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Cyril Wecht live from COPA

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Cyril Wecht will be broadcasting live to the COPA conference and around the world from Pennsylvania this morning at 9am Dallas time. Which is 10am EST and 3pm GMT.

The live stream has been set up and will be available from the start of Dr. Wecht's speech on the COPA website www.politicalassassinations.com

While this element will definitely go ahead, we also hope to stream the rest of the conference online, a first for COPA and conferences like this.


Please circulate

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The stream is working perfectly. It's an xcellent picture, perfect sound. The service is called ustream.tv and it's free. We, as a community, should use this technology more regularly.

Good to see Cyril in such fine form. Did anyone catch the name of the textbook on blood splatter that he mentioned? Is there any chance a tanscript will be produced?

I thought Dr. Wecht produced a non-sequitor on the Lifton body-alteration theory.

He asks how the conspirators could have forseen that the autopsy would be conducted by by pathologists who had never autopsied a gunshot victim before. One easy answer is that whoever decided that the autopsy should be done by amateurs did so in order to ensure that body alteration would go undetected.

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Unfortunately, I don't think anyone at Wecht's end pressd 'record' as well as 'broadcast', so I don't know if we have an archived version yet. We do, however, have videographers at the conference itself. Myra Bronstein has offered to transcribe the talk if we can secure an online copy.

I'll know for certain whether it was archived or not quite soon.

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