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John Roy Carlson - "Under Cover" and "The Plotters"

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His books Under Cover and The Plotters are available at http://www.abebooks.com

Here is a PDF version of Under Cover... http://spitfirelist.com/books/under_cover1b.pdf

Read it, save it and cherish it. It is really a classic and was the NY Times bestseller for non-fiction when

it first came out. Thanks to Andy Winiarzyk of The Last Hurrah Bookshop who first recommend it to me.

I think he might have been Richard Condon's source for a lot of the info on Manchurian Candidate...

John Roy Carlson (1909-1991)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Roy Carlson (1909-04-09, Alexandroupoli—1991-04-23, New York[1]) is one of the many pen names of Avedis Boghos Derounian,[2][3][4][5] the journalist and best-selling author of Under Cover.[6]

Derounian wrote for the Armenian General Benevolent Union's Armenian Information Service, and the Armenian Mirror-Spectator. His exposé writing has been the subject of lawsuits.[7][8]

Derounian is notable for editing the controversial manifesto of Armenia's first prime minister, Hovhannes Katchaznouni.[9]

Contents [hide]

1 Personal life

2 Undercover work

3 Lawsuits related to Under Cover

4 Bibliography

5 References

6 External links

[edit] Personal life

He was born to Boghos Derounian and Eliza Aprahamian in Alexandroupoli, Greece, and spent part of his childhood in Turkey and Sofia, Bulgaria, where his brother Steven Derounian (who later became a Republican Representative) was born.[10][11] His family, fleeing the Balkan Wars, eventually settled in Mineola, New York. He went on to study at New York University's School of Journalism. Later, he married Marie Nazarian, and had a daughter, Elyse, and a son, Robert.

He died of a heart attack on April 23, 1991 at the library of the American Jewish Committee on East 56th Street.

[edit] Undercover work

Derounian was a tireless investigator of subversive activity, and claimed to have joined numerous "patriotic" groups, some of which he listed in the opening of his book Under Cover: American National Socialist Party, German American Bund, Christian Front, The Ultra-American, Nationalist Party, American Nationalist Party, American Women Against Communism, The Gray Shirts, America First Committee, No Foreign War Committee, Christian Mobilizers, American Destiny Party, American Brotherhood of Christians Congress, The Ethiopian Pacific Movement, Citizens Protective League, Social Justice Distributors Club, The American Defense Society, Anglo-Saxon Federation of America, Paul Revere Sentinels, Ra-Con Klub, Crusaders for Americanism, Inc., We the Fathers (Auxiliary to We the Mothers Mobilize for America), The Christian Mobilizer, Phalanx, PAX (secret gun club), National Workers League, Yankee Freemen, Cross and the Flag, Committee of One Million, Flanders Hall, American Patriots, American Bulletin, National Gentile League.

He was also the chief investigator of the anti-fascist organization, Friends of Democracy.[12]

[edit] Lawsuits related to Under Cover

Several parties instituted actions against him for alleged libelous matter in Under Cover. Three of the four cases failed the consolidated case before the jury, leaving a verdict in favor only of lawyer Jeremiah Stokes, whose appearance Derounian had allegedly mocked. Stokes is first mentioned on page 365 of Under Cover, and his patriotism questioned in the next chapter, which begins:

I was in the room alone with two men. The one who had pumped both my hands in welcome was a small round man with a bald dome and rotund face. He had small, beady eyes and he peered at you from behind rimmed glasses He was definitely of the single-track, uncompromising zealot type. Jeremiah Stokes had let his law practice slide and was devoting the major portion of his time to the writing of "patriotic" tracts.

Derounian appealed; the appellate court reversed the district court and remanded the matter, stating in the overview:[8]

The court found error in the submission to the jury of a physical description of the individual as small and rotund in stature, bald, round of face, and having small and beady eyes. The description of the individual was not reasonably calculated to subject him to public ridicule. It was error to submit to the jury ridicule of personal appearance as an element of damages.

