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L.D. Montgomery died

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L.D. (Leslie) Montgomery died 10/4/10

He worked in the Homicide and Robbery Bureau under Captain Fritz.

He testified that were chicken bones and a Dr. Pepper bottle found on the sixth floor.

See http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/montgom1.htm

Steve Thomas

Montgomery has factored heavily in my research. He was purported to have "found" the paper bag used by Oswald to carry the rifle into the building, and to have signed the bag upon discovery. And yet he was NEVER shown the bag to identify his mark. This fed into my suspicion that the bags were switched.


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Guest Tom Scully

I cannot locate a birth record of a L.D. or Leslie or Leslie Dell Montgomery at ancestry.com or at the link below. (I know.... too similar to Donald Trump's, et al rant about Obama...)

Obit info at the link below describes LD Montgomery's birth at Lewisville, TX in June, 1933.

Two parents with names very similar to the ones described in the obit are on record as parents of a James Montgomery, born on that date and in that county, Denton. Maybe it is a transcription error, but it is not cleared up at ancestry.com. A brother, Wade is listed on that site.



On edit....nevermind, it seems his parents did not name LD in quick order. There is an abbreviation, "inf. of", instead of a name.

I got into this because the WCR's owner of LHO's Neely St. apartment rental is the son of a mother named Montgomery. Her father was born in the state of Tenn., about 1840.

Edited by Tom Scully
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