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Now here's a man after our own hearts!:


He thinks Hoffa, Trafficante and Marcello arranged and planned the assassination. The CIA organised the cover up.

There must have been some CIA involvment, in the assassination,for the car to slow down and for LHO to be put up as the patsy??

Well Moldea's arguments are pretty primitive and lack any real substance. He used to say that the Mob did it and then they strong-armed

the cover-up themselves. He is pretty much a staunch right winger himself. He never bothered to consider WACL, the Birch Society,

the American Security Council, the White Russians, Shickshinny Knights of Malta, Eugenicists, MK/ULTRA, etc. Other than that, his

approach is circa 1975 and stalled in dead water. And as for looking at the anti-Catholics, the anti-Semites and the Racist Right well...

that just seems to have never occurred to him. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

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Actually, I've had another thought. (Well done, me!)

I've stated in other posts, that JFK fell out with the CIA first. Strictly speaking, he fell out with the Mafia first, be not acknowledging them, when in government??

Hey Carl,

Yea, Dan's an interesting guy, and was one of the first, if not the first to hypothesize that the Mafia was behind the assassination of JFK, a discredited theory that has picked up momentum with additional propaganda by Blakey, Hartman and Waldman and Kaiser.

He even stopped by to chat for awhile.



John Hunt's been after him for years but he doesn't like to debate, especially after John Judge followed him at the American U Symposium on politics and film in 1992.






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There's a book, by Arthur C Clarke and/or Stephen Baxter, where they invent a 'time viewer', and find out the truth about various historical events. The truth about JFK and RFK is said to be 'depressing'.

It could be the depressing truth that the Mafia did it all. Depressing because we will never know the how or why. Thing is, OK, Trafficante and Marcello were very clever, but did they know ALL the internal workings of the CIA, as they would have to, in order to organise the whole thing? Even if they just said: 'We will shoot him at this corner, slow down the car', there would have to be more information being passed backward and forward, in case anything went wrong. What about the second plot, to fly Oswald out to Cuba and blame it on them and also, the shooting of Tippit? I think the CIA knew SOMETHING about the assassination, as well as the cover up.

Won't we all find out in 2017, when the files have been released? Assuming all the plotters are dead by then!


Did you read the Rod Serling thread about the Twilight Zone time machine that goes back to the 6th Floor Sniper's lair?

As for the mobsters, they had a very powerful network that had co-opted the US government, but they didn't run the defector's program, think up Northwoods, conduct black propaganda operations, or have the necessary control over what happened at Dealey Plaza and the immediate aftermath.

The Mafia, as John Judge says, were waterboys for the CIA, and the CIA only part of what was a bigger coup.

I don't share your pesamism - I can't even spell it - about figuring out who killed JFK, as we are closer now than ever before in knowing the whole truth, and part of the reason for that is the release of new documents, the information provided by new witnesses and the anticipated release of the rest of the records necessary to figure it all out to a legal and moral certainty.

It's been more than ten years now and we're not even done reading the documents that have been released, and newly declassified records are released practically every day, each shedding new light on the covert ops and secret history of WWII and the Cold War, of which the JFK assassination was a part.

Nor are we waiting until 2017 to get the still legally with held JFK assassination records.

We have a real good idea of what is with held, and using Peter Dale Scott's "Negative Template" approach, you can see what's being with held and focus on it.

Now having identified what is most significant, there are three ways that it can be retrieved and released - 1) by the established system of Classification review and the courts, as Jeff Morley is doing; 2) Congressional Committee Subpoena, and then leaked or released; 3) Presidential Action Memo ordering their release, and all three are being pressed at the same time.

And we will soon know who was responsible for the Dealey Plaza Operation - and which theory is right - Dan Moldea and the Mafia-Cuban Yahoos killed Kennedy with vengence and in retaliation for personal wrongs, or it was a inside job and coup cabal.

Once it is known, all sides will acknowledge the truth, even Dan Modea.


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