[edit] Bibliography

Under Cover. New York: E. P. Dutton. 1943.

The Plotters. New York: E. P. Dutton. 1946.

Cairo to Damascus. New York: Alfred Knopf. 1951.

[edit] References

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5.^ Joshi, Sunand Tryambak (1998). Documents of American Prejudice: An Anthology of Writings on Race from Thomas Jefferson to David Duke. Basic Books. pp. 406. ISBN 9780465016242. http://books.google.com/books?id=0yP3HkzSG...ox-a&pgis=1. "This beauty is an Armenian born in Greece, whose real name, if such a person can be said to own a real name, is Avedis Boghos Derounian, alias John Roy Carlson, amongst a string of fifteen aliases." (other quote elided)

6.^ Sarles, Ruth; Kauffman, Bill (2003). A Story of America First: The Men and Women who Opposed US intervention in World War II. Greenwood Press. pp. xvii. ISBN 9780275975128. http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ea1onGA...JNhYFA1jwAMkfrw.

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12.^ Kahn, E.J. (1947-07-26). "Profiles: 'Democracy's Friend'". New Yorker. http://www.newyorker.com/archive/1947/07/2...CARDS_000209522. Retrieved on 2008-08-06. "One of Friends of Democracy most fruitful accomplishments has been discovering a man named Avedis Derounian, better known by his pen name of John Roy Carlson."

[edit] External links

John Roy Carlson's Under Cover, Martin Solomon

John Roy Carlson's Cairo to Damascus, Martin Solomon

Edited by John Bevilaqua
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This was Avedis Dernounian's brother... (pen name for John Roy Carlson)

Derounian, Steven B. - Attorney at Law

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Derounian, Steven B. - Attorney at Law

cantorjoeocho (View posts) Posted: 20 Apr 2007 4:37PM GMT

Classification: Obituary

Surnames: Derounian, Kennard

Former United States Representative and New York State Supreme Court Justice dies at 89 passed away in Austin,TX. As a young attorney with a reputation for a strong handshake, Mr. Derounian began his political career when he was elected councilman of the town board of North Hempstead, New York from 1948 to 1952. He was subsequently elected from the 2nd District of New York to the House of Representatives as a Republican in the Eighty-third and the five succeeding Congresses, from January 3, 1953 to January 3, 1965, the first Armenian-American elected to Congress. During his five terms as Congressman, Mr. Derounian served on the Ways and Means Committee, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the District of Columbia Committee, the subcommittees on Transportation & Aeronautics and the Special Committee on Legislative Oversight, and served as Congressional Advisor to the US Delegation to the World Health Assembly at New Delhi, India, and to the US Delegations to Liberia and the Cameroons. Mr. Derounian was part of the Congressional subcommittee that investigated the 1950'S Quiz show scandals involving Charles Van Doren and the Dick Clark payola hearings. His remarks and questioning won him national attention as an advocate of honesty and integrity in government and were quoted in the Robert Redford movie "The Quiz Show" in which the hearings were portrayed. In 1954, he was elected a member of The Chowder and Marching Society, a society of influential Republican congressmen, and was a delegate to the 1956 and 1960 Republican national Conventions. After completing his sixth term in Congress, he became senior partner in the New York law firm of Derounian, Candee, Guardino, and Murphy, from 1965 to 1969. In 1968 Mr. Derounian, a resident of Garden City, New York, was elected as Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, and he served on the bench from 1969 to 1981. The Derounians retired to Austin, Texas, in 1981, where he was of Counsel for the law firm McGinnis, Lockridge, and Kilgore. Mr. Derounian was a member of the American Bar Association, New York Bar Association, Washington Bar Association, and the Austin Bar Association.

