the fuselage, thus allowing it to do U-2 stuff up around 60,000 ft. msl [Altitude] - -and was practically a long-range "Glider" by then.

My regular "Copilot" BOQ "Booze-Runs from NZJ [MCAS El Toro] to Fort Huachuca [Douglas-Bisbie, AZ]

are another series of "Sea Stories" for the future.

Semper Fi,


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Thursday, November 04, 2004 7:43:16 AM

[View Source]

Interesting that after Hitler had announced his "New World Order" [Das Neues Ordnung der Welt], we

are seen to hear that H. G. Wells has adopted the NAZI motto (NAtional SoZIalismus) as the very same motto for his "German Workers' Party", the NSDAP (National Sozialismus Deutsche Arbeiter Partei) !!

Strange, that "Dubya's" Grandfather was charged with violation of the "Trading With The Enemy Act"

during World War II, and only after working with a consortium of "Profiteers" financing Hitler's operat-

ions during the 1930s - - and into the 1940s. Stranger yet, none were indicted for violation of the even more harsher Federal "Neutrality Act". I know, because I, and others, were arrested and criminally charged with violations of the same Neutrality Act during December of 1962 - - just after the Cuban Missile Crisis. When Jim Buchanan (of The Miami Herald) and other reporters around the country asked "WHY?" - - and it appeared that our mission to Castro's Cuba was to verify that most of the nuc-lear missiles (anti-shipping/Navy Fleet "Scud" type "FROG" SRTBMs) remained armed in Cuba, the

RFK Dept. of Justice promptly ordered the charges dropped. [The NATO designation means "Free-Ranging-Over-Ground"]

Moreover, we now have discovered [via declassified documents during the 1990s] that RFK "Went-Off-

Berserk" upon discovering that the CIA "Task-Force W" 2nd-in-Command: William King Harvey, had

sent into Cuba, multiple CIA controlled assets (Contract Americans & Cuban Exile Commandos), dur-

ing the "Quarantine-Negotiation Period"; and in violation of JFK's strict "Stand-Down" orders.

Some of the "Maritime-Missiles" were of the "GOLEM" type. When JFK "Whizz-Kid" McNamara met

with the Russians & Cubans in Havana (Oct. 1992 - 30th Anniversary of the Missile Crisis), he was told

by SOV-General Pribikov that: "...Indeed, the 57 short-range (225 nautical miles) Nuke-tipped missiles

sited at the Soviet-controlled Banes (North Coast-Oriente Province) Naval Base, remained armed, act-

ive, and in place for more than 18 months after the "Deal" between JFK & Krushchev !!

It was later reported that "Mac" almost suffered a stroke right at that table in Havana.

Semper Nauseum,

Gerry Patrick Hemming


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Do you still think he was one of the three tramps?




I spent quite a bit of my time explaining certain evidence to Oliver Stone while we were filming the

"JFK" movie - - RE: "The Tramps".

Firstly, the proper term for transients who "ride-the-rails" is "HOBO", NOT "Tramp". A "Tramp" is a

'Ner-do-well/vagrant who roams the streets, or a woman of "ill repute".

More than once I explained to Oliver that more than likely the so-called "tramps" were decoy/fall-guys.

Amidst the filming of the railroad yard arrest/takedown, the question arouse as to what actual evidence did the "Art Dept. Experts/Conslultants" have as to exactly WHO was it that released the allegedly "de-

tained/arrested" trio from the City? or County? Jail !!

Immediately, there was much scurrying-about by multitudes seeking out the documents, names or

at least a copy of a media report, or absent that -- name or names of specific reporters who might have made mention of the "Trio's" release from custody.

Moreover, I further explained to Oliver Stone that the Dallas cops had pulled the "Trio" from a Gondola-Car, not a Boxcar. Hobos never ride in Gondolas because they are filled with gravel and have "bomb-bay" type doors on their bottom hulls, and oftentimes open by accident. That railroad employee in the Yard-Tower was only able to see the Trio due to their being exposed in an open top Gondola, and he thereafter informed both the cops and his supervisor by radio and landline.

