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Wim Dankbaar

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Mr. Byas, goon for Bob Vernon, shark in the goldfish pond, showing his true colors again.

John, Why the the heck don't you kick this guy off? He has NOT posted a bio and refuses to give any proof of his identity, not even the state where he lives.

Do a poll whether he should be kicked off. His home is alt.assassination.jfk, the shark pool.


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I was hoping she'd have some real evidnece.... :angry:


(a)Just who are you? Your 'bio' gives no real info.

(b)In addition, why are you spouting concepts from the anti-J team? "No real evidence", no matter what she puts forth. "Doesn't look like Marina" inspite of a striking resemblance?

© Do you have something constructive to contribute or will you just complain? :ice

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Judyth says---

" Lee Harvey Oswald was an innocent man who was a government intelligence agent.  He faithfully carried out assignments such as entering the USSR and pretending to be Pro-Castro.  I have proof that he was posing this way in order to be useful to our government during the Cold War. "

What is thgis proof?


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