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Analyzing the fraud: MAJORITY of Amazon's glowing 5-star reviews of "The Kennedy Detail" by FRIENDS OF BLAINE AND HILL!

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Analyzing the fraud: MAJORITY of Amazon's glowing 5-star reviews of "The Kennedy Detail" by FRIENDS OF BLAINE AND HILL!

As Don Jeffries wrote on Amazon.Com:

"It's even more obvious that there are a ton of planted 5 star reviews here on Amazon. No way that many disinterested people could possibly have been impressed by this self-serving book".

It is also obvious that many of the reviews started to appear right after a bad review and/ or when the book's sales position started to falter (with The Kennedy Detail, it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

As of 2/27/11, there are 130 reviews for "The Kennedy Detail" on Amazon.Com:

17 1 star (poor);

11 2 star (fair);

10 3 star (good);

16 4 star (very good);

and a whopping 76 5 star (great), for a net average of 3.5 (mixed: between good and very good).

What's the problem? THE VAST MAJORITY OF THESE 5-STAR REVIEWS ARE FROM FRIENDS OF BLAINE AND HILL! McCubbin even solicited people to write reviews for the book on Facebook (proof online and printed off so she can't deny it now)

[note: I have not included those who SEEM to be legit and unbiased..."seem" being the operative word here]

Katie Berger Higgins: daughter of Blaine and Hill's Secret Service colleague Andy Berger;

RJ Gardino: suspicious, because of the NEXT reviewer:;

V Gardino: who writes a one star review of Horne's book, to boot;

JA Hunsinger: from Grand Junction, CO, home of Gerald Blaine!;

EZT: EDWARD Z TUCKER, another Secret Service colleague of Blaine and Hill!;

John Day: suspicious-only review;

Jane Jamieson: same;

Robert J Baxter III; same;

Oldies1: same (plus ends his review "Thank you Gerald!");

Lisa Gibson: same;

ARN1164: same;

K Matheny: same;

spanky: same;

Eyespy: same;

Jeff Morris: same;

pinkdragon85: same;

Jay Pomeroy: same;

Laura Mather: same;

June Mac: same;

peggy: same;

Joe College: same;

Tommy B Ray: same;

P Walsh: same;

Mindy Parsons: same;

Wyman C Harris: same;

Rich Unger, Nightclub Consultant (!): same;

Carole Jones: same+ added: "Jerry Blaine did a fantastic job of putting all of it together.";

GreatestEver: same+ added "Yet people still said they were to blame. How can people live even think of putting that kind of blame on this small group of elite agents? In my mind after reading this book there is no possible way anyone can still believe anything different from the truth stated in the book." Oh, brother...;

Bill: same (his entire 'review': "Normally I'm not a "reader" but I could not put this book down. Interesting and a very easy read." Not much of a reviewer, either...);

History Buff: same (some "buff"---his only review...);

DLT (D.L. Thorne): same+ adds "Unlike others, I do not see it as an attempt to absolve the Secret Service of blame";

Judy Templeton: same+ adds "This is the book to read if you've already bought into the conspiracy theories. This is the book to read if you believed he had unlimited contact with MM & other women. This is the book to read if you really still have doubts. Why would these men lie? What would they have to gain? The answer is simple: nothing, nothing at all." Wish we could all live in your fantasy world, Judy...;

J. Wieman: same+ adds "After all the garbage conspiracy theories all through the years, all the lies and sensationalism, what a wonderful book to honor The Boss and the hearts of all the SS Detail. What fine men, a brotherhood, they still deserve our honor today." hahahaha;

Pattimac: same (plus adds: "It is eyewitness accounts which debunct the vast conspiracy theorists that seem bent on making a name for themselves even if they were not there that fateful day. I have heard some of the theories that they spread in their speaking engagements, making themselves sound as if they were the only ones that know the truth." hmmmm...);

PJ: amdonishes us to "read the book, not the reviews";