As for the name "Bloomer" or anything else - - I consider ALL names to be aliases !!


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No clue - but he sent this one out to a bunch of folks...

Subject: RE: Motorola 2-ways

Date: 11/12/2004 3:01:38 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: LForman23@comcast.net

To: GPHemming@aol.com


Hey Gerry.

Based upon many hours of searching on multiple occasions, I am under the distinct impression that any form of radio coordination efforts in the 1963 era would have had to have been provided by Motorola. I came upon several models, but haven't been able to run them all down. The ones that seem most likely are the HT100 series, known as 'the brick.' The HT200 series came out as early as 1962, but this slimline version was just too big for any covert ops, I would imagine.

The typical field radio used in Military exercises, of course, was like carrying a briefcase.

Even the SS had contracts with Motorola - I'm assuming that's the system they had in place in 1963, using their 'Bravo' and 'Charlie' frequencies.

Pretty cool stuff on this site, link below. Photo of 'the brick' attached.


I've been trying to find a brick to buy, just for the hell of it, but so far, looks like a valuable collectors item, worthy of being spotlighted on the 'Antique Roadshow.'

- lee

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From Gerry Hemming

Written by: Gerry Hemming

Produced by: Gerry Hemming

Words & Story by: Gerry Hemming

Copy Right: Gerry Hemming

Sure is strange hearing about “Cheerless Pernt” controllers and how rough and ready, and the best, and on and on.

I remember NAS Olathe in 1954-55 and the designator was NUU, and moreover, were had just shifted from a “Loop” range to an “Adcock” range and flying the Link trainers seeking out the Morse code combinations indicating which quadrant you were in and the split “dah-dit, dah-dit” to indicate just right of centerline of the colored airway… and “Pelican I” [AN/MPN-1] bringing us in on a GCA in the SNB-5 “Beech” [all of the SNJ-3/AT-6s were down for maintenance] with USN/NAP pilot AC1 Les Gardiner at the controls, or half a dozen other NAPs.

However, and maybe its my “Old-timers Syndrome” setting in but I can’t remember the designator for MCAS El Toro [NZJ?], but I do remember working the first “Old Tower” during 1955 before going back to GCA school that summer. Coming back to work at GCA-49M in “George” Marengo’s crew housed behind the CPN-4 in a half Quonset/Squad tent with a light board on a panel showing both the left and right GCA patterns. A duplicate panel was up in the tower and wheels-watch punched buttons that lighted up where [downwind-base-final] each aircraft was and the tower “rogered” over the landline.

BUT, I also remember that during our “Los Angeles” summers, we were at or below “Minimums” 24 hours and 7 days a week for months. We had MACS-9 out on San Clemente Island just of the coast [“Swanny Approach Control”] and they handed off the straight-ins and more than frequent low fuel state/hydraulic failures/instrument failures, etc., etc., at the 20 mile “Gate”.

So we really racked up the pure IFR GCA Approaches and a scoreboard was kept on the wall. One of the more nastier incidents was when “Buck” sergeant M. Slay was on his fourth or fifth emergency of the afternoon [at IFR Mins] and both F9F-8P “Cougars” had “low state”, could make but one pass, were at over 300 knots when GCI handed them off at the “gate”. Sgt. Slay finally got them to slow to 150 knots at about 12 miles on “final”, but at 9 miles he noticed on the PAR/AZ/ EL Scope that the wingman was straight and level with his leader, instead of [as instructed] “ to the right rear and slightly stepped UP!” Slay opened his microphone twice on final [ignoring the “do not respond to any further instructions” to warn the wingman to correct his position, and the leader chirped in his own command to obey and quickly reminded Slay that this would be “full stop” for both aircraft and no “Wave-off” is possible.

