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A snippet of James Files

Wim Dankbaar

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The last few minutes of the interview I had with James Files:

This is not on the DVD as it is rather messy and does not pertain to the assassination. In fact we had ended the official part and I think James didn't even know the camera was still running.


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JF - And I tell you were my knowledge is, and you can check this out with the FBI. They had me for the bombing in Chicago over there, on the North side, Ralston Motors. This place cover like a whole block. When this building came down, and I went to trial on it, 1983, right there in Chicago, they held me for 13 months in the MCC correctional center there. I hadn’t put a brick across the sidewalk, I put everyting inside the building. That’s how good it was. They knew I had done it, everybody else knew I had done it.

J – Everything just plunged, right there?

JF – Yeah, I was already doing 20 years for the chop shop operation, and they wanted me to plead guilty and they would give me another twenty and run it concurrent, they told me. My words was: XXX you! Put me on trial! I went to trial. Jimmy Gottio, my partner, he wound up pleading guilty. First he was going to beef against me. There is another party, Lou Cavallaro, better known as Blind Louie, when he was young and we rubbed together, his name was Bad Boy Louie. And when I say bad, he was bad. But as we got older and went into crime-life and everything else, we separated for a long time and we got back together, but they called him Blind Louie. Blind Louie, we moved him out there to Arizona, from the Chicago area, he lived there in Elmhurst. As a matter of fact they did a thing on him on ABC one night. They were interviewing him about him living and this and that, (and that it) must be hard (inaudible). He said: It’s really hard for me to get by. I have to struggle!” He didn’t know they got cameras out back, showing the swimming pool in the backyard, all the Caddillacs in the driveway, he has got a beautiful home, 300 , 400.000 dollar home.

J –And he is struggling?

JF – And he is struggling, yeah! And we moved him out there anyway. But while we are out there and I’m on trial, he got a call from Louie. They got him hooked up to talk to Louie at the MCC in Chicago where he is being held on bond. And they told him: If you testify against Jimmy, you don’t have to worry about going to prison. He (Louie) said : You don’t ever testify against him! And so Jimmy Gottio refused to testify against me. I was acquitted of the case.

J – Okay. Have you ever heard of operation Mongoose?

JF – Oh yeah! Who hasn’t?

J – That was the the nexus, wasn’t it? That’s where it all came together.

JF – Yeah, they had a whole bunch of them there, they had a bunch of different programs there, I can't remember the names of all of them, but they had several of them.

J – Did you ever meet Lansdale?

JF - Lansdale, no.

W – The picture of you with the guy that did Tippit, where was that taken?

JF – New Orleans.

W – New Orleans?

JF – Yeah, New Orleans.

W – In 1961?

JF – No, that was in 1962, late ’62.

W- Were you 21 at that time?

JF – No, 20.

J – How old are you now?

JF – I was born in ’42. I am 61, fixed to go 62.

W – January, right?

JF – Yeah, january.

J – You’re just a year older than I am.

W – Oh yeah, you said you think the American people don’t really care about solving and knowing the truth about the JFK assassination.

JF – I don’t, no. That’s like with Bob ….

W – Well, I think they do, but their government is covering it up and they don’t know …

JF- I think people are tired of hearing about it, I really do. That’s why I tried to convince Bob to go with something else. I told Bob: Man, you gotta go listen to a couple of stories of South America. I said: Man I’ve got some good stuff about down there, but Bob did want no part of it.

W – But they are NOT tired of hearing about it. It’s the 40st anniversary now and all these TV shows are on!

J – Yeah, it’s all the same old rehash.

JF – I watched another two hours last night on the American Experience. Monday night I watched 3 hours and I watched 2 more hours last night. And what I had told Pamela before, it was along time ago about JFK when he met with Chroetsjov, we talked about it yesterday (with Wim). And they had it on TV, how Chroetsjov talked down to him and he walked out of there, they showed the actual footage of him coming out the meeting and get in the car. They had to help him (JFK) in the car. He was stunned.

J – Mmm
JF - And like I told: He wasn’t as big a war hero like everybody says. They finally put it on TV. They said Monday night that John F. Kennedy was not the big war hero that everybody made him out to be.

J – He had lost his ship!

