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Agent Rybka? Agent Lawton? BOTH

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I agree, what difference does it make if it's Lawton or Rybka?

The difference is: Lawton was never (at any time) scheduled to be part of the motorcade security through Dallas. He was always scheduled to stay behind at Love Field.

Ergo, Lawton's shoulder-shrugging as the motorcade departed the airport could not possibly have anything to do with any kind of "security stripping" for JFK's motorcade drive through Dallas, Texas.


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Unless you want to call Don Lawton a xxxx, then Lawton knew his job on 11/22 was going to be to

STAY AT LOVE FIELD. He was not going to be a part of the motorcade drive through Dallas. The confirmation: CE2554:

"My instructions were to remain at the airport..." -- Donald J. Lawton; USSS



I also have a theory about the reason why Gerald Behn's stamp of "approval" only appears on Don Lawton's report in CE2554, and why the letterhead only appears on Lawton's report too (which are things that Vince Palamara thinks are both suspicious and shady in some manner) -- that theory of mine being this (although put a grain of salt beside this theory, because I'll readily admit it's only a guess and I cannot prove it):

My guess is that those multiple Secret Service reports, although they were written up on different days by the SS agents in question, were all bundled together (even before those reports became CE2554 for the Warren Commission).

And when Behn stamped his approval on Page 1 (Lawton's report), that indicated that ALL of the reports in that whole package of reports had been "approved" by Gerald Behn.

And I'm wondering, too, if I'm right about the reports being bundled together in some fashion before being sent to Secret Service Chief James Rowley, this could be an explanation as to why only one single "United States Government Memorandum" letterhead appears on any of the documents that comprise CE2554. Although, yes, it appears as though Lawton's report is "singular", in that it says "Activities of THIS Special Agent...", vs. the header reading "Activities of various SS agents..." under the letterhead.

Anyway, that's just a guess as to why there's only one approval stamp by Behn, and why there's only one letterhead visible. Perhaps when they were typed up, only the first page (Lawton's) required the letterhead, while subsequent pages did not require that redundant header.

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Nice work VInce.

I agree, what difference does it make if its Lawton or Rybka?

Thats right.

Lawton's explanation is just not believable.

What needs to happen is having these guys swear to these things under oath, rather than simply being quoted in their self-serving books.

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