The flight leader touched down well forward of the “numbers”, but the wingman touched down on the railroad tracks and chewed up the golf course before he burned. We had “Old Saddleback” mountain a few miles off the end of 36R/36L which meant close watching of instrument T/Os, missed approaches, etc. plus the LAX traffic [38 miles distant] overhead Airways to San Diego and March AFB traffic. I would say that we had a good share of experienced and professional controllers out there in “Smogville”!


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Thursday, November 18, 2004 8:32:16 AM REF 416

[View Source]

NOTE: Is there anybody out there who might straighten out this "Armchair/Monday Morn Q-Backer"

Marine 'Nam Vet? I would respectfully suggest that he do what a whole bunch of FEMALE Democrat

and Republican members of the Congress have repeatedly done - - get your ass on a plane and go over and see for yourself (in harm's way) what the f..k is going on every day in Iraq and Afghanistan !!

I have both family and old buddies over there on repeat extended tours (even after post-stop/loss); and

I am sick and tired of the nagging by this bunch, whom are sitting here safe at home, munching their

Quiche !!

Has this Glaser forgotten Brit "Bomber" Harris and Dresden, Lemay and the fire-bombing of Tokyo,

the Japanese civilian "cult-victims" jumping off of the cliffs of Saipan. He refers to Iwo Jima so very

Glibly -- how about Pelelieu and Tarawa, the "Frozen Chosin", Porkchop Hill, Vegas-Carson & Reno?

Of course civilians die in every campaign -- it's called WAR !! We "Nuked" Hiroshima

and Nagasaki in order to save over a million military and civilian lives -- against a duped populace that was preparing to fight our troops with spears and "suicide" (Kamikaze) tactics; just like this enemy !!

'Nuff said -- Semper Fi,



"....Jim Glaser [send him mail], a Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran and Commander of VFW Post 3869..... His personal website is: www.JamesGlaser.org ..."



What Does Taking Fallujah Get Us? -- James Glaser -- November 16, 2004

It was reported on Sunday that the Marines have taken Fallujah. Now this isn’t like when the Marines took Iwo Jima or Guadalcanal, but Washington wants us to think that. The truth is that this battle did almost nothing to shorten our troops’ stay in Iraq.

The Department of Defense reports that 38 U.S. troops were killed and 275 wounded in the ongoing operation in Fallujah. 60 of the wounded could return to duty. Without our incredible medical care, we might have lost a couple of hundred troops; as it is over 300 casualties in less than a week is bad enough.

Remember, this is just our losses in Fallujah. According to Defense Department reports, another 17 soldiers were killed in the rest of Iraq. Depending on which report you read, we lost either three or four helicopters, several tanks and who knows how many other vehicles.

Now I was in the Marine Corps and it really tears me up to see these losses, but what is even harder to cope with, is that these deaths and wounds were for almost nothing. Washington kept telling the country and the enemy that we were going to attack for weeks. Therefore, any of the top enemy commanders who wanted to, could walk away from Fallujah long before any fighting started.

We claim we killed anywhere from 600 to a 1,000 of the enemy fighters -- but there has been no count on the number of innocent civilians we killed. Just like in Vietnam, you see a leg lying there and you just know that leg belonged to an enemy soldier. No way could that leg have belonged to an old man or woman or some teenager in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

You drop a 500-pound bomb or a 155 artillery round on a house, you're lucky if you can identify a leg. Sure we killed a lot of the enemy, but to put a number on them and no number on the civilians killed tells us a lot. We haven't a clue as to whose body parts we were counting and we really don’t want to know. Civilian deaths are hard on troop morale.

Will taking Fallujah get our troops home faster? Only the ones coming home in a box or shipped to some state-side hospital. How about enemy troop strength, did we cut that down? Iraq has a custom of "blood feuds" and by destroying a huge city like Fallujah (Pop. 300,000+), we very well might have increased the number of fighters against us.

Before this war, all we talked about was how Saddam destroyed whole towns and villages of those who opposed him and now we are using that same tactic.

The world sees a lot more of the fighting going on in Iraq this past week than we see here in the States. All of our coverage is approved by the military and we only see what they want us to see. The world on the other hand sees only what we don’t want our own citizens to see. If there is a dead child, you know the rest of the world is going to see that little body over and over again.

