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Were the unfired .38 rounds planted by police ?

Gil Jesus

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Thanks Gil,

I noted four bullets on my list. I stand corrected. There were five.

And as B. notes in her excerpt of the forensic analysis of the shells and bullets from the Tippit murder scene, they COULD have been fired from Oswald's gun but COULD NOT be positively identified as having been fired by that gun because the barrell was too large to create a positive and consistant grove.

Unanswered is what type of bullets were these?

Since the shells and the bullets fround at the Tippit murder scene were of two, unmatched types, what kind were these?


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Guest Tom Scully


(17) Four cartridges were found in the cylinder of the revolver and turned over

to the FBI laboratory by the Dallas police on November 30,1963.

(18) Two cartridges were found to be of Western Cartridge Co. manufacture, two of Remington-Peters.

(19) Five Western .38 special caliber cartridges were found in Oswald's trouser pocket and also were given to the FBI laboratory by the Dallas police...

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from the time Oswald was apprehended till the bullets were found in a no independent witness situation, after Oswald had been processed, interrogated in close quarters with and without handcuffs front and back and seen by a series of people ahile sitting on a chair, noone thought to search him nor if he had them he took no opportunity of disposing of them. I wonder if the timing of their finding corresponds with some event of the Tippit investigation?

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