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There is a channel on our local cable television provider (COX Communications) called The Military Channel. It has various programs; most are about the military, but many focus on the US Intelligence apparatus... and wet, operations. Today, the title was: CIA Secrets.

Unfortunately, they got it all wrong. No big surprise that...but disappointing all the same. Well, perhaps I over-stated their poor performance. They didn't get it all wrong. They only blundered on the most controversial parts that would tend to further clarify the true history if reported accurately or obfuscate it if reported inaccurately.

In previous decades it was annoying when the facts were mis-reported and the politics misrepresented. The nefarious intent behind such was somewhat camouflaged since the actual clarifying documents had yet to be declassified. But the documents are available. Today there is no innocuous excuse for such mis-reporting. It is either serious negligence on the part of the producers (unlikely), or it is deliberate promotion of false history. If the latter, the producers could be under pressure to comply or completely out of control of their own program. I suppose they just might not care...

One of the false statements made in this program has been repeated ad nauseum for nearly 50 years. They said [paraphrased]:

"...but not all of Castro's air force had been destroyed prior to D-day. The Bay of Pigs invasion failed because President John F Kennedy refused to provide Brigade 2506 with the promised second and third air strikes..."

There were several other examples of revisionist "CIA self-protection" history contained therein. That one just happens to be the most obviously flawed and whose deception is easiest to demonstrate.

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Moreover Jim,

ALL of those involved in the operation were fully aware that JFK had unequivocally made it clear that there would be NO DIRECT US MILITARY PERSONNEL OR EQUIPMENT utilized for the operation; that the operation had to succeed on its own strength without US intervention; and that it should be abandoned BEFORE launch if it could not succeed under those rules of engagement.

Anything beyond the level of the US maintaining "plausible deniablility" was clearly NOT in the plan--indeed it was PROHIBITED by NSC Directive 54/12.

I have documents from approximately one week prior to D-day. In them, Colonel Jack Hawkins (who was inspecting the operational details at the Puerta Cabezas Nicaragua CIA base / rebel head quarters) replied to Washington that [paraphrased]: "We all are aware that the President has ordered NO US MILITARY support for this operation and that if its outcome is uncertain, it should be abandoned" -- He goes on to reassure Washington that the Brigade is well trained, fully prepared, and ready to engage under those conditions.

These documents are completely unequivocal--there never was ANY second or third air strike contingency plan--NOT EVER!

The first wave of bombers (retired US Aircraft, repainted and outfitted by Colonel Prouty's team) were supposed to have eliminated Castro's remaining "air force" which consisted of only a handful of T-33 Trainers while the T-33's were still on the ground. This had to happen BEFORE the brigade landed on the beach or else the plan would fail. These so-called trainers were "jet" aircraft all the same and quite maneuverable beyond the capability of the B-29 bombers. The bombers carried no bombs, but instead Prouty had EIGHT cannons (50 caliber) placed in their noses, etc.--designed to strafe Castro's runways and eliminate the remaining Castro aircraft. JFK's last standing order the night before the invasion was: If the T-33's are not taken out--the mission is to be aborted.

McGeorge Bundy called Ramon Barquin in Peurta Cabezas and told him to delay the air strike until AFTER the brigade landed on the beach. This was NOT a JFK order! It was because Adlai Stevenson had been embarassed previously...but that's another story.

However, that "delay order" allowed Castro's air force to get airborne before the B-29's arrived. Once alerted that the anti-Castro Cuban Brigade had landed at the Bay of Pigs they were prepared and they easily downed all of the B-29's upon their arrival, as the element of surprise had been lost. Additionally, they sank the supply ships, strafed the Brigade on the beach, and it was a fiasco.

We now know that Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, USN Chief of Naval Operations ordered the aircraft carrier USS Essex to a support position within range of Cuba during the operation and that this was PLANNED prior to the launch of the invasion due to the belief that this "new, young President will cave into the pressure..." and order us to launch air support (as long as we have it available). This is particularly revealing as to the audacity of the US military during that period since the President had specifically ordered that NO US NAVAL vessels be in the vicinity.

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Man - you should have seen the oxymoron and not bothered. I had a rap with a former agent that published a novel [work of fiction] - it went through extensive sanitizing - he couldn't even wrap his head around why certain parts were omitted.

The only CIA secret I am interested in seeing disclosed is with respect to AMHINT. I would also like to see how the books and channels were managed for Greyston Lynch and Tex Robertson during the BOP initiative. Lynch put it right out there...

Not placing any bets.

- lee

"We had been operating a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean."

Bull Johnson, Prince of Thieves

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The only CIA secret I am interested in seeing disclosed is with respect to AMHINT...

AMHINT 5; AMHINT 53; or AMHINT 56? Lee, are you saying that these are the most important to your research into the CIA's link to the assassination? Do you think that JFK was murdered by resentful anti-Castro Cuban exiles? If these are the only "CIA secrets" in which you have an interest, well, I guess I'll keep the rest to myself! LOL

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In Twyman's book he says that the CIA actually tacked on the second strike later. He got this from McNamara.

That sounds like what you are saying.

Is there anything definitive that says that is the case.

No, there isn't...as far as I know. I spoke with Noel extensively about his conversations with McNamara. Prouty's account is only slightly different, but probably more accurate, IMO. The only officially planned air strike was the initial pre-dawn B-29 run that should have preceded the landing of the brigade. That was all. However, Burke (and probably others on the JCS as well as CIA) knew the plan was doomed to fail without US intervention because of it not being sufficiently over powering. There were way too many "ifs" involved. For instance, they hoped (and actually planned) for a provisional government to be declared shortly after securing the beach and an air strip. Why? So that the US could recognize this provisional government and send in massive support of it, without clearly violating international law. It would be a grey area.

IMO, this should have been a huge red flag for JFK. However, he had only been in office for a few months and he didn't realize the depth of their (CIA) treachery.

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