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JFK. Analysis of a Shooting

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Does anyone know anything about this new book?


“JFK. Analysis of a Shooting,” is an expert, detailed and comprehensive analysis of the assassination of President Kennedy. The work takes into account all the elemental factors that lead to a complete understanding of the shooting, and which will eventually serve to establish the undisclosed facts behind the tragic event. In its process of discovery the writing scrutinizes each shot taken at the motorcade. Additionally, it considers the caliber of the rifle used in the shooting. It takes into account the relative speed (in feet per second), and the inherent power of the bullets fired at the President. It analyzes the position of the alleged gunman and its relationship to his target. It also explorers the extent of every bullet wound, as it relates to the shot that caused it. In addition, the work probes the Zapruder film, as a visual record of the event, to denote the crucial frames that expose previously unrevealed facts of the shooting. And finally, the work reviews the trajectory of every single shot taken at the motorcade, from point of impact back towards the suspected point of origin, and their angles of entry into their targets. The book denotes, through conclusive interpretation of the evidence gathered, logical reasoning, and concrete ballistic principles that a total of five shots were fired at President Kennedy. Additionally, it also explains why it can be concluded that none of the shots fired at the President actually originated from the Texas School Book Depository Building, Oswald’s alleged sniper position.

Like all the other elements of our world bullets are also bound by the proven laws of physics. For instance, they are directly affected by gravity and wind deflection. Bullets also possess an inherent amount of momentum once fired, denote a tangible trajectory, and are ultimately stopped by resistance. Though the assassination of President Kennedy has been previously debated in a variety of forums, no one has ever rendered a complete analysis of the technical and ballistics aspect of the shooting. “JFK. Analysis of a Shooting,” fills in that void in an expert, detailed, and thorough fashion.

By taking into account the ballistics, medical and film evidence gathered the writing answers the questions that needed to be asked regarding the event. What do the bullets fired tell us regarding their impact points and trajectories? What do the injuries incurred by President Kennedy and Governor Connally reveal regarding the bullets that caused them? What conclusive physical laws were violated in the official account of the shooting?

The biggest and most consequential truth that the book exposes is the fact that in lieu of the compound evidence gathered, from a logical and ballistics perspective, it can be construed and ultimately proven that Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire a single shot upon the Presidential motorcade. Mr. Martin feels that for the ultimate benefit of us all it is without question, and undeniably so, morally forthright to exonerate an innocent man.

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Orlando Martin was on Black Op Radio this week. He favors a Dal-Tex shooter for the Tague miss, based on angle, and calls it as the first shot. Says too many fragments in the car, including substantial pieces of two bullets, to allow three shots/one shooter

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Apparently Orlando Martin got three disparate Forum members to agree on something.


Thanks to Martin Hay for the Google book link and David Andrews for the Black Op Radio heads up.

I think Len Osanic's show has never quite gotten the acclaim it is due. It's always interesting to

hear a researcher or author speak about their work, as an alternative to their written words only.

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