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A good article -- based on “Unspeakable.”LHO AND THE CIA


B... :)

Jason Hornberger, the libertarian from the Future of Freedom Foundation, has written some good articles on the JFK assassination, implying there was a conspiracy, but when I sent him an email he put me on a mailing list and never got back to me.

In any case, he makes a big assumption in the first sentence, assuming that Oswald was the assassin and is in need of a motive, when he was more likely framed as a patsy, as the evidence suggests.

He also makes a huge mistake in the last sentence, implying that the CIA would necessarily be behind any such covert operation in Dallas, when in fact, we have numerous domestic covert intelligence agencies that were in contact with Oswald - suspected of being Patsy #1, and could have pulled off such an operation.

Then there is the idea of a proper, official investigation, with a dedicated independent prosecutor, well funded staff of trained forensic investigators and an impaneled grand jury that would view evidence and take the sworn testimony of witnesses and determine if there is enough evidence to indict anyone for crimes related to the assassination.

Why should such a powerful legal mechanism be limited to investigating the CIA, when only individuals can be indicted for such crimes?

Like Garrsion, Vince Salandria and others who tend to brand all domestic covert operations "CIA," I think those who have been following this for quite some time are much more confidant of a more specific resolution to the case before the game is over.


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