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Barry Keane

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Will be in Washington later this year. Is the American University open to the public to visit the site of the JFK Commencement Address, or do special arrangements have to be made?

Hi Barry,

Yes, the American University campus is open to the public, and the spot where JFK gave his memorial June 10, 1963 Peace Speach has a large granate memorial, and can be found at the west end of the American Univeristy Athletic's football field.

You can park a car within about 100 yards of the historic marker, next to the TV station and walk there.

COPA has had a June 10th Memorial Service there for at least the past decade, at noon, after which we go to lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Bill Kelly

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Hi Bill

Many thanks. I would have liked to have been there on June 10th this year, but nevertheless I will be honoured to visit soon to remember.


JFK Pix.


In the limo ride back to the White House, JFK wondered aloud whether the students, who had just graduated and were leaving school for their summer vacations,

actually paid attention to what he said. The Russians certainly heard him, as Gorbachev mentions in the note he left at the Sixth Floor memory book.

John Newman at the first COPA event at AU


Dan Alcorn


James Douglas tries to put it into words


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