We are in a War on Terrorism and the rest of the world watches in horror as American troops bomb, fire artillery, use tanks and attack helicopters and jets against a city whose claim to fame is that it has over two hundred houses of worship.

We are losing this War in Iraq and I believe, even though we took that city and killed several hundred Iraqi fighters, we have lost this battle. There is no way that we could win, when we displace hundreds of thousands of innocent people, kill who knows how many innocent civilians who couldn't leave for one reason or another, and destroy much of a huge metropolitan area.

The whole world sees what were are doing and they have to ask is the price the innocent people had to pay worth it so that the United States could kill maybe less than a thousand Iraqi freedom fighters? How many of those Iraqis died defending their own homes? Wouldn't most Americans do the same and fight, if a foreign power was destroying their home town?

November 16, 2004

Jim Glaser [send him mail], a Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran and Commander of VFW Post 3869, works

to educate the American public on the consequences of war. His personal website is www.JamesGlaser.org.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004 8:39:07 AM REF 415

[View Source]

NOTE: I do wish that A.J. Weberman would go nag the xxxx out of all of these weird assholes who have this obsessive propensity for publicly "Fessing-up !!" Now we might get down to the extremely serious business of rounding up the "real" killers of Cock Robin, Judge Crater, and the miscreants who actually

delivered the "30 whacks with the axe".

Preston and me go back and forth every week on one thing or another, and this despite the fact that my brother wrote him off [in a pissed off fashion] months ago. Bro' Bob just cannot tolerate dopers of any Stripe whatsoever. Me, I don't really give a rat's ass, just so long as they don't crap in MY front yard.

Unfortunately, back during the late 1960s I discovered that the upper echelons of the Law Enforcement

establishment had long ago written ALL dopers off as "The Walking Dead" [ZOMBIES], and therefore,

were to be handled as just so much garbage and detritus, not even worthy of morgue delivery or a dec-ent burial; just warehouse type imprisonment !!

All of same was reinforced during the 1970s, and the Nixon Administration overtly [and blatantly] made it the official policy of government. I came up with some suggestions, and some were implemented,

But in almost every case the REMFs/bureaucraps screwed them up as FUBAR. Turf wars became the norm, and good Ops were sabotaged and some Operators went to prison for their efforts.

'Nuff said for now,




A new film poses the question,"Could the second JFK shooter live across the street?"

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Thursday, November 25, 2004 5:09:04 AM


Just as we expected when we were working with Oliver Stone on the "JFK" movie, any device that tends to focus new and wide interest in the Dallas murder - - will bring even MORE thousands of both young and old minds into the dispute over conspiracies. This will without doubt be the case of the younger generation of citizens born after the event, and heretofore blissfully ignorant of history and

the schemes which have brought this Nation to the point where we find it today !!

I don't care what games, contests, TV specials, etc., which cause renewed focus on that tragic event.

I remember 40 years back when absolutely nobody in this country gave a rat's ass about JFK !! Maybe

you weren't around then, when we were rebuffed by everybody (of every stripe); especially when 100% of the focus was on the Vietnam War. "Inquest", "Rush To Judgment", and Harold Weisberg's tomes were totally ignored, and it was only when Garrison initiated his operation, did a meager few take interest in disputed (and very obvious errors & deceptions) sections of the Warren Commission's coverup.

If some brave soul's come out with "Hip-Hop" and "Rap" songs/music which make any kind of JFK reference, GREAT; even if they are completely disparaging of, disrespectfully, or otherwise.

The old adage: "...I don't give a xxxx...just spell my name right!!" will pass muster with even the most ignorant of "Madison Avenue" techniques.

My goal during the early years was to generate ANY kind of interest - - negative, positive, or indifferent - - just so that the memory was kept alive in the maximum number of the wistfully deficient "Minds??"

which sadly populate our civilizations around the Globe.

