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  1. I have heard there were temporary extra workers on hand to replace the 6th floor's flooring. In the progress of the work all the boxes of books on the west side of the 6th floor had to be moved to the east side in order to lay the new floor. Seems a very suspious time for new people to be milling around near the box conjested sniper window area on the east side of the SBDB. Anyone have any answers or coments? Jim
  2. The way I understand it is that the west side of the 6th floor was being covered with new plywood first. This meant that all the books on top of this area of floor had to be moved out of the way. So the boxes of books were moved to and towards the east side { the sniper's nest side ]. This just seems a lucky break for the sniper team. Does anyone know whose respondsibility it was to get this floor covered? Who made the decision to start on the west side ( a question as valid as the final motorcade route ] it seems to me. jim
  3. Greg, you are correct . i thought that may be the case. In the past i had a Mossberg 22 cal. w/ 5 shell clip. It shot 22 shorts and only sounded like a pellet gun but still potentially leathal. Another time while in the U S Army stationed in Germany I was picked to qualify with German weapons. I shot a 45 " grease gun " a World War Two machine gun. You can actually see the 45 slugs come out of the barrel and follow their paths down range. But even with this slow velosity the gun was in extensive use even into the early seventies. Also the sound wasn't ear shattering. jim
  4. Thanks Greg, Just thought the sound of an air gun might be a reason some only heard 3 shots. jim
  5. TO ANYONE: Would it have been possible for say a CO2 air gun to power a projectile thru JFK's head ? And if so what sound would its use have produced? Wound anyone know of weapons like this in 1963? jim
  6. Hi Jack. Could you post a pic of one of the other ones w/o the patch for comparison? jim
  7. What I mean by " Who are they " is this; I am asking those on this forum I respect, such as the Kelly's, the White's, and the Speer's ect. ect... to help me fiqure out who sat on the high throne and manipulated and checked and double checked on info coming in so that all info correlated and dove tailed to a false [but to the unwashed masses] plauseable set of events that came to be the official story of the assassination? It seems to me there had to be a set of lawyers and powerful actors setting in an information clearinghouse wading through intelligence as it came barreling in saying, " This fits. This does'nt. This has to be moved to stay in the time line. Oh yeah, we need to place a bus ticket on OZ, discount or discredit these witnessess, and build on these other witnessess. I don't see a clearinghouse operation for the first couple of days after the assassination, but one had to be building. There were'nt, to my knowledge, assassination cover-up software packages available in 1963 for computers to help. I do see a large room probably in Dallas somewhere with chalk boards, legal pads, type writers, pointers clocks, coffee, cigars, top secret rubber stamps getting worn out, and heavy security all around! I see the whole affair broken down into for example , Ozwald's defection Oz buy's rifle Oz buys pistol Backyard photos Walker affair Grassy-knoll witneses ECT....ECT............................................. Yes, this was kind of the job the WC was suppose to do but we have seen they themselves didn't. Was it Belin, Spector, and others working for the WC? Where did the authority come from? I'd really like all you conspiracy people's opinions out there. I'd like to try and narrow down " Who are they ?" jim feemster
  8. Hi David, Read my post " Now, Who shot Connally ". It deals with the shot JFK took in the back that only penetrated the lenth of a finger and did not exit JFK'S body to hit John Connally. Note the pristine witnessess given, from Gary Shaw's book " COVER UP ". The stretcher bullet was faked The zig zag line it took in mid-air did not exist The clothes, coat and shirt being bunched up doesn't matter The height of the jump seat and distance from the door makes no difference CE399 did not exist. It's a red herring. The single bullet theory could not have happened. On this one point alone is more proof than one needs to proclaim a conspiracy because when you realize that CE399 didn't exist then you have to realize also there were at least four shots! PS, Can DVP explain this info away? JIM jim
  9. Thanks Bernice, My copy of " Cover Up " is pretty ragged and woreout. What do you think of his " 8 Shots " idea? jim
