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When this forum was down a few weeks ago I cruised around the internet and found that McAdams forum seems to find the JFK Assassination Debate at the Education Forum amusing. They, mainly David Von Pein and Dave Reitzes, just lift entire theads and transplant them over there in order to ridicule. I ask them why they don't join the fray here, but they seem like they like the umbrella of protection that McAdams seems to provide.

They seem to particularly enjoy Jimmy D.

I guess they get bored if they can't argue with themselves.

It seems like Harris and Peter Folkes are the only ones there trying to annoy them.

Here's a sample of some of the threads they've lifted. -


The"Whole" [link]I saw the above-linked message on The Education Forum today and wanted to share a portion of its inane craziness and pot/kettle-ism with other readers. Quoting Lee Farley: "You see, what a "Lone Assassin" mind does is it fixates on the... more »

By David Von Pein - Jul 12 - 20 new of 20 messages -

Is Bill Kelly Familiar With The Evidence In This Case? On the Education Forum, Bill Kelly started a post entitled "More Unanswered Lone Assassin Questions How`d He Do That?" [link] "More Unanswered Questions If Oswald Did It" "Things Oswald Must have Done If He Was The Assassin For Which There Is... more »

By Bud - Jul 12 - 2 new of 2 messages -

DiEugenio Denying The Obvious (Yet Again) [link] JAMES DiEUGENIO SAID: You know, we have more people defending John McAdams here. This deliberate planting of disinformation has all of his hallmarks. And I doubt Fernandez knows the source material and the problem well... more »

By David Von Pein - Jul 12 - 4 new of 4 messages

Ed. Forum thread on Michael Kurtz Interesting thread started by Jim DiEugenio, a little too unwieldy to cut and paste: [link]

By Dave Reitzes - Jul 12 - 3 new of 3 messages -

DiEugenio on the Education Forum: No Shots from the Sniper's Nest From a sensible fellow on the Education Forum: <Quote on> I'm listening to the most recent broadcast of Black Op Radio. Len Osanic believes that no shots were fired from the sixth floor sniper's nest window. Jim DiEugenio thinks that's probably correct. [link] Len: I have never really felt that there was any shots coming from... more »

By John McAdams - Jul 8 - 14 new of 14 messages -

DiEugenio whines about McAdams [link] <QUOTE ON>---------------------------­- The Lies of Wikipedia, Gamaliel--or John McAdams? Jim DiEugenio Posted Today, 03:26 AM As most people know, if one Googles the name Lee Harvey Oswald, the Wikipedia entry comes up first. Which is unfortunate for all involved. The administrator who runs that... more »

By Dave Reitzes - Jul 7 - 21 new of 21 messages

Bill Kelly's Odd Logic This, from the Education Forum, is the very odd argument Bill Kelly is making: <Quote On> Duncan, While Oswald was still alive and being interrogated, Dallas DA Will Fritz said that he had planned to kill the President for months and planned on what he was going to say after he did it. <Quote off> Does Kelly not somehow understand that early on officials were... more »

By John McAdams - Jul 6 - 37 new of 37 messages -

Facing The Evidence [link] AT "THE EDUCATION FORUM", JAMES DiEUGENIO SAID: ...a villian [sic] in a Cecil B. DeMille extravaganza. .... Last year, at the request of a forum member at Black Op--I extended a debate challenge to Gary Mack, DVP, Reitzes and John McAdams. .... DVP chickened out. .... So... more »

By David Von Pein - Jul 5 - 65 new of 65 messages -

Education Forum vs. Dale Myers, midwesternersGiven the relatively quiet state of affairs around here, I thought I'd repost a recent thread from another forum, in which an Education Forum member provides realtime commentary on a rerun of the Peter Jennings- hosted documentary, BEYOND CONSPIRACY, and a few others chime in. Peter McGuire on Dale Myers: "How can this guy live with himself? He... more »

By Dave Reitzes - Jul 2 - 10 new of 10 messages -

Another Beverly Oliver Goof From the Education Forum: [link] These bogus "witnesses" need to be careful when the include conspiracy factoids in their story. Any one could be the "gotcha" that shows the person is reciting material from conspiracy books, and not what they actually heard or... more »

By John McAdams - Jun 22 - 3 new of 3 messages

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Notice that no one form here lifts anything from there?

I wonder why.

Good point. acj seems to have completely run out of steam, so they have nothing left to do but gossip about what is going on on other boards.

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I don't think DVP will ever get over my article about him.

What a sorehead.

When it was posted that DVP had been a member of the JFK Assassination Debate at Education Forum but was booted off for telling the truth, I checked with ED FORUM administrators and they said


It seems they have never been members here, so Mr Von Pein's claim that he can no longer post here because he was promoting the truth is obviously wrong

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