Nathan Hale: "I enjoyed the book very much and felt like I was getting a real insider's view and not the opinion of some conspiracy theorist or some self proclaimed USSS expert." hahahaha;

ajh "aherd": only review; "Sadly, facts won't stop the conspiracy buffoons. They're in full attack mode over this tome. Witness some of the 'reviews' on Amazon and YouTube. One of the boobs even thinks this book is all about him! Hilarious!" hahahahaha

a satisfied customer: only review+from Pleasanton, CA, where Blaine's son Scott lives;

Jon Bots: from Pleasanton, CA, where Blaine's son Scott lives+ writes: "I found the Kennedy Detail to be an incredible resource of information painstakingly footnoted"---um, there are no footnotes in the whole book...;

Janet Culberson: "And for me this story is even more compelling as I happen to personally know Wynn [sic] Lawson, the lead agent of the Kennedy Detail.";

Stephen J Snyder: "Fortunately, someone like Vince Palamara got him to talk extensively for this book, about the only good thing coming from one conspiracy theorist...If you want heart-tugging, tragic, true history, ignore the 1- and 2-star reviews."Magnolia (almost definitely Lisa McCubbin herself [the "profile" conveniently is devoid of any info or even one review]) comments: "Great review. However, just to clarify, Vince Palamara was not the person who got Clint Hill to talk. The only reason Hill talked was because of his close, trusting, personal relationship with the authors. Period. Vince Palamara had absolutely nothing to do with it. Hill doesn't need to prove anything to anybody, least of all conspiracy theorists. Just wanted to make sure people understand that." hahahahahaha--this is the very same verbage Lisa McCubbin used on Facebook;

John J Nicholl: only review+ writes: "I have the highest esteem for Jerry Blaine and the book he has written. I have known him for 66 years as a man of integrity, highly principled, honorable and of good character.";

L (Lea) McNamara: a self-confessed fan of Blaine via Facebook;

Cindy: "Bar none this is the best book I've EVER read." please...

LaVey Norquist: obviously a dear friend of Lisa McCubbin: " couldn't put it down! It was a most remarkable read! I have to agree with what Jerry said in his tribute to Lisa, that she has a most gifted talent of interpreting the emotions of those who lived those horrific days and the guilt-ridden silent years thereafter. I was riveted and amazed how Lisa was able to accomplish such suspense and anxiety while having to incoroporate so many names, dates, and places into the drama that it most certainly was...not an easy task." Gag me...;

Kimmiecake aka FLOYD BORING'S COUSIN: WRITES "Vince Palamara encouraging negative reviews. You may have read many negative reviews for this Book, The Kennedy Detail. Please know that Vince Palamara is publicly asking everyone to write negative reviews because he is making his own book that he feels contains contradicting information. Read the book yourself and listen to the heartfelt kindness of the men who swore to protect JFK. No one is faster than a bullet and these secret service agents did the best they could!" Honey, we have long made up since then, but remember: McCubbin also encouraged very favorable reviews; cuts both ways, my dear :o) [K Good came to my defense: "Whether you agree or not, you got it wrong about Palamara when you state "he is making his own book." Perhaps he is planning a new book, but Palamara's "Survivor's Guilt" was privately published years ago and can be downloaded for free. As I stated in my review, Blaine gave a different version of JFK's interaction with the SSA's when he communicated with Palamara. He denied at that time that JFK interfered with the SSA's actions, but now he accuses JFK of just that. Blaine needs to explain these discrepancies. The secret service agents did the best they could? That's not what even several of them told Palamara when they were interviewed by him several years ago. Club-hopping and drinking at Fort Worth the night before they were to cover their client in a hostile city - that's "the best they could?" BTW, Blaine was among those club-hopping, but in his official report, he asserts he did not drink. Others confessed that they did. One fact documented in "Survivor's Guilt" is that four of the SSA's assigned to JFK's follow-up car were participants in the club-hopping incident... sorry but I don't agree that this was anything but a wholly unacceptable situation, and far from the president's protection detail acting in a manner that would be considered their best efforts. BTW, since Blaine wasn't even on the Dallas detail on 22 Nov. 1963, ALL of his information is second-hand. He neither witnessed the assassination nor how the SSA's on the Dallas detail reacted, or didn't, to the emergency. Please consider that my remarks are not to state or imply that any SSA's were, or were not involved in any sort of conspiracy. I don't know the answer to that. However the fact remains that several of them did not perform effectively enough to protect the president, and even if it was a half-baked single shooter who killed the president, it's all the more evidence of a very poor performance by those assigned to protect him."] ;

