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Last Video Interview of E. Howard Hunt

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Email received on March 23, 2009:

Dear Friends,

I have finally finished editing the last video interview with my

father, E. Howard Hunt.

Those of you who have read my book "Bond of Secrecy", will recall that

I wrote about the delicate nature of these interviews. In order to keep

costs down, I offer a no frills DVD with zero production

gimmicks...just the straight video of my father discussing the JFK

assassination. This is very controversial stuff and is available to you

through my website www.saintjohnhunt.com.

I also want to thank each and every one of you for all your support.


Saint John


P.S. I will personally autograph each DVD to you!

Link to Saint John Hunt’s Home Page


Link to “Last Testament of E. Howard Hunt”-DVD Page


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As you know, but others may not.....this dvd video release ties in with the info in your earlier thread:

"Howard Hunt's Deathbed Video on JFK Assassination, Naming CIA Agents Cord Meyer and William K. Harvey"


I read and enjoyed the e-book about 6 months ago, but I forgot to copy it to my hard-drive or make a printed copy of it.

I don't recall it naming Bill Harvey, but it may have done so.

I guess that I will have to spend another $6.00 to retrieve the book and then pay whatever the video costs (within reason).

I found EHH's comments to make a compelling case for how the assassination took place, but it could have been a lie or a deathbead modified limited hangout.

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Does anyone know if the naming of Hunt's son, "St. John", was influenced by Kim Philby's father's identical first name?


Wilderness of Mirrors By David C. Martin - (bottom of pg. 14)

You know Tom, that's a good question. And it really bugs me that the US government has classified records from the general public because, they say, it would be available to the KGB, but the Russians, thanks to Philby, knew pretty much all of it from the Get-Go.

Philby told the Russians in 1948, when the idea was laid out by Frank Wiser, with Philby in the room, that the CIA was going to use philantrophic foundations (ie Catherwood Fund, San Jacinto Fund, Ford Foundation, etc.) to conceal the sources of its funding for covert operations.

The Russians knew all along, and quietly monitored what was going on, while the American people were kept in the dark until the Ramparts National Students Association story broke (circa 1967?), and while LBJ said he was going to stop the process, they kept doing it and still do it.

Just as Ian Fleming fictionalized Philby and Cuneo, Catherwood and James Bond in his fictional 007 novels (I really like Ernest Blyfield), E. Howard Hunt, like Angleton and Harvey, were personally enraptured by Philby, and St. John Philby would have been a fitting godfather for a spook like Hunt.


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