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6TH Floor Images online

Robin Unger

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I'll answer my own question.

Having just checked other images, I would have to say that it is. Given this Skaggs image, I believe it is safe to say that this individual is not Jim Braden aka Eugene Hale Brading.



Hi James.

Yeh it looks to be the same Jim Braden look alike, but like you, i don't think it is him.!


Regarding post #16, yes that's definitely the same guy who was tentatively identified as Eugene Hale Brading in a well-known photo (below). The same "Al Davis"-type face, the same hat, the same X's on the same hatband, the same white shirt with tight collar, the same tightly-knotted dark tie.

http://www.jfkresearch.freehomepage.com/MissedShot.htm (scroll down to other photo of him)


P.S. If you're wondering who Al Davis is, he's the owner of the Oakland Raiders football team....


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