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Dealey Plaza

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IMO Dealey Plaza was a perfect setup - the perfect storm. They had it all set up. Everybody knew that an assassin could take out a president (or anybody) with one shot from a sniper/hunting gun. Telescopic scopes - dialed in ahead of time - piece of cake. Truth is (and I think this was discussed in the after action/lessons learned meeting)....they were VERY close to total failure. Had JFK gone for the seat instead of keeping his head up high while wondering about his breathing problems - they would have FAILED. They couldn't have just shot through the car and hoped. Besides, an honest SS man was already almost on the car and he was armed. Maybe Greer or Kellerman could have killed him and maybe not. It would have been a gunfight that I doubt the driver would have been of much help. The driver was a "snicker-snicker" kind of guy - I doubt if he could shoot it out with JFKs man.

Actually I think this is why the CIA went away from that kind of killing when it came to RFK. They then understood that contact wounds (sure things) - behind the ear were more effective. You see a .22 isn't always deadly in the frontal portion of the brain...but behind the ear with a contact wound does the deal (no missing)...the CIA took the Mob's advice.

You see, as we all know, the brain stem controls all motors in the body - once the brain stem is killed (or brain parts around it)...a person dies.

watch your back.......................

A quick quote from the Salina (Kansas) Journal about the RFK assassination: (quote June 6, 1968

Note: I have the Salina Journal from that day - I would put it online but I'm not very good at scanning (all help appreciated). You wouldn't believe the picture.


"Barbarians" Russians Shout...when they here of the murder of Robert F. Kennedy

"What a frightening country" Muscovites exclaimed..."All you Americans can do is shoot one another"

"Muscovites approached in the streets and parks (yes they have parks) expressed a belief that the shooting of Senator Robert F. Kennedy was another development of a broad right wing political conspiracy that...in their view..was behind the assassination of president Kennedy in 1963.

"Someone does not want Senator Kennedy to carry on the policies of his brother" said a 40 year old man from Leningrad strolling in the square with friends.

""President Kennedy was admired in the Soviet Union...particularly in the last months of his life following his American university speech in the summer of 1963 urging friendly relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Many Russians cried when they learned of his murder."

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