Larry Bonner: Larry's only review speaks for itself- "I've known Jerry and Joyce Blaine and Paul and Peggy Rundle and have stayed in close touch with Jerry for over 60 years. So, I might be prejudice [nooooooo], but I think The Kennedy Detail is one of the most interesting books that I've ever read. Jerry has answered my questions and handled my doubts, like he was reading my mind. I also enjoyed reading about Paul Rundle. For the past 50 years, I've followed and been amazed by both Jerry's and Paul's exciting lives and now,after reading Jerry's book,I realize that I hadn't known the half of it. I'm not surprised by the CYA accusations in some of the reviews..." Glad to know...;

Colarado Woman: Blaine lives in Colarado; 'Nuff said. "She" adds: "All will thrill to every word in this book. Those who came after will have their hearts warmed by hearing the truth for the first time -- which more than overcomes the false "conspiracy theories" that have abounded for years." hahahahaha;

top cop: only review+ adds "An excellent book written by one of the men who was involved. Having worked several presidential visits to my city,I see how the secret service has changed in the years since the assination."

So, of 76 reviews, I am deeply suspicious of 49.

Nice propaganda, Jer


Vince Palamara

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Guest Robert Morrow

I notice most the negative reviews to this book were a lot more meaty, detailed and fact oriented than the positive reviews - many of them were 3 or 4 sentences longs, saying yeah, buy this book.

I titled my review: Don't buy this book!; instead buy Abraham Bolden's Echo From Dealey Plaza" - February 17, 2011

Here is my review of a book that I found to be very BORING as well as very inaccurate with the loopy lone nutter propaganda thrown at the reader:

[Robert Morrow - researcher into the 1963 Coup d'Etat. I have 200+ books related to the JFK assassination. Google my essay "LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK"]

This is a bad book - very disappointing. If you are looking for insight into the JFK assassination, I suggest reading: 1) LBJ: Mastermind of JFK's Assassination by Phillip Nelson 2) JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass 3) Brothers: the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot 4) The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh 5) Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by Russ Baker. Google my essay "LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK." Google "National Security State by Andrew Gavin Marshall." Google "Chip Tatum Pegasus."

If you are going to buy a "Secret Service" book, buy Abraham Bolden's Echo from Dealey Plaza and you can learn about the oppression that occurred to a truth teller in the JFK assassination and national hero. http://www.amazon.com/Echo-Dealey-Plaza-American-assassination/dp/0307382028/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1298004809&sr=1-1

On page 63, Blaine lists all the possible security threats to President Kennedy in 1963: one a disabled veteran, one a picketer, a potential gate crasher, a communist, a teenage, a mental case... Well, now that is all very interesting.

Did it ever occur to Blaine and the Secret Service that much more significant security threats to the health and well being of JFK might come from Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, FBI J. Edgar Hoover, a JCS that hated Kennedy, especially Gen. Curtis LeMay, Allen Dulles, anti-Casto Cubans, oil baron Clint Murchison, Sr., H.L. Hunt, Nelson Rockefeller, George Herbert Walker Bush, .... And even James Rowley, head of the Secret Service and a close friend to Lyndon Johnson?

