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jfk library will go digital 1/20/11

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jfk library will go digital 1.20/11...50th anniversary of his inauguration.


This is very exciting news. I had a chance to discuss this briefly with an audio/visual archivist when I was there a couple of weeks ago. Their photographs are organized by day, time and event. Then they are organized by the photographer. There are hundreds of photos for every event.

In the process of finding everything available about the limousine and the motorcades in which it was used, I mentioned that I had seen JFK on Dec. 2, 1961 at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia. She said, 'you may find yourself in the crowd'. I was stunned. Then she brought out stacks of envelopes of photographs of that event. Some of them panned the crowd where I was sitting. I have xerox scans of some of them and will order photo scans soon and post them.

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