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Jim Garrison's Book

Wade Rhodes

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I think Garrison is America's absolute hero of the last century!

He did the one thing that no one else has ever done- Stand alone against the federal government.

Of course, at the time it wasn't apparent but looking back he began the peeling process that brought in Watergate and many other scandals that have shown our federal government and even state and local governments to be the sidewinders they are.


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Hi everyone, I was wondering what your take is on Jim Garrison's book 'Heritage of Stone'

Here is a page from the Merry Ferrell site.


Gee Wade,

That's really interesting.

I remember reading "Heritage of Stone" and zooming in on the phone records he revealed about the New Orleans - Chiacgo - Dallas - phone numbers called by suspects Ruby/Meyer/Gill/Ferrie et al.

But this guy Peter Gregonis is certainly interesting. 854 Camp Street?


Maybe if he hooks up with Dick Gregory they can go get themselves arrested.

And remember, "it's illegal to kill the President, and disorderly as hell."


That sounds like Kerry Thornley and the Discordians to me.


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