  10. " Cover Up " by J. Gary Shaw with Larry Ray Harris, Copywright 1976, 1992, pages 60-66. Pertaining to Kennedy's back wound; Quote on: Did a missile traverse Kennedy's body and go on to wound Gov. Connally? The FBI Summary Report given the commissision on Dec. 9th, 1963 { and understandably excluded from the 26 volumes of Hearings } makes the statement about the so-called neck wound: "...there was no point of exit." A Supplemental Report issued on Jan.3, 1964 confirmed the Bureau's earlier finding: Medical evaluation of the president's body had revealed that the bullet which entered his back had penetrated to a distance of less than a finger lenth. The FBI's conclusion that the bullet did not exit the body was based on a written report by two of its agents, Francis X. O'Neal and James W. Sibert, who were present during the autopsy. Their report contains these two statements: " Further probing determined that the distance traveled by this missile was a short distance in as much as the end of the opening could be felt with the finger. ....and inspection revealing there was no point of exit." SS man, Roy Kellerman testified: " A Col. Finck, during the examination of the President, from the hole that was in his shoulder, and with a probe, and we were standing right along side of him, he is probing inside the shoulder with his instrument and I said, " Col. where did it {the bullet} go?" He said, " There are no lanes for an outlet of this entry in this man's shoulder." Agent William Greer was asked by Commission council Arlen Specter, " Was anything said about any channel being present in the body for the bullet to have gone through the back?" Replied Greer, " No sir. I hadn't heard anything like that, any trace of it going on through." The New York Times, quoting a source familar with the autopsy printed on December 1963: " The first bullet made what was described a small neat wound in the back and penetrated two or three inches" Five weeks later the Times said the bullet, "hit the President in the back of his right shoulder, several inches below the collar line. That bullet lodged in his shoulder." The Dec. 18, 1963 edition of the Washington Post disclosed that a bullet, was found deep in his shoulder." Obviously, if the bullet never exited Kennedy's body, the missile never traveled on to strike Connally. Quote Off: This says it all. First hand, on the scene, offical reporting by FBI and SS Agents. They were there. They saw the truth. They told the truth. Leaving no room for LN's OR CT's to tweak or add to or take from. Early articles from national magazines printing the truth. Forget the Magic Bullet. There wasn't one. No need to waste any more ink on this non-subject!
  11. Hi Pat, Would the fact that the casket had to have it's handles removed before it would fit through the door of the plane be a difinitive way to tell if it was changed at some point to fit the" two caskets " theory? One of the agents descibed the casket as a cheap affair for the president's body to be shipped in and i have never heard of the handles removal before. He even goes on to say the piece of broken handle he was holding slipped from his grasp at one point almost causing a dropped casket. jim
  12. It's my feeling that OZ was saying ," Hey, I'm not sure what's going on here but " YALL " better get someone down here to get me out of this situation I've been put into. This was'nt part of the plan!" "I've not eaten the cheese yet but I'm ain't going down by myself." Since he didn't kill JFK or anybody I don't think he thought his life was in danger. As for OZ axing for Abt, I think this was a fabrication to confuse and confound and keep " THe Commies Did It " on the table until the final sheep dipping was in place. jim
  13. Just a tidbit here. EA started out with Ruby walking down the ramp to the police station to shoot Oz. Roy Vaughn, former Midlothian Police Chief, sued the movie maker and won causing EA to divert from the opening of the movie, since it was never provened Ruby came to his shooter's spot this way. I knew Roy but he wouldn't say if he was awarded $ in the settlement or not. I personally believe that the producers of EA changing the film's opening was enough for Roy. I also like " THE PACKAGE " and its setting up of its patsy. jim
  14. Hi Bill, When, as kids, one of us would knock the ball out into the field that was full of weeds we had a way to locate it. The boy who hit the ball would turn his back to the field and throw the bat over his shoulder. It would land, naturally with one end pointing one way and the other end the opposite way. We would line up at each end of the bat where it fell and walk in those directions. If we didn't find the ball in the tall grass then we would repeat the process until we did. Hoch's method seems simular. A starting point is needed. jim
  15. Hey Bill, I always read your posts but barely ever respond because yours are so complete. I learn so much more by reading. What could I add except to say I agree w/you most of the time. In this case when I first started studying JFK A. , I found it difficult to think a spy could be made out of clay and put together at a very early age as Oswald has seemed to have been. Who would have the foresight and the reason to begin "sheep dipping " Oswald from an early age, I thought. Did they know specifically the role Oswald would play or was he just one of many ready to step up and do their duty when the puppet masters sent word to their handlers. After reading and studying and thinking these last 11 years I am amazed by what I still don't know and what guys like you ,Bill, post from your serious research! Jim
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