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Vern Pascal names the Simkin Board Wreckers

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"The Simkin Board used to be damn good, but now you get these people I don't now where the hell there coming from like Greg Parker, Robert Howard and Tom Scully who will go on a month of sundays and not say anything that matters...we're going on 50 years folks..do people even know what's important anymore? Hint we don't need more suspects or confusion..it's not operation redskin, or clever semantics arguments, genealogy,etc...it's LBJ, Mafia and SEE EYE A. ..."

So there you have it.

Me and Operation REDSKIN

Robert Howard and his clever semantics arguments [sic]

And Tom Scully and his genealogy research

My rebuttal here:


To woo Vern back to the fold, please never mention CIA operations against the Soviets, argue cleverly, or post about blood relationships between historical figures. Thank you.

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