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Roscoe White diary

Wim Dankbaar

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The Roscoe White story has pretty much gone down into history as a hoax.

I know too little of it to judge whether this is justified or not. I do know that the main debunkers have been Gary Mack and Dave Perry.

Are there any researchers here, who can shed a light on it? For example, I would like to know if Ricky White ever admitted his story was a forgery. He seems to have vanished into anonymity. Another question is if the FBI did indeed take the original diary from him?


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What I find amazing is that while Ricky and Geneva White's stories have been called into question, and the Roscoe White diary debunked as a hoax, the photo Geneva White received from Roscoe White of Oswald was declared authentic by the HSCA. That's something that the Posners and Jennings of the world overlook. At the very least, it points to a conspiracy of incompetence among the DPD. After all, there were only two photographs of Oswald with the rifle found in the Paine's garage and entered into evidence, and here the wife of a former officer surfaces with a third one.

Does anyone know if the DPD ever performed an internal investigation to find out how this could be?? Maybe it's buried somewhere in the HSCA documents.

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