Mr. Derounian was born to Armenian parents, Boghos and Eliza Derounian, in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 6, 1918. He was brought to the United States in 1921 when his parents and two brothers immigrated to the United States to escape the massacre of Armenian Apostolics by the Turks. The family settled in Mineola, New York. He graduated from the Mineola public schools first in his class, worked his way through New York University, and the Fordham University School of Law, where he was editor of the Fordham Law Review. He graduated and was admitted to the New York Bar in 1942 and began practice in Mineola the same year. Mr. Derounian was licensed to practice before the U. S. Supreme Court, the New York Supreme Court, the Federal Communications Commission, the Interstate Commerce Commission, and the Board of Immigration. Four months after passing the New York Bar he was selected for Officers Candidate School and, graduating as a 2nd Lieutenant, joined the 103rd Infantry (Cactus) Division with which he served in combat overseas from October 1944 to March 1946. He was awarded the Purple Heart, and the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster. He was discharged as Captain in 1946. In 1947, Mr. Derounian met and married the former Emily Ann Kennard of Gonzales, Texas, whom he met while the recent University of Texas graduate was living in New York. He was a Mason (Mineola Lodge, Second Nassau District), a devoted member of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd where he served on its Vestry, search committee, and as an usher. He was an avid golf and tennis player, an accomplished violinist, and a lover of opera and symphonic music. He was a recipient, in 1961, of the Sarafin Award, an award of national recognition given by the Armenian Student Association to Armenians who have made exceptional contributions to community life. Mr. Derounian never met a stranger. He brought to his duties and to his life, an indefatigable and optimistic zest grounded in honesty, integrity, and great pride to be an American. Preceded in death by his son Steven Blake Derounian, his brothers Avedis and Hagop (Jack) Derounian, Mr. Derounian is survived by his wife of 60 years, Emily Ann Derounian, daughters Ann Banks, Lexington, Kentucky, and Eleanor Derounian, Austin, Texas, son in law David P. Banks III, Lexington, Kentucky, granddaughter Elizabeth Ashby Green, Lexington, Kentucky, niece Elyse Derounian of Manhattan, nephews Paul Derounian of Manhattan, and Robert Derounian of Penfield, New York. A memorial service will be held on Saturday, April 28,2007 at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Austin, Texas. A service of committal will be held at the Masonic Cemetery in Gonzales, Texas. In memoriam, the family requests that memorials be made to Hospice Austin, Spicewood Springs Road, The Gathering at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, and the Salvation Army.

Arrangements by Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home, 3125 N. Lamar, Austin, TX 78705 - (512) 452-8811.

Edited by John Bevilaqua
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This was a posting from Avedis Dernounian (John Roy Carlson) and

ironically it debunks the work of J. Armstrong and others who constantly

utilize Corso as a "trusted source" of information. Corso is a crackpot and so

is anyone who "trusts" him or uses him as a source. Almost the

entire Richard Condon Man Cand crowd is referenced here either

directly or indirectly. Frank Cappell was the "researcher" for

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver by the way. Anyone who follows the Oliver

and Corso scapegoating school of thought regarding the JFK hit has

been thoroughly and totally brainwashed. Wittingly and willingly.

Who among the Condon ManCand Nazi crowd is mentioned herein?

Senator Strom Thurmond as Senator Thomas Jordan

Dr. Revilo P. Oliver as Viola Narvilly Opera Singer

The MacArthurites - Corso, Willoughby and Fellers

The McCarthyites - Morris, Otepka and Thurmond

Herman Kimsey, Spas T. Raiken's associate and confidante at ABN

Bonner Fellers himself as Frank Bollinger

American Security Council: Angleton, Morris, Willoughby and Cline

Ray S. Cline - John Yerkes Iselin

General Pedro delValle - the Pioneer Fund IAAEE racist and anti-Semite

Angleton and Vonsiatsky via the Goliniewski references

These were the men who had JFK killed...

