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Introducing: The Deep Politics Forum

Charles Drago

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Dear Members and Readers of the Education Forum,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Deep Politics Forum.


The following is excerpted from our Mission Statement:

"The Deep Politics Forum is an online community dedicated to shining light into the shadowy reaches of historical and contemporary deep political systems and their objectives, strategies, tactics, and operatives, and understanding their social, economic, and cultural consequences.

"Our mission transcends mere academic inquiry, which we accept as an invaluable tactic in a broader strategy to wield knowledge and truth as weapons in a coordinated assault on the manipulators who operate within deep political shadows."

I invite all members and readers of the Education Forum to visit the DPF and apply for membership.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Charles R. Drago


Deep Politics Forum

NOTE: It is not our intention to take up valuable bandwidth on any other Internet venture. Accordingly, all questions and comments regarding the Deep Politics Forum should be sent directly to our website and will not be addressed here.

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I have to laugh - their own members are breaking their own rules already! Amazing.

Evan, John etc - do forum rules forbid applying the word 'xxxx' and its variants to a "member" who only uses his membership to try and undermine this forum?

Perhaps they should call it the 'Deep BS Forum'

Edited by Len Colby
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