I hope that they make a fortune, and thereby generate even more interest in those events of almost a half-Century ago.

Why do you think I put up with a psycho like Weberman over the years, "...Just spell my name right!!"

and keep on digging into those files and garbage cans, maybe a tidbit of gold might surface and thereby encourage others to explore even more deeply - - even if it takes "dumpster-diving" to do it.

Chill out, and save your adoration for Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, or George Carlin's mentor.

Semper Fi,

Gerry Patrick Hemming (and I approved this message!!)

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Thursday, December 02, 2004 1:40:14 AM

Lucien E. Conein

Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

From a contemporary press report:

Lucien E. Conein, 79, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and covert intelligence agent whose career ranged from landing by aircraft in Nazi-occupied France during World War II to participation in the coup d'etat that brought down South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963, died June 3, 1998 at Suburban Hospital, Virginia. He had heart ailments and had been hospitalized for several months after breaking a hip.

Colonel Conein's career also included orchestrating the infiltration of spies and saboteurs into Eastern Europe after World War II, training paramilitary forces in Iran and a secret mission to organize anti-communist guerrillas in North Vietnam after the country was partitioned following the French defeat in Indochina in 1954.

He retired from the military and CIA in 1968 but later joined the Drug Enforcement Administration, where he directed an intelligence-gathering and operations unit until his civilian retirement in 1984.

Born in Paris, Colonel Conein grew up in Kansas City, having been shipped there alone at age 5 by his widowed mother to live with her sister, a World War I French war bride of an American soldier. While growing up in Missouri, he retained his French citizenship, and when World War II began in 1939, he went to the French consulate in Chicago and joined the French Army.

After the fall of France to Germany in 1940, he made his way back to the United States, joined the U.S. Army and, because of his fluency in French, was assigned to the Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor agency of the CIA. In late 1944, he landed in Nazi-occupied Southern France on a mission to deliver weapons to French Resistance forces who were preparing to attack German forces heading north to intercept the Allied advance across Europe.

After the war ended in Europe, he was transferred to the Pacific theater of operations, where he joined a military unit conducting raids against Japanese-held installations in North Vietnam. He was assigned to the Central Intelligence Agency when it was formed in 1947, keeping his military rank and position as a cover.

During the next two decades, Colonel Conein would become the stuff of legend and romance in the intelligence community. Author David Halberstam, writing in "The Best and the Brightest," described him as "someone sprung to life from a pulp adventure." Stanley Karnow, in "Vietnam: A History," said he was an "eccentric, boisterous, often uncontrollable yet deeply sensitive and thoroughly professional agent." Henry Cabot Lodge, President John F. Kennedy's ambassador to South Vietnam, called him "the indispensable man" and a vital liaison between the U.S. Embassy and the South Vietnamese generals who plotted the overthrow and subsequent assassination of Diem in 1963.

An inveterate and enthusiastic storyteller, Colonel Conein often prefaced his conversations with such statements as: "Now, this one is the double truth, scout's honor, the double truth," or "Don't believe anything I tell you; I'm an expert xxxx."

He sometimes talked about his OSS service in wartime France, where he lived and worked with the Corsican Brotherhood, which also was part of the Resistance. Before he left France, he was made a member, Colonel Conein said. He added: "When the Sicilians put out a contract, it's usually limited to the continental United States, or maybe Canada or Mexico. But with the Corsicans, it's international. They'll go anywhere. There's an old Corsican proverb: 'If you want revenge and you act within 20 years, you're acting in haste.' "

Part of the mystique about him was the widely held belief that he had once served in the French Foreign Legion. He was a regular at annual French Foreign Legion dinners in Washington. But in fact he had never officially been part of the organization. He had two fingers missing on his right hand, the result, it was generally thought, of a daring and hazardous clandestine operation. In fact, his fingers were cut off by the fan of a stalled automobile he was trying to repair.

Former CIA colleague E. Howard Hunt considered hiring Colonel Conein for the group that bungled the 1972 Watergate burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters, which ultimately led to the scandal that resulted in President Richard M. Nixon's resignation. "If I'd been involved, we'd have done it right," Col. Conein once told Karnow.

