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I realize this stuff is old news to you folks...but as far as anyboby still going with the LN theory:

1. Why would a lone assassin pick a target going away from him/her and bending to the left and a bit downhill over a target coming straight at the TSBD on (edit) Houston?

2. Why would John Conally say "they're gonna kill us all" instead of "Oh my Gosh...I've been shot"

3. Why would LHO say he was a "patsy" instead of saying "I'm innocent" or "you have the wrong man".

4. Why would anybody involved in organized crime (Ruby) get involved in something that had no dollar value to him?.

Let's say there were only two shooters posts - 1. TSBD 6th floor.....2. Grassy Knoll....why even bother with the TSBD when you are shooting downhill and 2/3rds of a football field away and over a tree. The Grassy Knoll spot was MUCH closer. Any reasonably intelligent "Lone Nut" would pick the Grassy Knoll or shoot Kennedy on Houston when the motorcade was coming right at him. Much easier shot.

Why did the first shot hit Kennedy in the upper musculature of his right back and go through his throat? Well that's easy for anybody who has shot a rifle. Actually it was a heckuva shot. The shooter was nearly "on target" but the car was turning left...so he/she missed an inch or so right. The shooter under estimated "bullet drop" even for something like a 30.06. I've seen this sort of thing many times hunting deer in the mountains. So actually the TSBD shooter was probably an expert...may or may not have been LHO.

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