The latter group was your REAL threat to the health and well being of John Kennedy!

Basically, this is BORING book ... and I slogged through most of it for this review. Not only do you get the loopy disinfo "lone nutter" theory thrown at you, you don't get any really good personal insights into the politicians they worked for. You get none of JFK's numerous sexual excursions, no stories about what a malevolent, crude psychopath Lyndon Johnson was. Read any book by Ron Kessler to get some entertaining, informative anecdotes from Secret Service agents.

Agent Gerald Blaine wrote this book because he read some stories on the internet saying that some Secret Service agents were involved in the JFK assassination and one big reason for writing this book was to debunk that. Ditto Clint Hill and the other agents participating as sources.

Well, folks, the reality of it is that there probably WERE some Secret Service agents involved as facilitators in the JFK assassination. And certainly, without a doubt, the Secret Service, along with FBI, CIA, LBJ, Hoover, Warren Commission farce all covered up the JFK assassination for the elite LBJ/CIA murderers of John Kennedy.

That is a fact. Most JFK researchers don't think Blaine or Clint Hill themselves were personally involved in the 1963 Coup d'Etat ... but it really is pathetic of Blaine to try and shove the discredited "lone nutter" fantasy down the readers' throats.

The SS agents in the field were up against a massive, well organized murder plot emanating from the highest reaches of American power: people at the highest levels of government: LBJ/CIA/military and their ultra wealthy outside supporters.

Here is info you can use:

From Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition 1998 p. 638-639]:

"The Role of deep-cover CIA officer, Trenton Parker, has been described in earlier pages, and his function in the CIA's counter-intelligence unit, Pegasus. Parker had stated to me earlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK ... During an August 21, 1993, conversation, in response to my questions, Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy. I asked him, "What group were these tapes identifying?" Parker replied: "Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Johnson of Texas, George Bush, and J. Edgar Hoover." I asked, "What was the nature of the conversation on these tapes?"

I don't have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller, [J. Edgar] Hoover, where [Nelson] Rockefeller asks, "Are we going to have any problems?" And he said, "No, we aren't going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we'll do our job." There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn't realize that his phone has been tapped. Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition p. 638-639]

Madeleine Duncan Brown was the most beloved mistress of Lyndon Johnson for 21 years from 1948 until 1969. Madeleine is one of the truth tellers and keys to understanding the ugly reality of the JFK assassination. She had a son Steven Mark with Lyndon in 1950. Madeleine lived from 1925 to 2002 and was madly in love with Lyndon Johnson when she wrote the book Texas in the Morning 24 years after the death of LBJ. She makes some BLOCKBUSTER revelations in this book, such as:

In the night of 12/31/63 morning of January 1, 1964, just 6 weeks after the JFK assassination, Madeleine asked Lyndon Johnson:

"Lyndon, you know that a lot of people believe you had something to do with President Kennedy's assassination."

He shot up out of bed and began pacing and waving his arms screaming like a madman. I was scared!

"That's bull___, Madeleine Brown!" he yelled. "Don't tell me you believe that ____!"

"Of course not." I answered meekly, trying to cool his temper.

"It was Texas oil and those %$%& renegade intelligence bastards in Washington." [said Lyndon Johnson, the new president; Texas in the Morning, p. 189] [LBJ told this to Madeleine on 1/1/64 in the locally famous Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX in room #254. They spent New Year's Eve `64 together here (12/31/63). Room #254 was the room that LBJ used to have rendezvous' with his girlfriends - today it is known as the LBJ Room, and rents for $600-1,000/night as a Presidential suite at the Driskill; located on the Mezzanine Level.]

What Lyndon Johnson did not tell Madeleine was that Texas Oil (read Clint Murchison, Sr, H.L. Hunt) and the CIA (especially the Gen Ed Lansdale, Operation 40/Operation Mongoose crowd) were murdering John Kennedy with the full knowledge, approval and participation of VP Lyndon Johnson.

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