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The Charles Drago Challenge

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Mr. Drago

You have repeatedly alleged that you are unable to logon to this forum from your home computer but are able to do so from friend’s computers only to have those blocked as well. You even claim to be unable to see the forum. For example fellow DPFer Dawn wrote the following and Peter Lemkin, another DPFer who echoed these claims, posted it to another thread here:

I can't help but wonder why Andy keeps posting that Cd is not banned from EF when not only is he banned but a second computer- a friends- from where he posted was also banned. He has posted today from yet a third computer and I see again that Mr Walker is denying that CD is banned. I don't get it. Why not just be honest and give the reason for banning him? Charles cannot even look at the forum from his own computer he is THAT banned.

On that other thread, “Greetings from the DPF” Evan and I suggested you post the screen shots of your denials of service.

The reasons for this are twofold, it would 1) establish that you really are having such problems and 2) help ID what exactly is going on. If however you fail to post the screen shots the most reasonable conclusion would be that you never really had the alleged problem. I doubt making up excuses for not doing so will convince any one except perhaps your most devoted allies.

The procedure is quite simple

1) try to open the EF from your home computer

2) take a shot of the screen by pressing the “Print Screen” button (note on some computers this is abbreviated “Prnt Scrn” or some variant). The button is normally on the right side of the top row.

3) Save the image the easiest way to do this is to i) open an imaging program like “Paint”, which comes with Windows, ii) paste it in to a blank file (page) by using the menu bar or typing Ctrl B (i.e. the Ctrl and B buttons simultaneously) iii) saving the file using the menu bar or typing Ctrl V (i.e. the Ctrl and V buttons simultaneously).

Repeat steps 1 – 3 on your friend’s computers

4) A) Send the images to Peter or Dawn and have them post them or

:rolleyes: Log on here and post them here yourself by (1) saving them to a pen drive and post them from a friends computer or LAN house or (2) using a proxy or IP mask

Make sure of course the address bar and url are clearly visible. Don’t take too long or people might suspect the images had been altered with. If you and your buddies have all used up your attachment quotas you can post the images to a host like photobucket.com and post the urls.


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This entire thread it nothing but a provocation. I suggest it be deleted. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=166036

I would say the provocation came from Drago's initial post "Greetings from the DPF" with the obviously sarcastic words "Best to Andy and Evan" or was Drago just being friendly? lol

Also, why is it that you "freedom fighters" and "truth seekers" are always so keen to delete, ban and censor everything? And Peter, as you feel so strongly that the EF is acting, not only unfairly but also lying and being deliberately deceitful, then surly you can only do what any highly principled person such as yourself would do...resign.

Edited by Denis Pointing
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This entire thread it nothing but a provocation. I suggest it be deleted. http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.ph...st&p=166036

Typically hypocritical of the guy who started a thread titled A quest for the truth - who or what is Len Colby?!


Charles shouldn’t be threatened by this thread IF he can meet the challenge. IF he’s telling the truth it shouldn’t be a problem. Making screen shots is very simple.

Nate - Dan is right Peter and Jack started several threads to attack other members of the forum (including Bill M. and me). I don't remember you objecting and my memory might be playing tricks on me but I believe you even participated in a few.

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I'm closing the thread until I can get guidance on whether it should remain open or not.

I would ask all member to refrain from further posting on this topic until further notice.

This is not censorship or it's ilk; it's a pause whilst we sort this out. Thank you.

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