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Paul Trejo

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My name is Paul Edward Trejo, and I was born in Pasadena, California in 1952. My father, Joseph Trejo and four Trejo uncles had served in the US Navy during WW2, so, in a Hispanic family enjoying the benefits of the GI Bill in Southern California, I was first in my family to attend college. I have a Master of Arts degree in the Humanities from Cal State, Dominguez Hills. Also, Edwin Mellen Press published my first book (2002, An English Translation of Bruno Bauer's 1843, 'Christianity Exposed'). In the final decade of the 20th century, I had a software business in Silicon Valley, but lost it all during the great Dot Com bust of 2002. For the past five years I've worked on staff for the IT department in a leading American University, where I enjoy the staff benefit of a free college course every semester.

At the University library I've read scores of books about the JFK assassination mystery, and I pursued my own theory as follows: (1) Oswald was a secretive, social-climbing member of an extreme right-wing group; (2) Oswald admired George De Mohrenschildt, a worldly, CIA asset; (3) Oswald, under the influence of some renegade liberal radicals, tried to shoot General Edwin Walker in April, 1963; (4) George De Mohrenschildt learned the facts days later; (5) George De Mohrenschildt reported this to close friends who told the FBI, who reported it to General Edwin Walker; (6) General Walker, a leader of Texas Minutemen, reported this to Guy Banister, another leader of the Minutemen; (7) Banister contacted David Ferrie, who knew Oswald since his early days as a Cadet, and invited Oswald to New Orleans to join a plot to assassinate Castro for fame and fortune; (8) Oswald accepted this invitation and promptly moved to New Orleans in May, 1963; (9) Ferrie informed Oswald in New Orleans that he was now under paramilitary arrest for the attempted assassination of General Walker, and that if he failed to kill Castro, he would be drafted into a plot to assassinate JFK; (10) Oswald tried desperately to (i) become an officer of the FPCC, to obtain easier entry into Cuba; (ii) hijack a plane to Cuba; or (iii) enter Cuba through Mexico; in order to assassinate Castro; (11) Oswald failed in that mission, so he was drafted in the plot to assassinate JFK; (12) his job would be to take his gun to the TSBD; nothing else; he did not suspect he would be the patsy.

In my theory, the Dallas ground-crew of the JFK assassination consisted mainly of the associates of General Edwin Walker, who had a personal vendetta against RFK. These associates probably included the most radical members of the John Birch Society, the KKK, the Minutemen, Amerian and German Nazis, Cuban Exiles and Russian Exiles. (I carefully distinguish between the financiers and the ground-crew. There were too many financiers to clearly identify, so I'm only interested in the ground-crew at this point.) In 2038, when these records are finally made public, I predict the American public will obtain an extremely long list of people who participated in the JFK assassination at the ground level as well as at the financial level.

Oswald was a member of a large crew that consisted of perhaps a hundred people. He could have told the press what he knew during the few moments of access that he had, but he expected to be exonerated. Oswald was guilty; yet so were at least 99 other people. The FBI and CIA knew everything about the plot, and chose the complicity of silence.

In my own research I've corresponded at length with Priscilla Johnson McMillan (who interviewed Marina Oswald for her book, MARINA AND LEE, 1977) as well as Ron Lewis, who claims to be Oswald's closest friend in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. Ron Lewis and I share a contract for a screenplay I wrote for his book, FLASHBACK: THE UNTOLD STORY OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD (1993). As the screenplay lacks the romantic element, which is best supplied by Marina's relationship with Oswald, I asked Ms. McMillan for permission to use her book as a source, but she declined to allow her book to be associated with any theory in which Oswald had accomplices. So I turned to Marina's testimony as given to the Warren Commission, and was pleasantly surprised to find virtually all of the contents of the book, MARINA AND LEE, to be contained in that testimony.

I hope to contact Marina Oswald personally to obtain personal details for my screenplay - details that no other person could possibly know. I also hope to learn more about General Edwin Walker's associations in 1963.

Finally, I've been reading the EDUCATION FORUM for years, thinking that membership was closed until Robert Morrow kindly obtained an invitation for me. I'm impressed by discussions here about General Edwin Walker, as well as the earliest input by Gerry Hemming who admitted his personal participation in the events that caused J. Edgar Hoover to radically break with the Kennedys.

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