JF - Yeah I know (inaudible)

W – Jimmy, tell him about the Bay of Pigs, I mean the cuban missile crisis. That it was not really necessary, that blockade.

JF – Okay. Everybody was so concerned about going to nuclear war. All right. You know about Edwin P. Wilson, right” You’ve heard of him?

J – Yeah.

JF- He was with ONI back then. Office of Naval Intelligence. All right, he was pretty tight at that time with Frank Sturgis. But he knew about it, the Naval Intelligence people knew about this, when Kennedy had met Chroetsjov, okay? He made an agreement and nobody knew, this whole country never knew it. And they didn’t want the country to know about it. He made an agreement to take our missiles out of Turkey that time. Chroetsjov would take his missiles out of Cuba, okay? They agreed to do this. They put the blockade up to hold face. He panicked the whole country to think we were going to nuclear war.

J – So the agreement was made before…..?

JF – Yeah, the agreement was made before the blockade. Once the blockade was up and the ships in route, it’s too late to do anything (make an agreement). Because they had the one ship I guess coming with more missiles, and it pulled up to the blockade and then they backed off, they turned around and they went away.

J - So that was just to save face and …?

JF – Save face! That was another farce, just like the Maddox. Remember the Maddox?

J - Oh yeah!

JF – Okay. Another one of this deals there.

J – A phoney deal?

JF – Another phoney deal!

W – How do we know this is true what you’re telling?

JF – Well, what I heard, was , like …. I was told that …, Wilson he heard it , he got it through the Office of Naval Intelligence and he had talked with Frank Sturgis about it and I was there when they were talking to Frank and he said: Hey, there ain’t gonna be nuclear war! (I said) What do you mean? What do you know? Because I was concerned at this point too. And Frank told me. And I say: Nah, you’re xxxxting me! No, he said. I ‘m serious. I’m telling you how it it is. There ain’t gonna be nuclear war. We’re relaxed. Forget about it!

J – So that’s how you knew it was a phoney deal?

JF – I told my mother: Don’t worry about it, mash! (She said:) What do you know? You’re a kid! What do you know? When she heard me swearing on the street or something (happened) when a woman was around the house, she run out of the house with a broom , chasing me down the street, beating me with the broom, up and down 22nd Avenue.

W – There goes my Kennedy legacy!

J – O man, Well, are they going to come when it’s time? How does this work?

JF – Whenever you’re ready to go, we can go out there and tell ‘m.

J – Are you getting tired?

JF – Not me.

J – Well, I was just gonna say: Drink some more water ! But I noticed you have not been drinking any of that stuff.

JF – I ‘m gonna tell you something: I have wanted to meet you for a long time, okay? Honestly, I wanted to meet you for a long time. When Pamela told me that Wim had got you and you were the one that was going to do the interview, I was totally excited about it.

- End -

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Bob Vernon has always told everyone that this picture had been taken in the Lamplighter motel, when Files was staying there to help prepare the assassination of JFK:


It was about a year ago that I saw this larger copy of the picture:


when I began seriously doubting Vernon's statement. Had James Files brought his guitar to the Lamplighter motel? Was the Tippit killer actually in Files' motel room? This contradicted Files' own statements. So this is why I asked Files where the picture was taken and it was of course no surprise to learn that Vernon's statement was false. I have learned the hard way that everything Vernon says, needs to be checked. Just like his allegation that Files was wearing a gray fedora hat at the time of the shooting.

http://www.jfkmurdersolved.com/fedora.htm (page was authored by Vernon)

Files was not wearing his hat during the shooting. By the way, the opposite statement would actually serve a hoax well.

It is all typical of Vernon's bad listening and wrong interpretations.

Now Vernon claims that Files told him this and thus changed his story. Can he prove that? Or is it only Vernon's word? Unfortunately for him, it is. Most of us know what Vernon's word is worth. Which is why I won't even bother to address his bullxxxx about an "illegal" interview. Many people say that the biggest liability for the Files story, has been Bob Vernon representing it. A point he is proving over and over again. He is lecturing about pathalogical liars and brain damage. Those are actually subjects he should know something about. He only needs to look at himself.

I know exactly who is embellishing and lying.


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