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Tosh and Sergio spotted in footage from TMWKK and Jack Daniel's film?

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thomas thanks for your work appreciated, in the lower mcintire photo, they were never in the middle field of dealey after the assn, he has never mentioned such, hat i know of... in the upper i do not think you are up far enough on the south side, but what do i know here is the cancellare crop that tosh marked where they were on the south side, and the complete cancellare for your perusal, again thanks...b

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the edit to the above post is not showing so i cannot delete the cancellare so i will try again for the full..corrected....will edit and do so when it reappears.. :o .b

Thanks for the feedback, Bernice.

In a 1992 interview published on the JFK Murder Solved site, Tosh stated that he and Sergio positioned themselves about 5 feet up the south grassy knoll and a little to their left of a light post. The eleven-second youtube video of Daniel's film ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZJAV3ndAt4 ) seems to show a lamp post near the two figures when you get 3 seconds into the video [you may have to play it several times and stop it by clicking your mouse repeatedly and very fast during that one-second interval (the 3-second mark on the timer) in order to see what I'm talking about]. If I'm right, then maybe Tosh and Sergio started going up the south grassy knoll after my "captures" of them in post number one, above.

Unfortunately, in the same interview Tosh is a bit inconsistent when it comes to how far to the east of the underpass they were standing-- 150 feet and 100 yards and 150 yards...

If anyone wants to read the interview, google "Plumlee Interview." It's the first one in the hit list. (No pun intended.)

Now for a stupid question. Was there a picket fence at the top of the south grassy knoll?



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