In Vietnam in the late 1950s, Colonel Conein served in a special action group under General Edward Lansdale in a CIA-directed operation aimed at undermining the communist leadership in Hanoi and the northern part of the country. A common tactic was to organize and stage funerals without a corpse and to bury a coffin filled with weapons for later use by anti-communists. Because of his French background and wartime service against the Japanese in Vietnam, Colonel Conein had the trust and confidence of many of the Vietnamese military officers, but the campaign against the communist leadership in Hanoi never flourished.

Later, when senior military officers in South Vietnam were plotting against Diem, they sought out Colonel Conein as their conduit to the U.S. Embassy. "These men trusted Conein as they would not have trusted another CIA agent," wrote Neil Sheehan in his book about Vietnam, "A Bright Shining Lie."

"He was an old comrade, and his French birth fortified the relationship. When he was with them, he saw that his French side came out, because he lived in both cultures in spirit and he knew that it put them at ease."

After leaving the CIA in 1968, Colonel Conein returned to South Vietnam as a private businessman. In 1972, he joined the DEA.

He was in media headlines in the mid-1970s when then-Senator Lowell Weicker (R-Connecticut) investigated allegations that a DEA unit was preparing to arrange the assassination of drug lords. These charges were denied, and nothing was ever proven.

Colonel Conein's decorations included a Distinguished Service Cross, a Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, a Bronze Star and the CIA's Intelligence Star.

Survivors include his wife of 41 years, Elyette B. Conein of McLean; six sons; a daughter; 11 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.


CONEIN, LUCIEN E., LTC, USA (Ret.), Age 79

On June 3, 1998, beloved husband of Elyette Conein; devoted father of Laurent, Philippe, Caroline, Bernard, Serge, Charles and Cecil Mashburn; grandfather of 11, great-grandfather of one. Memorial services with Full Military Honors at Arlington National Cemetery Chapel, July 14, 1998 at 1:45 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Salvation Army.

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Date:Wednesday, December 08, 2004 3:21:02 PM

[View Source]

NOTE: Let us all stride to assist our Islamic brothers in their quest to arrive in "Paradise" with greater

dispatch. ["72 Virgins" -- And what do the female suicide bombers get ?? "72 Virginians" !!?]

During the late 1950s I studied side-by-side with Submariners [NESEPS-"Naval-Science-Studies"] who

later commanded "Nuke-Boomers". This was at the US Naval Academy Prep School, NTTC Bainbridge,

MD (Havre de Grace); and despite that most are retired now, I firmly believe that the situation depicted in the movie "Crimson Tide" is now even more probable!! [i suggest that interested parties rent/buy a

copy of same (with voice-over translation and/or Arabic sub-titles).

Your Qu'ran clearly states that "Kafir" (Infidel Christians, Jews, et al.) women & children taken captive are to be spared death due to their new status as slaves, and thus "property". You have caused the initiation of "The 6th Crusade" via your Madrassah "schools?" worldwide, reinforced by your support of slavery and genocide -- which continues today.

"UBL" is not a "Tamerlane", and there is no possibility of an "Alexander" on the horizon. The Israeli Mossad is well aware of the purloined suitcase Nukes, and a few recent statements by retired Israeli military & ministerial VIPs, to wit:

"....If we suffer incineration of even one of our cities, be forewarned....we have targeted several major "European Capitals" already...and be assured...we will not go down alone!!" [israel stockpiles 200+ fission & thermo-nuke weapons, and have long maintained the necessary delivery vehicles!!]

Just one of our numerous "Boomers" with "M.I.R.V.s" has full capability of carrying out 100+ "Nuke" MIRVs strikes, and can be executed during a 48 minute period. The "Fall-Out Footprints" would NOT

affect any Western nations.

Take notice and be forewarned -- patience is wearing very thin amongst very dangerous minds.

Semper al-Haji Hem,


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