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Bill Hicks and the Assassination of JFK

John Simkin

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Bill Hicks on the assassination of JFK:


Good find John

Even in this short stand up routine, Bill is able to capture the very essence of the problem behind the publics perception of the JFK assassination...the techniques used to comatose the public into accepting the official (WC) line...mainly a combination of repeating the offical "facts" year after year after year, marrying said "facts" with technical jargon and scientific analysis...and promoting said facts on a variety of websites, tv specials, etc, etc...whilst ignoring (or discrediting) other pertinent information and witness testimony...

However, even with these "facts" firmly established, the majority of the public are not convinced that Oswald acted alone...

Why is this...

To me, there are a number of "basic" issues which have not been (or cannot be) adequately explained...namely

1) The exact timing of the three 3 known shots (this is still up for debate)

2) The exact path of each of the bullets...(this is still up for debate)

3) The true relations between LHO and a) the FBI B) the CIA, and c) the anti-castro community

If these three aspects can be fully explained then I will be more likely to feel comfortable in coming to a conclusion about the events that day...

At least number 2 should have been put to bed in 1963 when the presidents body was on the autopsy table...I cannot accept that this was not done and dusted then...

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Bill Hick's congradulates the Sixth Floor Museum for accuracy in recreating the sniper's window, without Oswald being in it - yulk, yulk,

and then there's the anti-Castro pidgeons, coo, coup....

and Americans can go back to bed confident in knowing the government has figured it out, and that you are free to go back to watching American Gladiators.

God Bless Bill Hicks, who joins a long line of standups who have focused on the JFK assassination as the hallmark of our constitutional funnybone - including Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory, Paul Krasner, Richard Belzer and others...

As Ian Fleming suggested to JFK, ridicule is the best way to deal with Castro.

Rebels with applause:


Red Dwarf - BBC Comedy


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