"'Phase one' stories linking Oswald and Ruby to Communists were circulated

by Willoughby's associates PHILIP J. CORSO, a veteran of Army Intelligence

who had retired by 1963 to work for the segregationist Senator Strom

Thurmond, and Cuban exile Salvador Diaz Verson, a former chief of Cuban

military intelligence.... In 1963-64 Corso and Willoughby were part of a

secret rightwing group, the "Shickshinny Knights of Malta" (so called after

their headquarters in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, to distinguish them from

the more famous Roman Catholic Sovereign Military Order of Malta based in

Rome). The group provided a home to dissident retired military officers

dissatisfied with the CIA's internationalism, many of them, like Willoughby

and General Bonner Fellers, veterans of the old Hunt-MacArthur-Pawley

coalition in the early 1950s. By 1963 the group's leading asset in their

anti-CIA propaganda was a Polish intelligence defector, Michael Goleniewski,

who had claimed to audiences inside and outside the CIA that the Agency

penetrated by the KGB at a high level.... Shickshinny Knight Herman Kimsey,

who claimed to have been Goleniewski's handler inside the CIA, also spun an

elaborate story about how his CIA duties had put him in touch with Kennedy's

assassin - the mystery man in Mexico. Finally, the chief press contact of

the Shickshinny Knights, Guy Richards of the New York Journal-American,

published the claim (soon taken up by Frank Cappell, by the John Birch

Society, and by Willoughby's American Security Council) that Oswald, like

another alleged KGB assassin (Bogdhan Stashinsky), had been trained at a KGB

assassination school in Minsk.... Willoughby was in auspicious company, for

the Shickshinny Knights had an 'Armed Services Committee' that in 1963 read

like a Who's Who of retired military men at the extremist fringe. All these

'Knights; had been 'singled out for their brilliant and outstanding careers

as Soldiers of Christ and Advocates of a Free World. Besides Willoughby,

they included a number of other members of MacArthur's old team - Brigadier

General Bonner Fellers, Lt. General Pedro del Valle, Marine General Lemuel

Shepherd. British Admiral Sir Barry Domville, jailed in England during World

War Two as a Nazi agent, was also on the list. So was Colonel Philip J.

Corso, a twenty-year Army Intelligence career man until his retirement in

August 1963. He had been the military Operations Coordinating Board's

delegate to the CIA group planning the 1954 Guatemalan coup. In 1956 Corso

had sought to reactivate fifty surviving garrisons of East European

paramilitary units still hanging on in West Germany and tied to the Gehlen

spy network. When his Volunteer Freedom Corps, dedicated to rolling back

communism, was scuttled as too radical by the Eisenhower administration,

Corso attributed the defeat to 'lies by our liberal darlings.' A staunch foe

of what he considered a laissez-faire CIA, Corso testified before Congress

on 'military muzzling' after General Walker was kicked out of West Germany

in 1961. Upon leaving the Army Intelligence, Corso went to work in 1963 as a

'research assistant' for segregationist senator Strom Thurmond of South

Carolina. And, after the Kennedy's assassination, Corso was among the first

to spread rumors hinting that Oswald was tied to a Communist ring inside the

CIA - and doubling as an informant for the FBI. Corso once sued the liberal

columnist Drew Pearson for defamation - writing about Corso's extremist


Sarah McClendon was also very friendly with Philip J. Corso who admitted

he was involved with The Nazi Rat Lines by describing how he would hand

pick Nazis on the run and then wisk them away from Giovanni Battista

Montini via a "back-alley" pickup in a Jeep marked with "MP" logos.

Nazi Rat Line were reinvented by The Coudert Brothers law firm when they

gained entrance to the US and Canada from Paris for multiple Ukrainian

Nazis right after the Russian Revolution.

The Nazi Rat Lines were run by Nazis Schweinhundt not by the Pope or his emmisaries.

Case Closed.

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If the case is closed, then you don't have to write the same thing over and over again right?

What happened to your book that was suppose to be ready soon?

Why don't you publish that so those who want to read your rambling can do so and those that don't don't have to.

Those who have solved the JFK Assassination and know all the answers can go home now.


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